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This is fantastic news. He was extremely under utilized in the CBB offense. Hammonds in particular could absolutely shine under Morris.
Dan Mullen? What he did in Starkville is nothing short of remarkable and will turn Florida around quick. In 2-3 years, he'll have high high status among coaching elite I'd wager. At the very least it will be good to get the SEC east back to top form.
Almost all coaching contracts are written that way which played a big role in why Beilema took awhile before landing with the Patriots. It would not supirse me at all if Mizzou is paying this ahole in some unwritten agreement to skirt this.
About time! And to clear any confusion, Tahoma 31 is a cold tolerant Bermuda grass variety. Still Bermuda.
I think the only way to metric this is looking at national rankings over a certain time frame. In that case its close, but for football, the SEC has how many nattys or finished the season ranked #1? Alabama has won 5 of the last 10. Another interesting one to look at would be baseball. The SEC is very highly ranked across the conference year in year out on the diamond.
Almost every program plays music in practice. Except Saban at Alabama. Clemson I know does.
This rule was very inconsistent all year long and gave the power to the zebras to change the momentum of a game. Now they make the punishment harsher to effect potential outcomes of the following games as well? This is getting out of hand. There were numerous obvious targeting hits that weren't called and several that were called that weren't even close to targeting. It would be a mute point if it was consistent to officiate and therefore coach. Trouble is, its not at all.
London....I think you have a point here. Keep em coming! Football is a trench game and its certainly is in the SEC.
I guess Gainesville accounts for one of the fastest growing economies in the United States then? U of A is doing something right!
With recruiting on a huge upswing, they wont suck for long! Beilema ran the program into the ground.
Seems like bad press when an article headlines "commit list is down another prospect" when in actuality Morris dated a few prospects then upgraded before signing day. Yeah, its pretty wild to see early lower tier commits being pushed aside for higher quality. Don't know that I've ever seen a coach do that at Arkansas but is a necessary part of the process. Other schools do it all the time. Wish Brooks the best of luck.
Julian Edleman, Marshall Faulk, Wes Welker, Ty Law, Teddy Bruschi, Willie McGinest, Donta Hightower, Trow Brown, Adam Vinatieri to name a few. Could throw in Randy Moss as well. All the above will be mentioned as some of the best to play the game without mentioning TB12 or Gronk. No quite a dozen. But also considering the time frame it is incredible. You could argue that several key personnel or even Edleman or Welker are "elite" but they are as long as they play for Bill.
Cole Kelley is not an SEC caliber QB either, which is why almost no one wants him as a transfer. I was a fan of his at first, then realized hes really only good for team motivation and moral.I would have been curious to see Kelley play tight end. I also dont think Morris modified his offense hardly any for Storey, which played a role in the struggle this season. Next season I'm hoping we can snag a transfer like Shane Buechele from Texas or Ben Hill from SMU. So far we look like a favorite to land Buechele. If we can do that and continue to develop Noland and KJ, that would be ideal. At the moment, though Noland with Jefferson right in his heels.
Talk about douchebag comments...The guy almost lost a leg for sport that is entertainment! Get a grip gators. I get we are all tired of the UCF storyline, but give the guy a break.
Enos is a great coordinator...Beilema was the problem and he's gone and no longer coaching.
Agreed. In SEC play, if there is a questionable call, they seem to always go Alabama way...or as my dad says, they are reviewed in Birmingham. The Natty last year was slanted as well. But the thing I see the last 2 seasons in Saban has become somewhat complacent. He's been out coached by scheme in in critical games which is uncharacteristic of the Saban of 3-4 years ago.
I dont think the game had much to do with a young Alabama defense. Clemson would have scored one them regardless. This difference was Clemson both outcoached and outplayed Alabama. Clemson showed up prepared (in Saban fashion) and Alabama showed up thinking they were untouchable. Alabama complacency showed in a big way. First and foremost Bama abandoned the run game this season in lieu of Tua. Bama never had to sustain a drive this season and work for a score or manage the clock at all. So in essence, you forgot your roots all for the sake of Tua. Had you come to this game running the ball, Clemson was not gonna stop you. The interceptions and plays Clemson made are all because Saban put the game on Tua, which Clemson was expecting. I bet Saban doesnt make that mistake twice. I'd expect Enos to have a balanced attack next year.
Agreed Boss Hog. He was huge and had an emotional impact when he was on the field. His problem was bad decision making. If he could stay calm, he has potential. I would have loved to see the guy play tight end though.
Your not wrong. Also, LSU got robbed a Touchdown on their first possession. The ball broke the plane while Burrow was being tackled, but was not yet down. They didn't even review it. This game had some horrendous officiating but I'm glad LSU came out on top.
Cant coach a team you dont have faith in. True in a few games he was out coached. Should have finished the season with 4-5 W's, but regardless that's past now. The future is looking bright! I have a ton of faith in Morris that I never did Bert regardless of the 2-10 season.
Saying it would have lead to 9 or 10 wins would have still been a stretch. All he's saying is, that losing 3 or more recruits to ATM hurt, which is likely true. From the other perspective, ATM is a stronger program now that they are in the SEC and have opportunities beyond Texas. Your simplifying his McElroy's statement. True has had plenty of other problems; Petrino et al. However, Bielema did alienate Texas, and lacked recruits from. That is not the sole reason he could get over the hump, but is certainly one of them. If we want to right the ship, the first step should be TEXAS followed by dont lose in state talent such as Hudson Henry. The 2006 team is a perfect example of that recipe.
Hicks could just as easily go to Auburn. Not gonna get my hopes up.
Facts, HDN averaged 6 players from Texas per season. Notably the 2003 & 2004 seasons he had 8. This 2 recruiting class resulted into the 2006 season where Arkansas went 10-4 and should have won the SEC. Petrino averaged 6.25 players from Texas per season. JLS signed 6! (though recruited by Petrino & bro) Bret Bielema could not recruit to save his life, and signed only 3.25 average. Morris if the current class holds and signs will sign an average 5.5 which bodes well when looking at the numbers. Arkansas MUST recruit Texas to even survive as history has shown.
Hes still not wrong bub. Wrong in the student population maybe but not athletes. He leads the sentence with "players" which is his point that you completely missed and would rather argue about. He's a commentator, his job is to literally commentate....take it or leave it.
Hes not ignorant at all, he's 100% accurate! Hes not discussing the student population, hes discussing the student athlete population. Arkansas used to have the ability to snag top Texas recruits, keep the few quality in state kids and survive. Think about it, ATM joined the league in 2012, also the same year Petrino was fired. Bielema could never recruit in Texas. Chad has shown the ability but we'll see if it pans out. McElroy is spot on.
Hogs have to make room for quality depth.
It was before the game during warm-ups. I did the same thing in HS and was benched and was ran to death after the game. Morris has had a problem with buy in and with nothing to play for, hes making a statement.
Why on earth would you condone flirting with cheerleaders before a game? I did that in high school and was benched. Then immediately following the game I ran until I puked. This team has shown time and again they have no buy into what Coach Morris is doing and have no focus. Do you think Sabans players talk to anyone other than the team and coaching staff before the game? The answer is a flat out NO!Morris to take their scholarship for all I care and give it to someone who actually wants to win! Get all the Beilema softies off this team and the sooner the better!
BB definitely recruited this guy. He committed in April of last year when Morris was only a few months in but his offer came long before that. If they aren't 100% bought in, then we don't need them! Adios and good luck!