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Butch Jones also went 2-10 in the Sun Belt with Arkansas State this year (albeit in his first year at the helm)..like the positive results of Dabo as Glenn mentioned in the article, what has that to do with Pittman and his future success/failure at the U of A? You could also mention Orgeron the same way, and I’ve seen folks that have, but different coaches and their success/failures at their respective programs are absolutely independent of one-another, at least when speaking in foresight. We won’t be firing Pittman if we have a bad season next year, and I don’t think anyone could see the Hogs going 4-6 overall and 0-6 in conference that got Jones booted in Knoxville. Possible? Sure (those kind of years are still in our recent memories). But I’m sure most would agree it’s probably not likely. Jones’ situation was somewhat of an outlier from the norm, and Dabo’s tenure definitely has been, just on opposite ends of the spectrum. Pittman likely lands somewhere in between them in my opinion, but only time will truly tell. I can tell you the state of Arkansas is excited to find out Glenn!
I don’t believe Hog Nation is afraid to ask any question about the future of the program at this time. Most folks I speak to are excited to talk about next year and beyond Solid QB returning, RB quality nor depth is an issue. we lose a couple starters on the O-line, but it’s a Pittman-lead team just gaining steam on the O-line..Pittman’s O-line recruits are now about to start folding into the mix even more, little to no concerns on our future O-line play. We do have an obvious void to fill at receiver, Haselwood does provide some relief of concern there and Ketron Jackson looked promising when he got the opportunity this season. The front 7 on defense is probably the biggest question at this point, hopefully Bumper Pool elects to return to bring some previous experience to the LB room. The D-line has at least one big hole to fill, possibly two pending John Ridgeway’s decision..we played half the year without one of the best safeties in the country, a true game-changer in Jalen Catalon, he’ll be back. I, at least, feel pretty good about the offense. I’m not afraid of the future defensive product either, especially if we can retain Odom. Our 19th ranked recruiting class to this point is the best on paper we’ve put together in quite a while, and those lesser recruiting classes brought us from the abyss and made for a pretty competitive team this year. Lightning in a bottle? We’ll see. My real point, nobody I know is hiding from or repressing the question “can Pittman and the Hogs sustain it?”. We’re savoring this year, but ready for more. Possibly just drunk off of short-term success, but optimism is not of short supply around here. I believe 8 wins next year would satisfy most people I know with the schedule we face, with the hope it only grows beyond that. We love Pittman enough not to run him out of here regardless, he has time to really settle in. This year was a surprise and a blessing and we’ll see what the future brings, but a “forbidden” question, no sir. Not in South Arkansas. My first post, might as well get my money’s worth. xD