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I am curious to see what Arkansas's 1st team defense can do against the Aggies since we we have our full complement of starters available for the first time this season...we have had 2 to 3 starters out each game this season
Dude, you can always predict that the SEC officials/main office will invent/discover new ways to screw the Razorbacks every year with 100% accuracy
I don't know what is worse, the typical screwing by SEC officials or the fact that some of the fans from the "anointed" teams in the conference seem to treat this as an isolated event...I am numb from it all because it is commonplace for it to happen as directed from the home office of the SEC...it is comical that they even go through the charade of a play review in a Razorback game because the outcome has been against the Hogs 90% of the time in the last several years...There is a reason why the SEC is constantly last of all of the power 5 conferences in placing officials into the NFL... The current refs on the field are like puppets on a string tied to the home office with Stanky and company calling the shots to put the teams they like in favorable positions for bowl games and revenue (which they definitely don't spend on the officiating crews---unless behind the scenes)
The NCAA only allows certain teams to get away with buying players and unfortunately Arkansas didn't make their list.
I believe with time you will see a completely transformed offense with Franks and a revamped offensive line under Pittman...it's a shame they were not allowed to participate in Spring ball to implement the offense.
I hate it that Mason Jones last season was wasted this year and that the NCAA screwed the Razorbacks out of having their 7'2" player this season without logical reason (more importantly, not having to justify their schizophrenic reasoning or lack thereof of who gets immediately eligibility upon transfer and who doesn't. Is it so much to ask the NCAA to have a pre-published guideline or set of established rules for such ??
Regardless of the coaching changes with and new systems, the reality is that the player talent currently far exceeds productivity achieved the last 2 years because these players simply didn't like Chad Morris. Watch any game replay and the effort was lack luster @ best. These players really like the new coaching staff and will play exceptionally hard for them...they may win 4-6 games but other teams cannot take it for granted any more that the Hogs will simply lay down like the last few years.
Throw in the fact that he was the first great running back to make the "Wildcat" a household name and even threw for several touchdowns. Steve Spurrier, the most narcissistic college FB coach in the history of the game didn't even put McFadden in his top 3 players on his Heisman ballot after McFadden torched his SC team for over 300 yards in a single game (no misprint)...what class !
I disagree with your opinion of Felipe Franks...he improved tremendously under Dan Mullen @ Florida who must be one of the best QB coaches anywhere. Now with K. Briles during the spring practice will only continue his development.
IF Mason Jones and Isaiah Joe return next year with the players forced to sit out this year and a top 5 recruiting class I believe Muss and the team will make a serious final 4 run next year...it is truly amazing what Muss has accomplished this year with smoke, mirrors, and bailing wire and no player taller than 6'8".
Confused about Georgia on the list...their fans have always been gracious and complimentary either at home or on the road.
Although you list the young secondary as a potential liability (and rightfully so), I have never been so pleased with the graduation of the slow more experienced group...this group may be young but definitely the most talented (and fastest) group since the days of Lawrence Richardson and Batman Carroll...you could put LSU jerseys on them and no one would question it...I predict by the end of the season other SEC fans will do a double take as these guys fly to the ball.