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Against AU the hogs had the energy of a retirement home and for good reason after playing the meat of the toughest schedule in the country...it was KJ's worst game of the year with the fumble and many times he could have run for lots of yardage extending the drive and chose not to...plus the game (once again) was officiated as if AU was a protected species with multiple absurd call and missed calls
You guys have it easy compared to Arkansas...when was the last time that you recovered a fumble but the ruling under the hood was that the fumble recovery was "incomplete" ?...I am fairly certain that our player didn't hand the official 2/3rds of a football. Only in the SEC. This year against AU they blew the play dead upon impact when our defensive end hit the running back who dropped the ball
LSU will absolutely regret letting Napier go to Florida. He is definitely the real deal !
Why do they always take 2 0r 3 times the amount of time to review any play that favors Arkansas but just the opposite for Bama, AU, etc. (and still get it wrong most of the time ?) Anyway, I told all of my friends ahead of time before the game that there was no realistic way the SEC was gonna ruin the chance for BAMA to face Georgia with another blemish on their record...it is what it is and why the SEC is last in power 5 conferences placing refs in the NFL (by choice).
Hell will freeze over before SEC officials will allow a fair contest against Bama or AU. Please everybody in the SEC gets to play Vandy like every 3rd year and we haven't played them in a decade or more.
My God, LSU has so many freaking athletes flying all over the place their defense looked like they play 13 most of the game. Our only offense to speak of was KJ breaking away from obvious tackles to make a play down field.
KJ needs to lose 15 lbs and increase his foot speed from a 4.9 forty to 4.7 forty yard dash. He should also skip rope to develop foot quickness as well...so many times this season an opponent just barely got him from behind by hitting his foot or grabbing an ankle in desperation when he otherwise could extend the play or drive by making the last guy miss.
He would be crazy to chose LSU over USC ! Why face the gauntlet every year in the SEC West when you can coast to 80 % of your games in the PAC 12.
Georgia has the best defense in the NFL East division...nuff said
Hopefully we can keep it close but I fear that we are not @ the same level talent wise as Georgia who I believe when playing their game is by far the best team in the country ! I even plan on sending a case of whiskey and vodka to the Athletic dorm @ Georgia Friday night to congratulate them early :-)
Personally think it should be Ole Miss/BAMA but what the heck...they already missed out when they could have had Ark/Texas with all of the drama of the Longhorns joining the SEC and renewing the old SWC rivalry.
Wow, I never thought that I would see a legacy like Nix being benched. If they finish the season this way does Nix hit the portal ?? Just curious.
If Bazelak ever goes down then Mizzou is screwed royally...always considered him the most accurate passer in the league.
It's true that Arkansas has been very creative in finding ways to lose to aTm. But after watching their games this year aTm looks very beatable compared to their teams of yesteryear. If the Razorbacks don't beat themselves with turnovers or special teams they will win this year, possibly by 10 points or greater.
The last time Arkansas played Vandy their female kicker hadn't been born yet :-)
Arkansas with the toughest schedule in the COUNTRY for the 3rd year in a row : Noncon includes Cincinnati, BYU, Liberty (+) the usual SEC West
BAMA has played Vandy 3X more than Arkansas since they started this rotation.
It truly will only be corrected when one coach has the guts to refuse to continue the game @ the risk of forfeit when his team gets hosed by an incompetent officiating crew with marching orders as to who is supposed to "win" the game for better future matchups and bowl revenue.
Although they never blew the play dead one official clearly tossed his bag maker to denote the new line of scrimmage after the punt. I assume that they players involved saw that and concluded that the ball was dead at that point.
"It only means more" when in regards to conference revenue...Ask any SEC fan and they would gladly pay a $1 surcharge on their tickets to obtain the most qualified officials in the land...SEC official should make a minimum of 20% more than any other power five conference so that the level of officiating can equal the level of competition of the players involved. But the conference with their thin-veiled smoke screen want incompetent officiating that they can control but have never seen a member of the media with the stones to challenge league brass to force them to address the issue.
You left off the "this rule applies to Arkansas only" that covers incomplete fumble recoveries or fumble recoveries in a timely manner if you are about to win an SEC game that you not supposed to win according to the SEC front office.
I would love it but you obviously didn't read the conference fine print that AU is not allowed to lose to Arkansas and I submit last season's game as an example when the league determines the outcome of a game.
Not opposed to OU and Texas joining the SEC but the "Pod" deployment is beyond stupid (and exactly why the SEC will adopt it). Just split the divisions right down the middle and move Bama and AU to the East when OU and Texas joins the West. It maintains all of the old SEC traditions and puts Vandy in the same division with Bama which will satisfy the SEC talking heads. Play a 9 game conference schedule with a 7/2 rotation and maintain the eastern and western divisions.
When will the league run out of rules and their weird interpretation of said rules to keep the Razorbacks from winning games that they legally should have won ?
Crazy thing is that a few of our top hitters are still in a slump: (Franklin, Slavens, and Wallace)...just imagine how potent the offense would be if they started to match their mid-season form.
The most amazing thing about this incredible season for the Hogs is that they had to accomplish everything on the road against multiple top 5/10 teams...The SEC has become the equivalent of AA MLB with more attending college before MLB.
Sooo let met get this straight...Arkansas gets to host all of their highly rated league opponents next year like Ole Miss, Miss St., LSU (will be back), Tenn, S.C. save for Florida/Georgia ?? Some how I just don't think the schedulers will allow it to happen.
Hey there PTheRicker plus loan us that Cannon Kid as a starting pitcher...he's the real deal
So the Hogs are now 9-1 against top 10 ten teams ALL ON THE ROAD much of which can be credited to the a**holes of the SEC schedulers who purposely tried to set the Hogs up to fail by forces the Hogs to travel to every top contender save Florida. As the number 1 team in country for 9 weeks in a row we are still the least televised team of the top 6 teams in the SEC by the SEC network...appreciate the media blackout on the Razorbacks by the SEC home office who laments every victory we achieve