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Yeah, I've pretty much made a mental switch and consider OU and TU (the other UT) under the SEC umbrella even though they're not yet.
Yeah, don't count us out just yet although beating OM 2x right now may be tough. WPS!!!
Might as well root for the Hogs...after you get done milking the cows.
I think KJ's good but not one of the best in the country unless the number is 1 out of 25 or 30 quarterbacks. I do have high hopes, but we, Razorback fans, have a habit of hyping the team up during the summer and then facing a lot of let downs in the fall. I'll just wait and see how the season plays out.
I can relate to the disappointment. Last year the hogs rolled through the season, entered the tournament the #1 seed and ... didn't make it to Omaha. Apparently, being the #1 seed has been the jinx for the past 22 years.
Yeah, SDS headlines are weighted heavily on TN but that probably is the way it should be considering their season and stats (and the way media operates nowadays). But, yes, congrats to the Aggies who punched their ticket. The way it is looking, half of the teams in Omaha may be SEC and future SEC members.
Connor was superb, defense was good with just enough offense. Great game hogs.
I remember the disappointment last year as the hogs were the dominant team all season and then lost the series to North Carolina State at the super regional in Fayetteville. It happens. It wouldn't surprise me at all if TN loses the series to ND. I'm not rooting for or against them -- I don't have a dog in that hunt other than being a fellow SEC member.
Yeah. I'm tempted, but I won't bet anything. I haven't placed a bet in over twenty-five years.
Yeah, considering the way we played the last 30-45 days I didn't have high hopes either. I think the Auburn series in early May was the last series we won then petered out against an average Vanderbilt squad and decent Alabama team.
He is pretty likable and just down to earth.
Not too sure, I love Razorback baseball, but we've hit a rough patch.