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Byers was guaranteed hog if he was offered. I don't understand this one at all. Especially with the lack of depth on the d line. Nor do I get why we haven't offered the Norwood kid from ft smith. I get Crockett. Whaley and hammonds were better
Up to 4ozs is a misdemeanor in texas. Yes the laws are even bigger lol
Odd coming from Danny kannell who admittedly wasn't all in as a pro and is a notorious troll. But I do agree with him. And if I was on a pro team and we drafted one of these guys i would wonder if they were gonna play all in if we weren't that good or just mail it in.
If you put the secs best 10 against everybody else's best 10 were still the best by a decent margin. Big 10 may be close but nobody else is.
I'd be furious too. Especially with the amount of money brees gets paid nowadays to not be great.
So.... I suppose the heisman community sees Reggie Bush as worse for its image than one John football?????
Oh I'm sure there's a lot of this going on in the sec (sans vanderbilt). But the skit is funny. No need to get butt hurt over it.
Entire offense??? Losing morgan, hatcher, sprinkle and skip is not returning the whole offense. We'll be alright if pettway and o'grady can establish themselves