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When will the league run out of rules and their weird interpretation of said rules to keep the Razorbacks from winning games that they legally should have won ?
Crazy thing is that a few of our top hitters are still in a slump: (Franklin, Slavens, and Wallace)...just imagine how potent the offense would be if they started to match their mid-season form.
The most amazing thing about this incredible season for the Hogs is that they had to accomplish everything on the road against multiple top 5/10 teams...The SEC has become the equivalent of AA MLB with more attending college before MLB.
Sooo let met get this straight...Arkansas gets to host all of their highly rated league opponents next year like Ole Miss, Miss St., LSU (will be back), Tenn, S.C. save for Florida/Georgia ?? Some how I just don't think the schedulers will allow it to happen.
Hey there PTheRicker plus loan us that Cannon Kid as a starting pitcher...he's the real deal
So the Hogs are now 9-1 against top 10 ten teams ALL ON THE ROAD much of which can be credited to the a**holes of the SEC schedulers who purposely tried to set the Hogs up to fail by forces the Hogs to travel to every top contender save Florida. As the number 1 team in country for 9 weeks in a row we are still the least televised team of the top 6 teams in the SEC by the SEC network...appreciate the media blackout on the Razorbacks by the SEC home office who laments every victory we achieve
Because that's what they do to the Hogs...wait and see the schedule next year...no way that all 3 of the teams mentioned will have to play @ Fayetteville next season.
Because I truly believe that the schedulers purposely tried to screw the team and set them up for failure...before the season started the 4 teams projected to be competing for the Western title were the Ark, LSU, Ole Miss, Miss St...the Hogs have to face all 3 on the road which is ridiculous...you can bet a dime to a dollar that the schedule will be "revamped" next year so that those 3 teams won't have to travel to Fayetteville.
What a shocker...Arkansas must travel in the SEC (again) for a contest with another top 10 team...Funny how the schedule was developed...the UA schedule is 25% more difficult than the next team to win the conference based on wins/losses/rating especially when you consider the fact that we had to beat Ole Miss, Miss St., and LSU on the road along now with Tenn on the road as well...the league threw us a bone by actually hosting Florida @ home
At this rate our second five could start for most SEC teams...getting ridiculous the talent that Muss is amassing
Just don't believe that we will get to host Ole Miss, Miss St., and LSU next year but time will tell. My gripe is no other team in the SEC has/had a more difficult schedule to the championship this year than the Razorbacks.
Wish I could buy'em all a jump rope to develop foot speed and endurance...what separates great lineman from good lineman is the ability to move your feet quickly...Arkansas is usually @ it's best when we keep and develop our best lineman from leaving the state.
Ridiculous how the schedulers stuck it to the Hogs this year in baseball : who was to compete for the SEC west title this year ? LSU, Miss St, Ole Miss---so lets make Arkansas play @ all 3 this year...throw in Florida and Georgia on the schedule so as to avoid any team picked to suck this year...can't wait for next year's schedule to see if the Hogs get to host LSU, Ole Miss, Miss St in return...anyone want to bet it doesn't happen ?
Momma always said that the true test of character was to do the right thing when no one else is looking...I guess the President and BOT of LSU were raised without parents.
No he had it right when he said the China virus..spliced and released by the Bio-weapons lab in Wuhan...the fresh market story is/was a joke since that particular species of bat/virus is not even indigenous to that Provence of China...then the Chinese Government concocted the story that the virus could only spread from animal to human and even got the WHO to echo the same lie while the Chinese scientist who tried to warn the world otherwise simply disappeared mysteriously.
One could argue that if officials from another league called the Razorback games against Auburn and LSU we would have had 5 wins instead of 3...in the era of transparency and social justice they should broadcast the conversations between the umpire on the field and the booth when they go under the hood and script their BS decisions...the two late defensive line additions through the portal were much needed
What if Pearl can't pay'em to play every game ?? The road to the West will be through Fayetteville this year boys...Muss should just play both 5 man platoons and start pressing and running when they get off of the bus.
Exactly my point...we travel to play every great team in the conference this year except Florida...I appreciate our team and the superior play of our league and believe at least 2 out of our conference will make it to Omaha but difficult to win every major contest on the road.
Typical SEC scheduling set up to screw the Razorbacks as usual...we have to go on the road to play Miss. State, Ole Miss, and LSU...all three were predicted to compete for the SEC West Championship this year...we also have to play Tenn and Georgia on the road...the only favorable aspect to our BB schedule is to host Florid...would bet $500 next year's schedule we don't host LSU and both Miss teams
I have watched a ton of his highlights and the kid is the real deal on offense. Not only does he have a great stroke from the outside but has excellent moves in the paint with his back to the goal...even uses the glass appropriately which is a lost art with this generation of players.
The officials knew the reality of the end of game fumble against Arkansas but essentially told the umpire on the field @ the time if he ever wanted to call another SEC game again he would rule that it's AU's ball and the league would contrive same old standard BS after the game to cover him that they always do.
Guys please don't give up on Conner Vanover just yet...let him strengthen up in the off season and get his 3 point stroke back and will be a huge asset during parts of this tournament and especially next few years
First of all, I am NOT a fan of LSU but they got royally screwed with a # 8 seed and I believe that if they handle their 1st opponent w/o losing focus or expending too much energy they will defeat Michigan handily...Big Ten much over-rated as usual
It's almost a stastistical impossibility that Arkansas wins less that 15% of plays under review over the last several years of conference play...numerous clear cut fumble recoveries that are rulled against us including The AU game last year that gave AU the victory because we didn't recover the fumble "quick enough" what ever the hell that means
Maybe we can get a directed verdict for a victory like Auburn and LSU did against us last year...we win both of those games if any other power 5 conference would have officiated them...it is exactly why the SEC chooses to retain the worst of power 5 conference officials so that they can control the outcomes of games and promote the teams they want to win
Too bad Les Miles isn't still @ LSU along with Will Wade...they could go down the prison coaches Hall of Fame !
Moody could easily be the leading scorer in the SEC if the Razorbacks did not go 9 deep sharing the scoring with several different players capable of scoring 20 points or more on any given night. Thomas is a great player but if he ever has an off night LSU will definitely lose where as the Hogs have won this season when Moody had a relatively off night.
As the umpire went under the hood in the Auburn game, the conversation went something like this: By every measure, this was a fumble by the QB and it should be the Razorback's ball. However, if you EVER want to officiate another game in the SEC, you will rule that its AU's ball and give them a chance to kick the game winning FG. The league office will of course manufacture some BS reason to cover your ruling after the game as we have done more than once in the past to screw Arky.
Just once I would love for the SEC head office / Officials go an entire season without inventing a rule or bastardizing the interpretation of an existing rule to screw the Razorbacks out of a game or an important turnover during a game...enough is enough. ALL communications between the field umpire and replay booth should be recorded so that any controversial call can be replayed at a later date for review by the teams involved and head of officiating...that simple act would give incentive for more fair decisions down the road.
Arkansans don't necessarily hate replay...just wished the SEC officials actually made the correct call on our replays just once a season.