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The last time Arkansas wore that helmet, DMAC rushed for 321 yards against the cocks. Hogs have nowhere to go but up and I'm looking forward to a climb.
There is many many memorable heart breaks for Hog Fans. Clint Stoerner and Reggie Fish immediately come to mind. As a Razorback fan you have to keep your expectations in check, because seemingly every time there is a glimmer of hope or grandeur, it dashes a way. That said, I can't think of time there was an opportunity for redemption but tonight that happens and I have a feeling they are gonna come out swinging!
Hogs get a shot to redemption especially Shaddy. The bat have got to show up tonight! There has been a 2 game hitting drought for the Hogs! If they can swing and the pitching can keep up, they'll have a chance. Its about time the hogs gets some hits!
Agree here. Shaddy had to take it personally and I feel for the guy. He was trying to be a hero where he didnt need to be, but he has a shot at redemption. If You dont always get that chance in sports. I hope Hogs come out swinging and bring it home!
Have you watched any Chad Morris offense? TEs are critical in his offense.
Time will tell...I recently spoke with 2 guys from Texas. Architects in Dallas, one a UT alum and the other a Texas Tech Alum. Both guys were very envious of this Arkansas Hire. One thing is clear, Chad Morris has a great deal of respect in the state of Texas. He'll have to prove in in the SEC. I'm not worried. This season wont be great, but I am very hopeful for the 2019 season.
Lmao at an Ole Miss fan trying to gave credibility in regard to a mascot conversation.
Joe, Here my prediction. Ole miss will be looking for revenge, but is a winnable game it what looks like the last game in the rock. Hogs will fluke win that one again. Missouri will surprise people in the east and finish 2nd in the east just over FL, with Georgia winning it again. Missouri plays Chad Morris football and will beat us easily in Columbia. LSU has no real offensive leadership, which leave them very beatable; Hogs count another W there. A&M, who the hell knows, they have crazy talent and Jimbo is a good coach. A&M will win this year. MSU has the best QB in the conference in my opinion in Fitzgerald but a new coach; 50/50 game. Believe it or not, I think we'll beat auburn this year, and ol Gus will be asked to leave. We'll finish somewhere around 8-4. 6-6 is very doable with this schedule. Colorado State will be a tougher game than people think.
100% agree here. Especially in the 2017 season, even so, there was much promise in the 2016 squad that could have turned out better if Beilema coached with any tenacity. He just didn't, can I can't blame an Allen for that.
In diggin further, Arkansas does only have 5 "away" games, but only 4 true road games. Hogs are the away team this year in Arlington Southwest Classic against A&M. So I'm not sure where they are getting 6. Maybe they are counting the Little Rock Game, and their "AWAY" really just means "OFF CAMPUS"?
Because they agreed to travel to Colorado State on an open week in the schedule. Thanks Bert....
Who cares they claim the title!? They at least deserves a shot at the legitimate title. Since schools like them can't play legitimately for it, why can't the NCAA give them something actually achievable? They were robbed of a shot at it. Its broken system. Perfect example why a 4 team playoff for 140 FBS school sit ridiculous. And who cares the state is allowing Natty plates? Every state has college plates and I've seen plenty Bama Natty plates in the south.
Time will tell. Bret Beilema was coming off 3 big 10 titles and 3 rose bowls and was a horrible coach for Arkansas. I love Chad Morris' energy and he's saying and doing all the right things so far. His AAC record is a lottle slanted because he took over a SMU squad that was in a complete dumpster fire. He vastly improved them while he was there. They still couldn't play defense, which is why CM sought the experience of The Chief. Not one down of football has been played yet though. Time will tell.
More like an undrafted free agent manhandling a 3rd round veteran who lost his pride. Thata boy Skip! This was by no means a "fight" SDS, just good competition in practice. Just another day at the office. Football is a contact sport remember?
#firebielema Thank god smith is gone. I hope the resignation was forced!
Should have been at a minimum a roughing the passer penalty &/or face-mask, as targeting is defined differently. It wasn't "helmet to helmet", then again neither was the De'Andre Coley hit.
Either way it should be penalized. Also, he didn't do it just once, he did it twice, The second time it was called. So I admit there should be consistency with the officiating, unless they warned him not to do it again.
Cause they play the Hogs is Fayetteville. 3 Peat!
Sideways in Fayetteville? That's not even in the top 5 Bars in Fayetteville. Try Farrell's, or anyone that ever went to school there worth their salt would tell you its Grubs, Stir, Z330, or Willy D's. Have you even been to Fayetteville?
Why does Tennessee get so much national respect after beating Northwestern and finishing 9-4 in a depleted east? Florida and Tennessee should at the very least switch places here.
Since 2009 the SEC West is 63-29 vs the SEC is. In that time span Alabama is 14-1 and LSU is 11-3 vs. the east. That 6 years of dominance. If there was a perfect time four your Tiger to win back to back east titles, it was when you did. If there was a perfect time for Florida to win an east title, they got a season where Georgia, Mizzou and South Carolina are worst they've been in a a decade. I wont be surprised at all if Florida State beats Florida. Hogs will hang 40+ points on Mizzou and Bama moonwalks their way into the playoff.
I'm honestly beginning to think the SDS guys just sit around drinking beer brainstorming about what ridiculous thing they can post next that will get posters all fired up haha. Every article I read has at least one error if not a completely off the wall statement that has no backing what so ever.
So let me get this right. You predict Arkansas will beat Mississippi State & Ole Miss but also predict Missouri will lose it's final four games. Last time I checked Arkansas and Missouri play each other on November 27th in Fayetteville. By Missouri losing that one, Arkansas record would be bowl eligible but you also forget to take into account that Arkansas plays Tennessee Martin at home this week which would leave Arkansas at 7-5 by your logic. I don't see that happening. Heres a more conceivable and researched, bold prediction on Arkansas. They'll lose to both Ole Miss and LSU, but will beat Tennessee Martin, Mississippi State and Missouri. They'll win the remaining home games which will leave them 6-6 for the 2nd straight year, and bowl eligible. Playing West Virginia in the Liberty Bowl.
White certainly made some great throws on Saturday. As a hog fan I kept thinking if Auburn could catch, the game would have been very very different.
If LSU (Leonard Fournette) beat Alabama on November 7th, wouldnt LSU be in the playoff against Clemson? Though I can't tell based on the phrasing of LSU's write up. Is LSU picked or is Alabama? "The Tide will be the only team to control — you can’t stop him — Leonard Fournette." Sounds 50/50 to me. Please clarify.
Does this have any correlation to Chaney make a sub-lateral move to be the OC at Pitt? Many of the 4th quarter schemes were his. I'd be curious to know the statistics of a Dan Enos team and what that could mean for the razorbacks.
I concur....This is an idiotic article
Arkansas goes 10-2 at worst next year with loses to Alabama on the road and Auburn, everyone else, including Alabama and Auburn are beatable. At the worst they'll go 7-5 and bowling again with loses to A&M, Tennessee, Bama, Auburn, and LSU. Piggies lost by 59 points over the 2014 season, taking Texas A&M to OT and losing to Bama by 1, and closed the SEC schedule losing to Mizzou with an injured QB, something to consider in 2015. I'll take being an underdog anyday.