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Would the Rose Bowl not count as a Bowl win for the Dawgs, and and the championship be considered the 4th consecutive bowl win?
Why would you want an SEC team to lose its bowl game? Do you not understand how much better it would make AU look if Bama beats Clemson after AU beat Bama? It also validates our claims that the SEC is the best conference! SMH
He had Bama in his 4th spot, and defended why they should get in over OSU. That said, even though he apologized, he still threw in an excuse for why he said it when he included the whole team.
Well with Memphis, and Nashville in the state, Freezeshould have a better pool of escorts to choose from!
The people here in Arkansas that's criticizing the hire of Morris are obviously NOT real fans of CFB! It doesn't take a genius to do some research, and see how great his offenses have been at Tulsa, Clemson, and SMU. Also the turnaround in national offensive ranking from before his arrival to afterwards. They need to look at what he did with Tajh Boyd, and able to snag plus develop Deshaun Watson at Clemson. Then you have the unreasonable ones who think that Arkansas should win 10+ games every year. I don't care who's coaching the Hogs, we're not going to be an Alabama, and dominate for a decade. NW Arkansas is just not a premiere destination for most recruits. Coach Morris will do an excellent job, and should have Patrino like success here.
9 figure salaries?!?! You telling me that somebody's going to make a houndred million dollars next season?
AR should've kicked a fg on the second to last dr to set up a game tying fg on the last to go OT. Either way games over, bowl season is here, and if given the chance Bielama will build a good program like he had at Wisconsin. Can't imagine recruits going to the freezing cold in Wisconsin for him and not Arkansas.
So what's your excuse for the whole second half of UT season? When a ref screws up and costs a game it's a big deal no matter the circumstances.
Well Mr. Lawyer, in football or any sport the ref is the authority figure on the field. If they feel the need to push on a player to get them to go away from a confrontation, they have the right. Next you'll be defending players for screaming obscenities to a ref because of freedom of speech. It doesn't work that way in sports. You obviously never played any sport that has ref's or you would know these things. You are not even allowed to put your hands on a ref, or you can be penalized or ejected. Accident or not Battery is the unwanted touching of one human being to another. I don't think the ref wanted to be punched or elbowed in the face because Baby Hughie has to hit himself to calm down. Sounds like he's got the wrong type of helmet on, and needs a box of crayons waiting for him on the sidelines. In other words shut the hell up.
Even if they have a 1-2 punch at RB, long as they continue to suck at QB, all teams have to do is stack the box, and force LSU to win by throwing.
I thought the same thing until I watched the replays. When showing the angle from the camera behind the line of scrimmage you can clearly see him watch the interception, go to the ground, and get back up. Then you see the LSU player take off running. He should lose half the season, or even kicked off the team IMO!!
The stadium is louder at War Memorial, it does help on recruiting, and for fans in the south part of the state to see a game easier. Yes it's smaller costing some money, but the atmosphere is great. For the younger fans on here, there was a time that we didn't lose a game in Little Rock. That includes SEC games too. We were virtually unbeatable there for years.