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When Filipe threw 4 TDs and there was nothing you could do to stop it.
Good luck with Chad...your gonna need it. Gus clearly took over play calling in the 3rd quarter.
Not True. Looked up the rule. Fumbles are reviewable plays regardless if they were blown dead or not. This was a fumble caused by a backwards pass. The refs even ruled it a backwards pass....which created a fumble which Arkansas recovered. The NCAA rule book "Dead & Loose Ball, Article 3, D, 2. clearly states this. Page 112 of the rulebook if you care too look for yourself. Hogs won this game 100%. These refs and especially the replay officials should not be allowed to ref a game the rest of the season.
Morris has already shown in ineptitude in the 2 weeks of play at Auburn. Arkansas was right to ditch him and Auburn will learn the hard way its seems. The guy is a high school coach at best. Keep in mind, he was a nobody until he asked for Mazlan's help. If it weren't for Malzahn, we wouldn't even be having this conversation. I have to think Malzahn will call the plays Saturday just to save face because Arkansas looks ready to play bog boy football again.
They are technically. They are NOT mentally. These guys were lazy and unmotivated by Morris and company. These guy are highly motivated now and it's obvious.
The gimmicks were definitely Petrino. At the time nobody really cared because we were winning. I never understood the sledgehammer helmet stickers... Glad we are going retro here. Get back to your roots of the Peyton Hillis, D Mac days.
Florida State is one of those legacy schools thanks to Bobby Bowden that recruits itself in the Florida market especially in years when both UF and Miami are treading water. That played a big factor in the major talent Jimbo's FSU teams had. The last two years you've seen a major recruiting shift within Florida because of Dan Mullen's Florida ties and UF success. Bowden is not the coach you think he is IMO. He'll go down as a one hit wonder as accurately compared to Gene Chizik.
Really JTF? Being a Georgia fan should you know better? Hogs will beat both Mississippi schools at the least. Mark it down. Might even beat Tennessee and Mizzou in the east. Hogs have struggles with no real coach. Morris was a joke. Good luck with Auburn.
Bret was a curse to Arkansas and Chad Morris was the nail in the coffin.
The special teams coach is the last coach Arkansas wanted to keep. Good riddance ot that guy. I've seen enough Arkansas botched punts to last a lifetime.
It doesn't matter what offense you run if you don't have an oline worth its salt. You could say Beilema was successful at Arkansas because of Pittman. When Pittman left for Georgia, Arkansas' oline went south fast and we haven't won since. Also, why do we assume Pittman will run a ground and pound offense? He's never been a HC! IMO, he'll get an OC that understand the importance to run the ball that opens up the entire offense to make better use of Burks and the whole snag crew. If you can get 5+ yards rushing on first down, it changes the play calling we haven't seen in at least 3 years. Arkansas losing streak is so bad beaicof the inability to do anything effective on first down regardless of run or pass all because of the offensive line. Pittman's success hinges a LOT on who he gets as his coordinators.
This hog fan would take Houston back without hesitation.
To answer, many dont realize Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones played for Frank. Then there was Lou Holtz, Ken Hatfield, and Houston Nutt. Even Houston went down to the Bayou and beat #1 LSU. Nutt was also a muffed punt from beating Urban Meyer's Florida in the 2006 SEC title. Then came Petrino who most Georgia fans know well about (Atlanta Falcons). He had the winning-est 2 seasons in Arkansas history. Then even Bret Beilema shut out both LSU and Ole Miss. Arkansas does have great competative history....but everything changed in April of 2012.
I hear ya and agree. I'm just saying he has a bulldog isolationist personality. Lets be real, it'll never happen. Its far more likely that Lane Kiffen will be fired at FAU and Arkansas hires him as the OC.
I'd take that but I'm not sure Bobby is capable of being a subordinate.
If Starkel doesn't get the start this week, I'm off the Morris wagon.
Good! I got nervous every-time that guy stepped foot on court. He is a sloppy player notorious for turn overs.
Its about time we had an Athletic Director that actually listens to the fans! Now never change them again!
The Hogs will definitely have to rely on some Freshman but recruit wise, they seem more than capable. I'm hoping Catalon is a game changer, but we'll see. The Hogs will be asking a lot form 18 yr olds this fall.
Hazen has a population of 1,500. Its smaller than small. It should not speak for the quality of high school football in the state. I could name dozens of high caliber athletes from the state.
Hes by far a better pitcher than he was a quarterback at least so far in his freshman year. In high-school he was absolutely dominate in both sports, not to mention the 2018 Razorback offensive line wasn't exactly studs so we'll never really know how good he could have been in football.
Dude, Shaddy was a 23 yo kid. Nobody called it so nobody caught it. Its over and done with. OSU pitched lights-out and where clearly the better team. Also, it was last year. Get over it!
Going into the game, I had a gut feeling FSU was on a mission. Then in about the 5th inning when Campbell's pitch count was getting high, I knew. Arkansas did have some good hits that happened to fall as very catch-able flies. That's baseball. Going forward I dont think Arkansas has the bullpen to make a run. I see Vanderbilt and FSU meeting for the final.
This is fantastic news. He was extremely under utilized in the CBB offense. Hammonds in particular could absolutely shine under Morris.
Dan Mullen? What he did in Starkville is nothing short of remarkable and will turn Florida around quick. In 2-3 years, he'll have high high status among coaching elite I'd wager. At the very least it will be good to get the SEC east back to top form.
Almost all coaching contracts are written that way which played a big role in why Beilema took awhile before landing with the Patriots. It would not supirse me at all if Mizzou is paying this ahole in some unwritten agreement to skirt this.
About time! And to clear any confusion, Tahoma 31 is a cold tolerant Bermuda grass variety. Still Bermuda.