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Recent Comments
BB definitely recruited this guy. He committed in April of last year when Morris was only a few months in but his offer came long before that. If they aren't 100% bought in, then we don't need them! Adios and good luck!
I agree, but in at least the last 3 years, I've seen plenty of ankle and knee injuries. I can also tell you professionally, field turf is not mean to last that long or anywhere near it. Granted this team has other issue, the fact remains War Memorial is underwhelming to say the least. BTW, my very first Razorback game was in War Memorial stadium with my late granddad but impartially it time to either pony up financially (and I mean big time, like $50 million) or play all home games on the hill in Fayetteville.
I'd never wish injury or hardship on anyone including the players, but Whaley has never been that good at Arkansas. He doesn't have the spark. Boyd has provided that and I for one am glad Boyd can now be the clear cut #1 RB. Its good to see the power or #5 again!
He's not wrong. That turf was last replaced in 2010 when the press box was added onto. I could watching the game on a blurry raining telecast that the turf was in rough rough shape.
My take for why Kelly went in is because he does have big game experience. You can't deny that. No his experience did not yield many wins, but it much more experience than Noland has. That said though, if Noland is gonna be a QB of the future or even the backup to hopeful Kelly Bryant, he needs to get some experience. For that decision in the Ole Miss game, you up by 9 in the 4th quarter. I think you give the nod to the guy who has at least been in the situation before.
Alabama has more calls go their way than any other team. Its a fact.
Crazy thing is, this is even close to the best Alabama defense Saban has had. If it were, they'd score 100 pts a game.
Goes to prove some players arent buying in to the program, they bought into Beilema. Beilema was a softy. For any other player thinking of leaving, just do it! Quite wasting scholarships for players that truly want to be on the hill and be a part of the emergence.
It was great to see some effort again! Randy Ramsey is a clear leader on the defense that I think we have missed as a spark. I hope the team doesn't get their head down after this tough game on the road. They showed the fans they still have some fight in them that they did not show against North Texas.
Arkansas the past 3-4 years has had a great marketing department. Too bad its been mostly false advertising and hype!
I get these are kids. Believe me I get it. However, did he stop to consider the fans have no other option to express themselves? Did he stop to think that people invest a lot of time and money from travel, hotels, to tickets for this result? Did he stop to think that the fans maybe aren't booing the players but are booing decision being made from the coaches who are grossly overpaid? As a fan, what am I supposed to do? Simply leave you with an empty stadium. Look, the fans are not happy, and Chad above all needs to feel that pressure. Besides, does Cole really think he's gonna make it beyond Arkansas? If he has any hope to, then he better get used to some boos! Also, sorry J Red, but college is where you become an adult. You transition from 17-18 year old kid to a 22 year old role model. If you dont like it, don't play the sport! If you dont like it, be a leader on the team that you should be instead of the bench warmer you've been for 2 going on 3 years now!
Stoby, As unknown mentions below. This is the highest rated recruiting class in nearly 2 decades. Houston Nutt was the last coach to reach the top 10 in SEC recruiting with the 2005 & 2006 classes that brought in McFadden, Hillis, Felix Jones, Mitch Mustain, Damian Williams etc. It might be mediocre but keep in mind that SEC has improved drastically in that same time span. Saban was hired at Alabama in 2007 which undoubtedly has had a spiral effect of certain programs rising to that level or digressing. Safe to say which way the Hogs are going. Petrino did ok in recruiting but was not spectacular. I'm on the Morris bandwagon for now regardless of this season. Fans are missing the forest (recruiting for the future) for the trees (current losses). People said the same thing about giving Bielema time, but in time he never recruited which is evident now. I do believe Morris is a good coach, but he is proving he can recruit regardless of the appearance of mediocre. Mediocre is an improvement compared to falling further behind the Alabama status quo.
SMU always wore white for their home openers. Maybe Morris is continuing as a sort of superstition. Bert always wore a white long sleeve sweating like a whooped hog in 95 degree heat for the opener. Much more ridiculous if you ask me. The white unis are dope!
He is faster that people think. He's big, has a cannon, and is mobile enough. More importantly for Arkansas and the questionable O-line, he is durable. He proved that last year. BTW Bunker Buster, how'd the Chad Kelly & Shea Patterson injuries treat you? How long has Ben Roethlisberger been in the NFL? He's 36 and has been in since 2004. Not saying he's big been, just stating your prototype size argument isn't necessarily valid. Tua at Bama certainly doesn't meet any metric of a prototypical QB...but does that matter?
Don't be jealous your idiot admins didn't hire the home boy in the next few years. Jimbo will be a bust. He left FSU because the writing was on the wall there. FSU was absolutely loaded with talent and he could not consistently win there without Winston. Jimbo is robbing ATM...which is why they protected themselves if he walks or needs to walk. It a complete gamble and they know it.
I agree with the importance of the Texas A&M game. That one will be interesting. I'm counting a win vs Ole Miss, and I'm thinking a Hog win vs LSU will be the nail in the coffin for Coach O after a bye week. I'll be expecting a 6-6 record but my prediction is 8-4. Here's why. In 2017, the hogs were 3 scores from being 7-5 and they absolutely should have been. There is talent in the stable beyond what has been revealed on the field so far. The Hogs were dead last in defense last year. There is nowhere to go but up. If the defense slightly improves as it should with Chavis, those 3 Wins will come and with Morris finding the right personnel, 6 or 7 wins is very doable.
The last time Arkansas wore that helmet, DMAC rushed for 321 yards against the cocks. Hogs have nowhere to go but up and I'm looking forward to a climb.
There is many many memorable heart breaks for Hog Fans. Clint Stoerner and Reggie Fish immediately come to mind. As a Razorback fan you have to keep your expectations in check, because seemingly every time there is a glimmer of hope or grandeur, it dashes a way. That said, I can't think of time there was an opportunity for redemption but tonight that happens and I have a feeling they are gonna come out swinging!
Hogs get a shot to redemption especially Shaddy. The bat have got to show up tonight! There has been a 2 game hitting drought for the Hogs! If they can swing and the pitching can keep up, they'll have a chance. Its about time the hogs gets some hits!
Agree here. Shaddy had to take it personally and I feel for the guy. He was trying to be a hero where he didnt need to be, but he has a shot at redemption. If You dont always get that chance in sports. I hope Hogs come out swinging and bring it home!
Have you watched any Chad Morris offense? TEs are critical in his offense.
Time will tell...I recently spoke with 2 guys from Texas. Architects in Dallas, one a UT alum and the other a Texas Tech Alum. Both guys were very envious of this Arkansas Hire. One thing is clear, Chad Morris has a great deal of respect in the state of Texas. He'll have to prove in in the SEC. I'm not worried. This season wont be great, but I am very hopeful for the 2019 season.
Lmao at an Ole Miss fan trying to gave credibility in regard to a mascot conversation.
Joe, Here my prediction. Ole miss will be looking for revenge, but is a winnable game it what looks like the last game in the rock. Hogs will fluke win that one again. Missouri will surprise people in the east and finish 2nd in the east just over FL, with Georgia winning it again. Missouri plays Chad Morris football and will beat us easily in Columbia. LSU has no real offensive leadership, which leave them very beatable; Hogs count another W there. A&M, who the hell knows, they have crazy talent and Jimbo is a good coach. A&M will win this year. MSU has the best QB in the conference in my opinion in Fitzgerald but a new coach; 50/50 game. Believe it or not, I think we'll beat auburn this year, and ol Gus will be asked to leave. We'll finish somewhere around 8-4. 6-6 is very doable with this schedule. Colorado State will be a tougher game than people think.
100% agree here. Especially in the 2017 season, even so, there was much promise in the 2016 squad that could have turned out better if Beilema coached with any tenacity. He just didn't, can I can't blame an Allen for that.
In diggin further, Arkansas does only have 5 "away" games, but only 4 true road games. Hogs are the away team this year in Arlington Southwest Classic against A&M. So I'm not sure where they are getting 6. Maybe they are counting the Little Rock Game, and their "AWAY" really just means "OFF CAMPUS"?
Because they agreed to travel to Colorado State on an open week in the schedule. Thanks Bert....