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Exactly my point...we travel to play every great team in the conference this year except Florida...I appreciate our team and the superior play of our league and believe at least 2 out of our conference will make it to Omaha but difficult to win every major contest on the road.
Typical SEC scheduling set up to screw the Razorbacks as usual...we have to go on the road to play Miss. State, Ole Miss, and LSU...all three were predicted to compete for the SEC West Championship this year...we also have to play Tenn and Georgia on the road...the only favorable aspect to our BB schedule is to host Florid...would bet $500 next year's schedule we don't host LSU and both Miss teams
I have watched a ton of his highlights and the kid is the real deal on offense. Not only does he have a great stroke from the outside but has excellent moves in the paint with his back to the goal...even uses the glass appropriately which is a lost art with this generation of players.
The officials knew the reality of the end of game fumble against Arkansas but essentially told the umpire on the field @ the time if he ever wanted to call another SEC game again he would rule that it's AU's ball and the league would contrive same old standard BS after the game to cover him that they always do.
Guys please don't give up on Conner Vanover just yet...let him strengthen up in the off season and get his 3 point stroke back and will be a huge asset during parts of this tournament and especially next few years
First of all, I am NOT a fan of LSU but they got royally screwed with a # 8 seed and I believe that if they handle their 1st opponent w/o losing focus or expending too much energy they will defeat Michigan handily...Big Ten much over-rated as usual
It's almost a stastistical impossibility that Arkansas wins less that 15% of plays under review over the last several years of conference play...numerous clear cut fumble recoveries that are rulled against us including The AU game last year that gave AU the victory because we didn't recover the fumble "quick enough" what ever the hell that means
Maybe we can get a directed verdict for a victory like Auburn and LSU did against us last year...we win both of those games if any other power 5 conference would have officiated them...it is exactly why the SEC chooses to retain the worst of power 5 conference officials so that they can control the outcomes of games and promote the teams they want to win
Too bad Les Miles isn't still @ LSU along with Will Wade...they could go down the prison coaches Hall of Fame !
Moody could easily be the leading scorer in the SEC if the Razorbacks did not go 9 deep sharing the scoring with several different players capable of scoring 20 points or more on any given night. Thomas is a great player but if he ever has an off night LSU will definitely lose where as the Hogs have won this season when Moody had a relatively off night.
As the umpire went under the hood in the Auburn game, the conversation went something like this: By every measure, this was a fumble by the QB and it should be the Razorback's ball. However, if you EVER want to officiate another game in the SEC, you will rule that its AU's ball and give them a chance to kick the game winning FG. The league office will of course manufacture some BS reason to cover your ruling after the game as we have done more than once in the past to screw Arky.
Just once I would love for the SEC head office / Officials go an entire season without inventing a rule or bastardizing the interpretation of an existing rule to screw the Razorbacks out of a game or an important turnover during a game...enough is enough. ALL communications between the field umpire and replay booth should be recorded so that any controversial call can be replayed at a later date for review by the teams involved and head of officiating...that simple act would give incentive for more fair decisions down the road.
Arkansans don't necessarily hate replay...just wished the SEC officials actually made the correct call on our replays just once a season.
KJ tore some knee ligaments against BAMA and may even miss spring practice so Guarantano may become a welcome addition at Arkansas...I think Briles could help him
The only way Arkansas will EVER force the SEC to give them fair and equitable officiating during a game is to actually forfeit one on TV mid game after yet another ridiculous call(s) because we get more of them per season than the rest of the SEC COMBINED. Only nationally scrutiny and pressure may for Greg Stankey to actual address the issue and make changes if the University Presidents/Athletic Directors cannot...to start with the conversations between Stevie Wonder @ replay central and the umpire on the field should be recorded for legal actions later...it is far past time for the replay booth, doing the home office bidding, to pick who they want to win !
Soo... you rushed the ball against an already depleted D-line who had 6 more out due to Covid (having to start 3 new reshirt freshmen for their 1st game experience). You had 3 weeks rest while Arkansas just came off a very physical game against Florida...BTW, this is the 3rd SEC opponent that the Hogs have had to play...interesting pattern. After all of this Mark Curles, the umpire (with a decade of bad calls against the UofA), was still your the outstanding and most valuable player of the game for the Tigers
Realize that the Razorbacks are razor thin depth wise (no pun intended) and that their best two cover corners that could have played against the gators are now : 1) starting for an NFL team after forgoing his senior season and 2) opting out this season to prepare for the NFL draft. I sincerely doubt that it would have changed the final outcome but would have made it much more competitive with both in the line up along with Catalon
It's good to know that the former SEC football officiating crews found a new job counting Presidential ballots in all of the swing states...
FYI...All of the Tenn offensive lineman that Pittman recruited for Georgia during his tenure there made a B-line to hug Pittman after the Ark/Tenn game...another offensive lineman that he recruited while @ Arkansas (but signed elsewhere) even invited Pittman to his wedding which of course he attended in Utah...character still matters
AU vs LSU on CBS ??? They have gone from who's who to who is that !
I am curious to see what Arkansas's 1st team defense can do against the Aggies since we we have our full complement of starters available for the first time this season...we have had 2 to 3 starters out each game this season
Dude, you can always predict that the SEC officials/main office will invent/discover new ways to screw the Razorbacks every year with 100% accuracy
I don't know what is worse, the typical screwing by SEC officials or the fact that some of the fans from the "anointed" teams in the conference seem to treat this as an isolated event...I am numb from it all because it is commonplace for it to happen as directed from the home office of the SEC...it is comical that they even go through the charade of a play review in a Razorback game because the outcome has been against the Hogs 90% of the time in the last several years...There is a reason why the SEC is constantly last of all of the power 5 conferences in placing officials into the NFL... The current refs on the field are like puppets on a string tied to the home office with Stanky and company calling the shots to put the teams they like in favorable positions for bowl games and revenue (which they definitely don't spend on the officiating crews---unless behind the scenes)
The NCAA only allows certain teams to get away with buying players and unfortunately Arkansas didn't make their list.
I believe with time you will see a completely transformed offense with Franks and a revamped offensive line under Pittman...it's a shame they were not allowed to participate in Spring ball to implement the offense.
I hate it that Mason Jones last season was wasted this year and that the NCAA screwed the Razorbacks out of having their 7'2" player this season without logical reason (more importantly, not having to justify their schizophrenic reasoning or lack thereof of who gets immediately eligibility upon transfer and who doesn't. Is it so much to ask the NCAA to have a pre-published guideline or set of established rules for such ??
Regardless of the coaching changes with and new systems, the reality is that the player talent currently far exceeds productivity achieved the last 2 years because these players simply didn't like Chad Morris. Watch any game replay and the effort was lack luster @ best. These players really like the new coaching staff and will play exceptionally hard for them...they may win 4-6 games but other teams cannot take it for granted any more that the Hogs will simply lay down like the last few years.
Throw in the fact that he was the first great running back to make the "Wildcat" a household name and even threw for several touchdowns. Steve Spurrier, the most narcissistic college FB coach in the history of the game didn't even put McFadden in his top 3 players on his Heisman ballot after McFadden torched his SC team for over 300 yards in a single game (no misprint)...what class !
I disagree with your opinion of Felipe Franks...he improved tremendously under Dan Mullen @ Florida who must be one of the best QB coaches anywhere. Now with K. Briles during the spring practice will only continue his development.
IF Mason Jones and Isaiah Joe return next year with the players forced to sit out this year and a top 5 recruiting class I believe Muss and the team will make a serious final 4 run next year...it is truly amazing what Muss has accomplished this year with smoke, mirrors, and bailing wire and no player taller than 6'8".