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Get off it. It’s freaking Twitter. You’re one of about 8 people who might care. All 8 of you are idiots.
He was a JUCO transfer to Rice. JUCO time counts. He only has one year left.
Good grief, give the guy a break. It’s his alma mater. Guy doesn’t stand a chance either way here. Either he’s going to seem biased toward OSU or he’s going to seem like he’s trying really hard not to be. He’s doing fine.
Yep 5 fewer games of wear and tear and 5 fewer chances to screw up than any other playoff team. They are a very good football team and the fact that they only played 6 games wasn’t their fault but it should have mattered. The Big 10 is the worst offender here. Changed their own rules just to weasel their only chance into the playoff. It worked because the committee had no spine.
I love how everyone latched on to the part where he ranked Ohio State 11th then just threw everything else out the window. He said Ohio State is a great team, could beat them and could very well win the national championship. But these rankings are based on a body of work. OSU barely had one. Everyone he ranked above them played 9-11 games compared to their 6. Ohio State is a really good football team. That’s clear. They have 5 fewer games worth of wear and tear than any of the other playoff teams. That matters.
If’s and but’s, guy. You can what if every little thing those guys do. What if a cook had it during a team meal? What if a guy picked it up at a gas station when he went to grab a soda? What if a guy got it in class? We can do that all day. At least you’ve gotten off the Christmas trip as being the reason for the “outbreak.” You should look into politics the way you swung so hard there when your original point was blown up.
They’ve traced the origin back to their trip to Starkville. Just stop man.
You know you can look this stuff up before you reply to avoid making your idiot hole deeper, right?
So all those other people are just stupid and don’t know how to protect themselves? Many people got it without ever leaving their homes. Terribly stupid people they are. And have you paid attention at all to any other program in college football? Almost all of them dealt with the same issues. Unless teams would have gone the NHL route and completely isolated there’d have been no way to avoid it.
Inexcusably incapable of keeping players from getting a virus that 20,000,000 people in this country have tested positive for? Neat. They don’t live in a freaking bubble. And this dude is a joke. They nearly had to cancel on their end.
Well that certainly went from appreciative to sh*tpost pretty quick...
Do you even know what arbitrary means? And I’m no Mullen fan but if you think he knows every little rule in the NCAA’s collection of recruiting no-no’s you’re delusional. Ask Kirby if he knows every single one. And as far as his assistant, incidental impermissible contact? Come on, what a freaking joke.
Maybe it’s just me, but after reading this it kind of sounds like the NCAA took a mole’s mere thought of making a hill and turned it into a mountain range. Their rules would be a lot easier to follow if they weren’t a collection of non-sensical, arbitrary BS.
That’s right. I’d forgotten about that. Hard to play sideline to sideline like he does on a busted up ankle.
I never heard anything official but he did just seem like he’d lost a step the last couple of games. When he’s 100% it’s almost like there are three of him out there. That wasn’t there against Georgia and MSU. I wish Nick the best of luck a hope he can heal up if that’s what he needs.
18 years in the Army will do it. And you can peddle that East/West crap all you want. Missouri still won half their games in a shortened all-sec season and went .500 against the west. You won 1 game in your division.
Oh I understand completely what army was supposed to do because of BS contractual obligations. The NCAA should have waived the win requirement only after those truly eligible for a bowl 100% had a bowl. You can’t actually believe you deserve to play in the ARMED FORCES BOWL over a 9-2 Army team.
#6. Their opponent should be playing a 9-2 Army team but college football and its bowl selection process with “conference tie ins” is a joke.
We’re fine. We’ve come to terms with the fact that Ryan Walters is a trash DC and is incapable of calling a good game even with an intact defense. Those of us who aren’t delusional saw this one coming.
Don’t cooperate with the NCAA, we’ve all seen what happens when you’re forthright and honest. Take the NC route. Deny, deny, deny, play stupid, then do everything you can to cover it up. You’ll fare better that way.
It was a pretty poor showing. At the same time though we have no secondary left. Ryan Walters needs to go because he’s been trash with an intact secondary but when you’re resorting to playing a guy who has been nothing but a quarterback since 8th grade and a freshman wide receiver in the defensive backfield, you’re not going to show well against a guy who likes to throw the ball more than anyone else in college football. Drop 6-8 in coverage to compensate and you’re in trouble even against a team that doesn’t run the ball. It was a terrible game but it would have been hard to expect much more at this point.
Oh I fully agree. I’m just saying the timeout before the kick is what gave them a chance at overtime. For this game to come down to a tossed shoe and a timeout is solely on his shoulders.
I’m not a Dan Mullen fan but that timeout is what gave them a chance. LSU had an eternity to get on the field and kick the ball.
I didn’t want to hurt their feelings too bad. They seem sensitive.
The amount of butthurt in a thread this short is almost comical. I really feel for you if this got under your skin so badly. Who. Gives. A. Sh*t.