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Last week, that ESPN FPI projected we'd lose the rest of our schedule. Soooooooooo...
Won't matter when ya'll lose this weekend...
Arkansas will be the first to do it, this weekend.
The entire problem for ARK in this game was the goal line play. Left 3 TDs on the field. Williams' fumble at the goal line, and the two situations where we couldn't punch it in from the 1 yd line. Given that we got a field goal for one of them, that's 18 more points that the Hogs should've had, at least. Would've made it 28-17 at half, and 35-24 going into the 4th quarter. Would've been an entirely different game.
The reason they have us losing to TCU & TAM then turning around and beating Alabama & Ole Miss is based on the way we've started then progressed the past two seasons. Slow start, strong finish. I don't see it that way this season. Calling for a 5-0 start, meeting up with Alabama in Fayetteville, both undefeated, College Gameday coming to town. Now whether we win that game or not, toss up. I see it playing out like the 2010 game in Fayetteville. Maybe we finally close this one out.
Coozie what you smokin? Homer pick for State to beat Ark this year. Not happening.
As a Hog fan, I liked the video. You can tell he ain't 100% serious. It's light-hearted enough to know he's just smack-talkin. These are the type of things that make rivalries fun.
Bro, the biggest cop-out excuse is to blame getting beat by one team as the reason for losing to another team. Don't bring that weak shiiiiiiiiiit in here. Bye.
Really don't see us losing to Auburn or Texas A&M this year. 8-4 (5-3) prediction from this optimist.
*Cough, cough* here you are with that nonsense again Tiger Bait. LSU 2007.
Not necessarily. Check LSU 2007. Beat Bama. Ark with upset over No. 1 LSU.
The Boss Man, bro. In last year's game, Fournette had maybe one or two impressive run in the first 3.5 quarters. Racked up some chump change toward the end of the game. Arkansas defense handled LSU's run game last year. Don't front.
Oh, and the fact that Whaley committed helps the overall outlook of the class, especially since RB was an area of need.
I'm leaning more toward betting on Town or Storey taking the reigns. Don't forget about Rafe Peavey either, who was another 4* (dual threat) QB coming out of high school. It's a bummer we haven't been able to see more of him. Nonetheless, the QB battle this spring should be interesting.
He would be a great addition to our D-Line. Hope we get him.
I'm sure you are. If it were reversed I'd feel the same way. But you had to know how long and in-depth it would be talked about! It was arguably the play of the year!
I still don't see how we lost to Toledo. I mean after the fact and re-watching the game I understand due to what we looked like on the field, but geez, that was the biggest punch to the sack at the time.
Arkansas has their fingers crossed. If we were to land Whaley & Devin White, they could be the best tandem since McFadden & Jones after a year or two.
Didn't even have to do the ole' scroll down to know Bobby was at the top of this list... smh
Definitely have a gut feeling that Hammonds will turn out to be really great early on. After watching his highlight real, that guy can fly! The QB battle is one that really intrigues me, because not only do we have AA and Town, there's Peavey and Storey too. Is the general feeling that it will come down to AA and Town though? Because initially I was expecting Austin end up transferring, possibly even Peavey too, and it being more of a battle between Storey and Town.
Why so delusional? I thought it was a good read with good info.
I don't see what's so attractive about Muschamp as a coach. South Carolina better be ready to just stay disappointed if they hire him.
Why would he even consider interviewing there? Please...
Ole Miss vs Arkansas, along with the 4th & 25 play easily takes this one. Not just because of the ending, but for numerous reasons. The whole game was great first of all, back and forth the entire way. Both QBs put up sick numbers, and the whole way through just knowing that it would likely come down to whoever had the ball last. Arkansas finally held them on a drive toward the end to regain possession and kick a field goal to win it. But what happens? It's blocked! Ole Miss scores quick and the Hogs look out of it until the fateful "Henry Heave" "Hallelujah Lateral" or whatever you wanna call it, leading to a touchdown. THEN, Bielema has the balls to say, "You know what, we're ending this right here." 2 pt conversion attempt fails, BUT the face-mask call gives the Hogs another chance, letting Brandon Allen make a statement for his team by punching it in for the win. Plenty of reasons why this one speaks for itself.
Saban just needs to chill out. Every week he's getting mad or irritated at something in his interviews that it's starting to get a bit obnoxious. He's simply an old grouch at this point. Smart leaving is really, a big deal. So how can he expect not to be asked about it? It's your DC, your right hand man for nearly the last decade! C'mon man, chillax a little bit.
I feel ya with the season ending injuries. Once our starting RB Jonathan Williams went out before the season started, it was like a domino effect from there on. Our #1 receiver, Keon Hatcher, Cody Hollister, then Jared Cornelius for a good chunk of the season. Was definitely rough to overcome but I think that's why we had the rough start. Eventually younger guys stepped up and had a good stretch to end the season.
It really is hard to pick between these two as far as most improved. Arkansas could've (should've) had a 9-3 or 10-2 season (Toledo, Texas A&M, Miss St.). But Tennessee had a few (Oklahoma, Florida, Alabama) that were really close and could've won as well. Even the game between the two was a close one. I agree that both programs are headed in the right direction, and next year might define even more which one has made the bigger strides. Not sure what Tennessee has returning, but the Hogs are going to be looking for a new QB and likely a new RB to step up.