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Naw, I’m gonna stick around long enough to see you cry when Bama rolls y’all by a Fitty Burger! I truly hope Auburn wins but they wont... and cuz of you I hope y’all get smoked!
I’m gonna stop reading #SDS ! Articles keep getting worse! How is Arkansas/LSU (Miracle on Markham 1 & 2, OT game in Death Valley when they were #1) not on the list? Or Arkansas/Texas (game of the century, National championship implications yearly when in SWC) Egg bowl should be on the list for the most heated insignificant game! Auburn/Georgia is such a great rivalry I wasn’t aware it was one! ‍♂️ USC/UCLA also known as “The no one outside LA gives a game” Irish/ USC hasn’t mattered since Matt Lionart & Reggie Bush left. Florida/Tennessee also known as the “East is so weak game” This list is HOT GARBAGE LIKE SDS
Saban will be done in 2 more years. When the playoff expands it will change football as we know it now. Saban will retire. He’s the best ever but he can’t keep feeding this beast he created.
It is downright CRIMINAL to have KJ Jefferson at 6th after he just went on the road into Tuscaloosa and went toe to toe with the Heisman Trophy Frontrunner Bryce YOUNG. KJ is easily the most improved QB in the SEC and can do it all. He looks like a young Cam Newton and right now he’s the 3rd best QB in the conference next year he will be the best QB in the league! #TotalPackage
Don’t forget to thank your SEC caretakers who never let y’all play without refs in your pocket! Imagine being as good as Alabama and having the pick of just about any players in the country but still requiring Refs to put in work for you to win against Arkansas! Embarrassing! #NeverYield #WooPig
Respect to LSU, Begrudgingly.... Thought they played with more heart & fire for most of the game. But Arkansas finally found that dark place and got all the way into the game after fighting off a tenacious LSU team and the SEC. Refs once again were HORRIBLE! The TD LSU scored was clearly offensive pass interference but I would have accepted a no-call... but to call it on us goes to show the SEC has ZERO Problems sticking it to Arkansas year after year! Part of the reason the Hogs never got going is cuz of the refs... but mostly it was because LSU bullied them all over the field and played with an edge. In the end, the heart of this team and Coaching staff shown through! Pittman is coach of the year. So happy for these kids and my state! Woo Pig Soooiiieee
Hogs deserve to get into the playoff 25. Beat 3 Top 25 teams this season including the hottest team in the sec and best 3 loss team in the country until we put the fire out and made em the best 4 loss team in the county. Great for the program both building confidence in the players & coaches who are already there but also in the recruits we are going after. The Hogs are back baby! Not to mention the People of the Great State of Arkansas who have been starved of our traditional success by Beliema & “He whose name we don’t speak” who now have pride back in our state! Thank you Coach Pittman!
Needed Kentucky to win one for the league! Threw up in my mouth rooting for these cheaters! Think the Kentucky dynasty is over! Ya they will always have great players but the playing field is even now with players able to make money... Kentucky can’t just buy any player they want and the ones they get are 1 & domes who ain’t trying to play as a team they just want to go to the league.... Arkansas, Bama, & Tennessee are gonna be the new kings of SEC basketball. Would just pick my hogs but Bama & Tenn are good enough recruiting and coached well enough to hang with us. ✌
Really tired of all my comments getting deleted or sent to moderation for a week until the article is passed! Chump move SDS! I never say any Curse Words or Attack any other users on this site so why are all my comments sitting at moderation for a month or outright deleted? Your about to lose an avid reader of your blog! ✌ Sgt. Hag Retired US Army Grunt
The fact Treylon Burks (The Best All Around WR in the SEC & Maybe The Country) isn’t on this list at all makes it hot garbage right from Jump! Anybody watching what this kid is doing not only at WR but lining up at Tailback for Pete’s sake and putting in work! Unreal!! This Top 10 is invalid & criminal for that alone! KJ Jefferson is easily the 3rd best QB in this league and he is still Raw as it gets! Kid will be a better Cam Newton next year he’s just developing but he should still be at the 10 spot or maybe an honorable mention but Burks is criminal! Outright Criminal!!
Arkansas has officially been declared 2021 #SouthwesternConferenceChamps finishing the league 3-0 with wins over Texas, Rice, & A&M ! It’s our 14th such league title! We also have been declared Texas State Champs and are entitled to call Texas “Arkansas West” for the next year! Wear it Aggies! Lol ✌
This is rich coming from the Darlings of the west who get the benefit of the refs in every game they play! You realized you played Arkansas right who got hosed at Auburn, LSU, & Mizzou last year! Come on man (Biden voice)! You got beat by a team that had more passion, more heart, and more violence cuz we absolutely pummeled y’all at the line of scrimmage! Get your weight up cuz the trenches is where this game was won/lost not the refs! Put some respect on our name! We just won our 14th #SouthwestConferenceTitle the least you can do is tip your cap to your betters! Texas Longhorns, Texas A&M, Rice, Texas Roadhouse don’t matter Hogs by 90! #WPS
So funny cuz not long ago leach was the savior in Starkville... think that was right before my hogs completely ate Leach & Costello’s lunch em route to 3 picks & 5 turnovers that shut down the vaunted air raid passing attack and broke us out of the dark ages of the Morris era! Thank you for that... #MississippiStateChamps
Welcome to the club! Arkansas is the president of getting hosed by Turrible (Barkley Voice) SEC refs just look to last years Auburn & Missouri games to get you warmed up. It’s sad that even against other conference our refs screw us over! Best league in the country with the absolute worst refs!
Thank you for the love Negan... Pittman is loved in Arkansas after turned around the program last year after the Dark Age of Razorback football under “He whose name shall not be spoken”! Few coaches could go 3-7 and win over Razorback fans! Pittman has! It’s not just about the wins & losses either. It’s how authentic he is. The fact he’s coached at Arkansas before and gets the State, the people, and the University. But most importantly he has brought pride back to the state. Beating Texas will get you a statue in Arkansas as well ! Long may it continue. We have to beat A&M! During the losing streak we should have beat them at least 3 or 4 times (not last year) and somehow let em slip away. This is our year! Wps
For the website that bills itself as the place to go to for SEC sports you would think they could at least know basic things like where a rivalry game is played especially when it’s 1 of the few collage games played in the billion dollar #JerryWorldStadium ! Now watch my comment get sent for review even though I never curse or attack anyone! So frustrating get it together SDS!
Why does DW Reynolds Razorback stadium always get overlooked? Or our home away from home in Little Rock War Memorial which only holds 50k but is loud and intimidating ask lsu. Since they closed in D Dub now it’s as loud & intimidating as anywhere in the SEC just ask Texas!
Lots of love on here from our rivals in the SEC! Nice how we can all come together and heap misery on Texas and anyone else that isn’t in the SEC! Glad my Hogs carried the SEC Banner with pride tonight!
Put some respect on our name! As we carried the SEC banner into battle and put Texas in their place! The Hogs are back! Woo Pig Sooooiieeee
Mississippi State Champs last year but my Hogs don’t get any love and both the Miss schools do? This is hot garbage! How many west titles has either Miss school won since we came to the league in 92? Arkansas has more then both combined! We got 3!
Dang, no love for my Hogs? Look I’m honest... we ain’t gonna be contending for the west title without Jesus intervening... but we played the toughest schedule in football last year and won 3... got robbed against Auburn by the refs which is universally agreed upon... and had 2 other games we should have won but were also impacted by the TURRIBLE (Said in my Barkley Voice) SEC REFS. So with 3 gimme games this season I think my Hogs will get to 6-6. After 2 years of the WORST FOOTBALL COACH EVER in Chad Morris destroying our program we are building back. Put some respect on our name!
Clint, I was literally thinking the same thing!
Hope your expectations don’t extend past this year with Kiffin cuz he will be gone no matter what happens... and y’all will catch another L against my Hogs! ✌
I hate Texas as much as the next man and don’t want any success to come their way... which is why them coming to the SEC and getting humbled will be must watch TV!!
You are obviously an intelligent person and I take back any previous negative comments about Bama Fans! ✌
1: Ole Miss will not beat Arkansas... we are Mississippi State Champs after last year...it will continue this year.. 2: you failed to predict the Kiffin scandal that will happen when he leaves for a “Better Job” somewhere!
Arkansas is due to beat the Aggies... we should have beat them almost every game we have played them save for 1 of Awful Chad Morris era games and last year... times are changing and the Razorbacks are coming back! Woo Pig