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No one considering Chris Klieman at NDSU or Chad Morris with SMU.
Why does SDS still include LSU as a team to beat. Does anyone fear LSU anymore?
Chill and re-watch the game. Hjalte wasn't that bad. Although if Enos could get that game back he would run more. Take what the defense gives you and LA Tech was giving you about -30 pounds up front.
As much as I enjoy Knile being on my favorite NFL team, it's hard to imagine the Chiefs using 1 spot strictly for a kr specialist. His fumble rate is too high to keep as a running back.
I believe winning that came and others comes down to whether Austin Allen is as good or better than Brandon, and If Paul Rhoads can make the secondary resemble a secondary.
With Austin getting his feet wet as a starter we will see probably a 65/35 run pass split. By the end of the season we could have two 1000 yard hogs and maybe Kody Walker on the edge in the 800/900 yard range.
In 5 years we might be watching flag football. Another five after that we might not have football.
Arkansas and Missouri play on the Friday after Thanksgiving which is just a bonus for CBS. LSU and A&M play on the Wednesday before thanksgiving this year.
Christopher came up with Henry's pass-catching analysis while taking hits off of Tunsil's gas mask bong.
I think we found the guy who set Brandon's truck on fire.
You don't drink craft beer when you're celebrating a pro sports championship. 98% ends up getting poured on teammates. Have you ever tried chugging an IPA or Imperial Stout?
My pops is a Mizzou man so I've followed Missouri, at some capacity, my whole life. For the life of me, I can't think of a big time recruit Missouri has ever received from Chicago area or even recruited out of Illinois. East St. Louis, Yes. Chitown, No.
Arkansas has beat LSU and Ole Miss the last two years and played Bama as close as anyone on the SEC. I doubt with a first year QB the Hogs will compete for the number one spot, but as far as "Arkansas is coming?" Yeah they are coming.
Can't think of a time when I have attended a Hogs tailgate or KC Chiefs tailgate in which people were losing their sh*t over the "baked beans."
Good thing you've attended enough practices to know what Austin Allen lacks compared to Rafe, Cole, Ty, and Ricky.
Two percent? So your saying there's a chance!!! All we have to do is figure out how to play football and we're back in this hunt.
I don't want to excuse this kids but I've watched a college baseball game where I know the pitcher and catcher intentionally threw heat at the umps face for constantly allowing time after the pitcher was in process of throwing. The catcher just conveniently didn't attempt to catch the ball. It shouldn't happen but in hs football the refs aren't typically reviewed or the oversight committee sides with refs over disgruntled coaches.
Todd Gurley is the only Georgia on an NFL roster and he is on the 3rd string. RBU you are not.
I'll spot you an Eddie Lacy (Fantasy Hero), but I'm going to deduct a Trent Richardson and a Mark Ingram. Yeldon is an unknown. Georgia has Todd Gurley and he listed on the three deep. Those aren't very good numbers for all the 5*'s both programs have been loaded up with.
I heard Georgia fans saying the same thing last year... and the year before that.... and the year before that.... and the year before that....
and same to you guys going 2-0 in the west.
Chris Childers show on SXM College Sports Radio is one of the best as well as the First Team with Greg McElroy and Taylor Zarzour.
I've always loved watching Navy and GA Tech under the triple O. We should work that into our game plan every once in a while and see if we can't make the defenses piss the bed.
This is a huge mistake Bulldogs. If it weren't for his last name, he'd be selling used cars somewhere.
Apposed to GP's free year long buffet at SoCo Club.
I'd take a bowl game in Buffalo if it means football in December or January.
Arkansas isn't LSU, Alabama, Auburn, or Florida. Tennessee and Arkansas both must take their time and endure the bad times in order to get to where we both want to be. CBB is a winner learning how to deal with a losing football team. Butch has a similar situation going on but a much better recruiting base. Changing coaches too often is a recipe for continued failure. If CBB can't get it done in year four then I would guess he will show himself the door.
I still think we will find a couple of wins in conference (one of the Mississippi schools and possibly LSU, A&M, or Mizzou. I'd be happy with 5-7 but would lose my mind if we finish 6-6. A couple years ago I'd scoff at 6-6, but a couple of terrible years change your perspective pretty quickly.