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You SOB's are going to be so disappointed. Elitedawgs is more concerned about what OM is doing than their own pathetic group
Don't belong in the SEC. Trashy school
Last game between OM and Tn ended with the Vols getting the sh-t beat out of them if I remember correctly
Bama time. Freeze started with a lot less after that Turd Nutt left. If this recruiting class finishes with half what they are in on, TAM will be a Homecoming game
Won't discredit Bo because he meant so much to the program being where it is today but Chad is much better and that 2013 class needs to go out with distinction
Ole Miss backed off for two reasons. 1. He would have been a hard get. 2. Time you would have wasted on effort you could have spent on possibilities
Hope not because I think he would be good too. Hope he and Pruitt end up outside the SEC
I actually hope not. Being an OM fan,he is much better than Muschamp
Pulling for Northwestern. Loyal SEC fan but can't stand Butch
Miami needs Richt right now and it is his Alma Mater
That is the match up I am hoping for. Think Hugh will have them more prepared
You are absolutely correct. Payback would be sweet
I think it would be pretty stupid. Good Coach and Great Recruiter. Biggest mistake since they fired Charlie Mac and I am not an LSU fan
OM in the Music City with Treadwell, Tunsil, RK and Connor would be one helluva disappointment
After the events this last week, Missouri may actually replace Tennessee as my least favorite SEC team
Two idiots and Pinkel should have been fired
Just hope Ole Miss can beat Moo U with one of the worst Defenses in the Conference
This is the worst Defense at OM since Eli was there
Who doesn't want to play them with one of the worst Defenses in the Country
Totally agree. A train wreck that is imploding like last year
Wait till 4 more losses by seasons end. Then read this board again
Georgia underachieves as usual. Mizzou has a good chance
Sterner is as bad an analyst as he was a quarterback. Why are we even asking him?
He couldn't seriously believe this because if he does he is in the wrong business
I totally agree with you about Tennessee.