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Please, name your sources on "Real experts are saying, 'We cannot lessen the effects of this virus by keeping people isolated'. Fortune cookies don't count, and neither do politicians who care more about getting re-elected than the health of these young people, or you, or your wife and kids.
Minimal effort would have informed you that Arkansas played 3 QBs because the first two were concussed. Do better.
Gus was OC at UA during Houson Nutt's last year, and was a very successful high school coach about 10 miles from Fayetteville. He also played receiver at UA for a couple years.
I don't understand how you place teams that had a bye week in these rankings, if, as you say, these rankings are based SOLELY on week 8 performances. But that's just me.
I'm certainly no Ole Miss fan, but this seems more than a little ridiculous. If it isn't directed right into the opponents face, I see no lack of sportsmanship from this gesture.