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umm, why is houston so high on this list? they were wrecked by baylor as much as gonzaga was. shouldn't that be taken account into the list, not just how far they make it in the tournament?
Yeah it would be ridiculous. You’re putting players that aren’t allowed to practice more than 21 hours a week against a team that is practicing and conditioning 50+ hours a week. Even the worst of them have years of experience and hard core conditioning under their belt. Even Alabama wouldn’t stand a chance and a lot of kids would get hurt.
.1% of winning the conference? So you're telling me there's a chance. ;)
From what I read, police came to calm him down and then they noticed he was drunk out of his mind and just arrested him on public intox. Don't know if it's true, but it is a more valid reason than just to keep someone from cursing out our coach.
I think LSU and Petrino would be a good fit. I don't know which group would be more crooked, the coach, the players, or the fans.
Not 100% on this, but I think they are saying the cheerleaders are easy.
John, I just have to ask, is it possible to post an SEC predictions article and not have someone insult the author? When I saw the title all I could think was, "that poor author just got ripped to shreds in the comments" because there's no way everyone is going to agree. But with that being said, I wish you guys would write more articles and research the statistics on number of 4 & 5 star athletes and the number of wins by SEC teams. Teams like LSU and Bama had the majority of our conferences 4 and 5 star athletes but statistically how much does it help? I know 4 and 5 star status is really arbitrary, but I would find that article really interesting if someone broke it down and explained it.
It stinks to lose such a good player, but I have a lot of respect for a coach that will make that choice to suspend someone. Its nice knowing there are coaches like Malzahn and Beliema who can make those hard decisions. It's a character move and hopefully the kid will learn from it and grow better and not bitter.
I really find it hard to believe SEC is gonna lose to that many non SEC teams, even if they are the better schools. We beat each other to a pulp, but nobody is allowed to beat SEC teams except for SEC teams. Lol
I think he's saying kentucky's first loss will be against UF,
SEC collectively scored 336 points in bowl games this year. Their opponents scored 165. We're so overrated.
Did Brandon Allen set a record as being the only quarterback who's first game he both played in and started was against the number one team in the nation? We played Alabama the week after Tyler Wilson was injured. And you forgot to mention the 7th heaven game.
It's a list of SEC teams. All SEC teams are on the list
I wasn't there to see that, but how do you help up a cheerleader and end up in the front when you're supposed to be behind anyway?
Look at what he did in Wisconsin with inferior recruits. He has gotten us 7 four star recruits this year. With Beliema's skill with some actual tough players in his pocket I'm excited to see where he can take us.
If we were any higher people would be complaining and our players might get cocky. I'd rather us go in the underhawgs like we always are and just knock the snot out of everyone and then kick their butts for having a runny nose. With 7 four star recruits it's gonna be great. Now that our horrible play caller is gone we can actually play what we are good at, rushing it down their throats.
Is this locked in or do conference championships effect this? I don't think they should, since teams like Norte dame don't have championships to worry about. That would be very unfair for teams to have extra games to kick them out or boost them up.