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What is this? Did you vomit on your keyboard? Why does this even exist?
And Hamlin took a 220lb man to the chest. I guess it would be really weird if the same injury didn’t have identical mechanisms causing it though…
Chris Pronger had a Hall of Fame hockey career after what almost certainly the same injury here. Hopefully a similar outcome for Hamlin. Scary for sure and praying for a recovery.
Could is the key word there. Problem is Drinkwitz wont let him and even if he did, Cook simply isn’t good enough to make it matter. I think Mizzou keeps it close early then Tennessee blows the doors off in the second half when the defense is gassed.
It was the “correct” call but I’d bet there’s discussion in the off-season as to what the definition of the tackle box is on a play like that. Kentucky punter made the right play. Missouri defender made the right play. Poorly defined rule forces the red to be the bad guy there. They were atrocious for most of the game but that unfortunately was the right call.
Well at least we finally got a Mizzou/Kentucky article. Still found a way to screw it up. Already played Vandy…
You all know both these teams play other teams this next weekend, right? This is the second Mizzou/Tennessee article.
The D is borderline elite. The offense doesn’t stay on the field long enough to let them breathe though. I think we’ll lose several more games late because the defense is just gassed.
“Sorry buddy, you’re hurt. Can’t put you out there on offense. Go get blown up on punt returns though. You’ll be good.” What kind of nonsense is that?
You missed a kickoff because another college football game ran a touch long. Cool. Tell me you don’t get the point without telling me you don’t get the point.
That’s his third miss this season. He’s lazy, he’s put on 30lbs he didn’t wear last year and he’s not the same kicker. Least he could do is get up and take a few warmup swings to make sure he striking the ball right.
I’ll take anyone with at least enough coaching chops to tell his kicker to get up and take a few warmup swings…
Tell me you wouldn’t be just a little peeved if they three that up and cut your audio during a Bama game. You can’t. And my die hard Missouri football fan dad is blind. Relies on that audio to know what’s going on. Got to listen to Aaron Judge strikeout, fly-out and walk during his football game though. And we can play that AL/NL stuff all we want. It’s the same game and very few people outside New York care all that much about Aaron Judge hitting 61 home runs.
Wait, you mean you guys aren’t excited to see a guy tie a record that’s been broken three times already?
Young still had a firm grip on the football and threw it into the ground. I thought that one should have been grounding for sure but it wasn’t a fumble. I wanted UGA to win but Bennett’s fumble was a fumble. It was close but it came loose before his arm moved forward.
He pushed a ball he no longer had control of forward. How can anyone see this as anything but a fumble?
Only skin I’ve got in this game is wanting to see a good one so no blinders here. Herbstreit doesn’t really seem biased toward one side at all.
Fangio disliked Lock from the instant his name was called in the draft. He’s no franchise QB but it’s hard to develop when your head coach hates you.
Oof. Good luck to the kid but whoever told him this was a good idea didn’t have his best interests in mind. He touched the ball 21 times in two seasons.
I just switched to Fubo. Watching ESPN right now. The $15 discount isn’t near enough to make up for losing ESPN on top of not carrying regional sports. Zero incentive to stay with YouTube TV
Yeah that may have been a little harsh. But I don’t think he did himself any favors leaving early. I hope I’m wrong.
His time in the QB room was sure beneficial. But he came from a HS quarterback factory. Southlake Carroll isn’t normal high school football. Guy was getting boosters kid reps at OSU and struggled to learn the system that he’s leaving
Dude ruined his development for a quick buck too. Skipped out on that senior season and got very few reps at OSU. He’s now behind his original ‘22 class I doubt he ever starts at a power 5 school…
His recruiting classes were a few notches below Auburn with absolutely absurd admissions standards. I’m in no way saying SEC football players are stupid but most of the guys signing at Notre Dame were 4.0 or better students in high school. He’s a very good recruiter and I think he’ll do very well at LSU.
And I’m talking as the head dude. Not a Meyer minion.