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Learn the meaning of the words literally and figuratively.
Luke really sticking with that “Mississippi Made” theme! Over half of their commitments are from out of state.
I’m pretty sure it’s Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College in Perkinston, MS. Perk is still a junior college.
I was just saying don’t read the UCF articles and comment on them and maybe they won’t write them.
This site needs less pop ups and less douchebags whining about grammatical errors. Also, all you guys complaining about there being too many articles on UCF, take a look at the number of comments. I would have to imagine topics that create more comments will get more articles, so if you want less UCF then don’t read the ones published and comment.
I guess they did, commented before I watched the video!
I guess they didn’t bother with the two Yankees(Mullen and Moorhead)!
Maybe you missed the fact that his lifelong dream was to play baseball for MSU.
State would have an unbelievable D-line if Raekwon Davis hadn’t flipped to Alabama.
Hey Mike, probably a stupid question here but are you from Long Beach? Class of 1990 here.