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Hilinski will be around for quite a while and has loads of talent. The guy was getting mugged all day. Doesn’t matter much who stands back there if the line can’t keep them clean
Mizzou self reported and fought nothing. Cooperated fully throughout the entire investigation. Yeah, there was an appeal but it was for a ridiculous punishment.
1. He wasn’t fired. He was asked to resign after an ill advised text message. 2. The 8 felony counts stem from an incident after his resignation where he impersonated a lawyer and sent a cease and desist letter to a newspaper regarding an incident he didn’t like being written about. I know research is hard but try just a little, Adam. That said, I don’t know why anyone would want to play for that train wreck of a human being.
Reading comprehension seems to be a tough subject in Tennessee. I said he’s likely right. And no I do not think coaches haven’t been working with Lock. I would though highly doubt Fangio’s involvement has been very high since Flacco is getting every first team rep (which he should be) and Fangio hasn’t coached any offense a day in his life.
Lost most of your offensive and defensive production. People have written nice things though. I hear that can carry football teams...
There are a lot of people outside of “Tigger land” who are high on Lock. He’s probably not ready. Not many rookie QB’s really are. But the first six words of this article should pretty much lead anyone to take Fangio’s comments with a grain of salt. He’s a rookie two days into an NFL camp learning a new system and Fangio’s comments contradict those made by others. He’s probably right but he’s likely making sure Flacco knows he’s the guy.
It was a rogue tutor and Mizzou self reported and cooperated through the entire investigation. If this isn’t reversed it just tells everyone else in the NCAA to do what North Carolina did. Play dumb, don’t cooperate and lie, lie, lie...
What you just explained sounds a whole lot like a...what’s the word?....Rivalry? And the “good thing we have going now” is nothing more than a manufactured “rivalry” with a BS trophy that means next to nothing aside from another W if you’re the one who lifts it.
He’s not wrong. The Mizzou/Kansas rivalry has roots in the Civil War. Mizzou/Arkansas have played 10 times in 113 years and has no roots. The fact that we’re fed the rivalry BS is ridiculous...
Really wish people would stop talking about that “flood”. South Carolina played in it too and found a way to win...
Clemson can’t trademark a paw print in general. Theirs is very specific down to the exact shape of the outline and the tilt.
Played for Mizzou when we were in the Big 12. Good ball player and very smart. It’s a good hire. He’ll be a head coach some day.
FYI, This is in response to the bs headline on the Facebook page. That didn’t carry over here.
How is this good for Mizzou? It’s another chop job by the NCAA. They’re punishing the kid because they can punish the kid. He didn’t do anything wrong yet the NCAA takes two years of eligibility over something his guardian did involving a measly $2,500. I can’t stand KU but I’ve got nothing against its players. The NCAA strikes again with its BS overreach.
If the fine was bigger you’d think we had an assistant coach that raped little boys while the head coach and university big shots covered it up. The NCAA needs to get its s**t together. Mizzou self reported, cooperated at every turn and then gets hammered for some rogue tutor doing homework for 12 students. Insane...
That’s kind of the point. Claiming you’re recruiting as well as Vandy when you’re smack in the middle of one of the most fertile recruiting grounds in the country isn’t much to write home about. And Vandy would still smack you in the mouth. They have real lines.
I can’t believe we’ve heard nothing yet. I’m almost disappointed...
I know reading is hard but I never said that cost us the game. We went from leading to being down 12 in less than 5 minutes. Took the wind out of the sails and we were flat and seemingly disinterested for the remainder of the third quarter. Didn’t wake back up until Hilton’s pick. That play didn’t cost us the game but it definitely changed it.
No kidding. Playing a skeleton crew on D and left a ton of points on the field with all those chip shot field goals. 560 yards to 250 is hardly a close game.
LSU was out 7 defensive starters before the first snap. They were down two more and playing a wide receiver at corner by halftime. LSU also kicked 4 sub-30 yard field goals. That was a thumping the score didn’t reflect.
I’m glad I have your blessing to tell myself what I like. Just take care of business against UCF tomorrow. If there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that everyone is sick of their BS.
No it really was. We got back it it with two bad turnovers by Cornelius but that play changed the dynamic of the game. Then yes, DooDom happened on 4th and 1...
That was the idea. Tried to catch them sleeping and it would have worked just fine with anyone who had speed. Dooley apparently doesn’t understand though that Lock was going to be no faster on that play than he has been all season long. It was an awful play call and an awful way for DooDom to send Lock out.
If the guy would stay out of his own head he’s capable of being a good coach. But two downs to get one yard and those are the two plays you come up with. I’m not sure he’s capable of getting out of his own way.
His post is coming. He’s proofreading to make sure it’s the dumbest thing you’ll read all day.