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Young still had a firm grip on the football and threw it into the ground. I thought that one should have been grounding for sure but it wasn’t a fumble. I wanted UGA to win but Bennett’s fumble was a fumble. It was close but it came loose before his arm moved forward.
He pushed a ball he no longer had control of forward. How can anyone see this as anything but a fumble?
Only skin I’ve got in this game is wanting to see a good one so no blinders here. Herbstreit doesn’t really seem biased toward one side at all.
Fangio disliked Lock from the instant his name was called in the draft. He’s no franchise QB but it’s hard to develop when your head coach hates you.
Oof. Good luck to the kid but whoever told him this was a good idea didn’t have his best interests in mind. He touched the ball 21 times in two seasons.
I just switched to Fubo. Watching ESPN right now. The $15 discount isn’t near enough to make up for losing ESPN on top of not carrying regional sports. Zero incentive to stay with YouTube TV
Yeah that may have been a little harsh. But I don’t think he did himself any favors leaving early. I hope I’m wrong.
His time in the QB room was sure beneficial. But he came from a HS quarterback factory. Southlake Carroll isn’t normal high school football. Guy was getting boosters kid reps at OSU and struggled to learn the system that he’s leaving
Dude ruined his development for a quick buck too. Skipped out on that senior season and got very few reps at OSU. He’s now behind his original ‘22 class I doubt he ever starts at a power 5 school…
His recruiting classes were a few notches below Auburn with absolutely absurd admissions standards. I’m in no way saying SEC football players are stupid but most of the guys signing at Notre Dame were 4.0 or better students in high school. He’s a very good recruiter and I think he’ll do very well at LSU.
And I’m talking as the head dude. Not a Meyer minion.
Resorts to name calling—> gets upset when grammar in said name calling is corrected —> claps back with gay jokes = Adorable…
How many did Dan Mullen bring? Since that’s who we’re talking about and not Florida as a whole. Is bending arguments and going different directions how you win them down there?
Boosters here won’t spend money on a bad product. Booster money was almost stupid in the Big 12 and early SEC days under Pinkel. Him leaving along with the university making a horses a s s out of itself dried that money up. It’ll come back but it’s got to start with some better talent. It’ll take some time but it’s started. Hopefully he keeps the momentum with the recruiting going.
Man, imagine getting all fired up over other people treating folks properly. What a miserable life you must lead…
Missouri currently has an overwhelming lack of talent to coach. Odom recruited three straight 43rd ranked classes followed by a 37 per 247. That won’t work in the SEC and it’s still a large majority of the roster. Odom is an awesome DC but a garbage recruiter. I’m not 100% sold on Drinkwitz yet but I’m willing to give him a chance with his own players. Also, it’s *you’re a dufus.
And please do point out where I acted like Mizzou has been where Florida has. I addressed a specific comment about Dan Mullen and nothing else.
I’m aware he’s playing with Odom’s players. That’s why we still suck…
You know that’s not a new thing and this entire comment makes you sound like an inbred idiot right?
Not so to what? Chad Morris had one full recruiting cycle. We had an entire roster full of Barry Odom’s 40-50 range classes. The fact that we won six games is honestly a miracle. If not for 3-Star Tyler Badie turning into an absolute stud we’d be lucky to have three wins. I will gladly take a current top 15 with more 5/4 star guys for ‘22 already than Odom had in his entire time here. It doesn’t happen overnight.
It’ll take a little time. With Odom we were used to classes in the 40’s or worse. He’s already got a top 15 for ‘22. I’ll take that and hope he builds on it. As far as Bazelak goes, the guy just isn’t very good. We saw his ceiling last season and expectations were based on improvement that never came. He wasn’t a great decision maker last season and there was zero improvement there. Pair that with an injury that made him immobile and a flat-out bad QB was the result.
He was using someone else’s player, guy. His quit on him. #success
We could be relying on winning our last game of the year without a head coach just to make a bowl…
He’s got a top 15 recruiting class for ‘22 and a top 20 from last year. He’s still coaching Odom’s garbage. A few studs don’t make up for the MAC level talent everywhere else. It will get better. That said, to DC’s point, the loyalty to Bazelak makes no sense.
Inheriting a good team and tanking it in 4 years is your idea of success? That’s adorable.
Wow, so “C h r I s t i a n” was it huh. That doesn’t make it past your moderation filter? You guys are ridiculous. This is why no one likes media types. Tyler Badie left New Orleans when he was 6. Briarcrest C h r i s t i a n is in Eads, TN. I won’t even call this a good try. Garbage journalism is the nicest way to describe it.
Not doing Cincinnati any favors by saying they’d have won the PAC12 and are in a conference that keeps getting poached by the Big12. Both of those conferences are hot garbage.
Hurry up and moderate my comment a s s h o l e…
Score didn’t show it but both Cook and Macon held their own against UGA. Bazelak just isn’t very good. He throws a terrible deep ball, he’s not a great decision maker and he’s about as mobile as a brick. Dink, dunk and hand off to Badie is all he can do. Anyone can do that. May as well have someone with some athleticism do it to at least add another dimension. The one tweet summed it up perfectly. Worst thing that can happen is one of them plays like Bazelak…