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I’m just glad Chad Morris is calling plays for another team in the West. It showed.
I didn't say Arkansas should be ranked #25, I was just noting that a very average Florida team happens to be there and a very good Arkansas team didn't make the list. I would slot them in the #18-20 range if I had a vote.
Ok, let's see... Arkansas finished 8-5 and won 6 of its last 7, including wins over #10 Mississippi, #16 LSU and #22 Tennessee, with the only loss being 51-50 to Miss. State in three OTs. And the Razorbacks are left out but Florida, which is no better than a lower-tier SEC team, is #25? Gimme a break.
I understand Steve Harvey got one to commemorate MSU's big victory.
Sorry, but what you do when you don't think anyone is watching IS your true character.