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Nah, 1 game in a series between a couple of good teams. Ch.ristian Little got lit up after a few walks. It was a tough break and could've happened to either team.
Great game. lol...loved hearing a small group call the Hogs inside Alex Box stadium.
Davis put the team on his shoulders in the 2nd half and willed that win.
Yeah, I don't go out either and will watch the first half. I know the world doesn't revolve around me, but 8pm starts are too late for me and unless the Hogs were playing, I pass.
lol, I watched one play where a KU offensive tackle basically had one of our linemen in a headlock before dragging him to the ground
SEC office just stated that no fine will be issued because Vandy fans were in a state of shock causing them to exit the stadium through midfield
Ok, it's over. Proceed with the Heisman presentation
I screenshotted thus headline because it's not over
So does Arkansas, yet he won't be here forever
He needs to quit eating fake meat and maybe he wouldn't be trying to eat people's noses
And then maybe back to F'ville for College Game Day on Oct 1st if the hogs win this weekend. Undefeated (and vulnerable) Alabama vs undefeated Arkansas. A top ten match up and will be louder than the hill has ever seen. But, gotta 8&4 first.
Whatever happens, the score will not be a reliable metric of who controlled the game. Pittman has a little more integrity and graciousness, so I doubt the score will be run up. Also, I doubt the score is ever really close except for some t_rash scores at the end. I hope KJ plays less than 3 quarters.
I'll just suspend judgment until after September 24th. Selfishly, I'd like them to be ranked when we play. It's a trap game though and may be closer than we want.
I'm not convinced that the loss wasn't a fluke. I don't like the aggies, never have, but they're still a top 25 team probably
Nice unis look great, but a W looks better. Maybe next time saukerlina
The delay tho. That's the way I always watched Razorback basketball though.
Lol, theoretically it's possible I guess. Possible but definitely not probable by any stretch. Here's my theoretical situation: AR wins the west and finished ranked in the top 4. Alabama gets in because they're Alabama. Georgia wins the SECCG. Arkansas is improving but 10 wins is probably the ceiling.
I'm really beginning to think Pittman is genuinely humble. Dang, I love hearing him talk
Agreed. The first couple of games can be dicey, but I'd much rather be in our shoes than Cincinnati's. If Fickell is indeed this unsure, then they have a lot more wrinkles to iron out than the Hogs. Tho only two major things I'm looking for is the WRs and how the defense has come together.
I've never bet on a Razorback game, but I'm tempted.