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The staff hasn't communicated with him in months, probably a case of a kid whose options are dwindling and tried to jump on board. Many of his offers are self reported by the high school and not actually valid. He's not a take however and will not be a part of this class.
Expect for the fact he isn’t a take for South Carolina and the commitment was not accepted, nor are many of his offers valid. Nice research there SDS.
Please go, plan is to break out the big bucks for an established OC that runs a more up tempo spread offense. Roper has a good system in theory but it doesn't work at South Carolina. On top of that he's not a very good play caller which compounds the issue.
Haha "bad news" for the Gamecocks, Rice or not Roper is already out. This has been in the works for awhile now do some research before posting an article...
Unfortunately Wideman was just a bust from the start, two coaching staffs couldn't seem to get through to him and work ethic has been a major issue from the beginning. Taylor was someone I was looking forward to seeing the progress in but he was struggling to add and maintain weight after a Labrum injury (He's around 270), and with guys like Javon Kinlaw and Aaron Sterling coming in probably saw better opportunity going back to a school near home in Louisiana.
Think about it this way, they have a video tape of an incident that occurred three days ago and yet no ones been charged with what should be a simple case? Would the police not look at that film immediately? This is just a case of a drunk guy getting angry because he got his phone knocked out his hand in a crowded college bar. I've been to Saloon many times as well as every other bar in Five Points and I can tell you if I picked a fight every time someone slightly agitated me I wouldn't be here to type this. The State paper just got some mildly interesting news and without anything other then accusations has decided to smear these guys names all over the front page. Maybe they're guilty maybe they're not, but to damn them without any further evidence just because the other guy was a vet is disgusting journalism at best.
Just a biased smear job by the State Newspaper, putting this trash out when no charges have been filed from a case three days ago and reporting it completely one sided. Guy got his phone knocked out of his hand in a crowded college bar and decided to get in a fight over it, thats a nightly occurrence in Five points.
How can you not even mention Jake Bentley in the Close group? He has one of the top returning receivers in the SEC in Deebo Samuel, and Freshman All-SEC Bryan Edwards, and arguably the top returning Tight end in the SEC in Hayden Hurst. Not to mention a great crop of incoming 4 star freshman. If he plays the whole season he will exceed 3000 yards.
They won't, he's all South Carolina. Grew up a huge fan, is surrounded by Gamecock fans who want him there, has a tremendous relationship with Lance Thompson. In fact, he said himself had Spurrier not left the program Clemson wouldn't even be in consideration and he'd already be committed, he just wants to feel out the new staffs progress. If South Carolina continues to show progress this season, which is likely considering the team was half freshman last season, Thomas will sign with them.
Marcus Lattimore was rated a .9950, good for number 10
If you want "insider" info head over to 247 and read up, don't ask a reporter from greenville about Carolina Football. A few things, Chris Lammons is starting at corner not safety, those would be DJ Smith and Chaz Elder. AJ Turner is a solid 195 and taking 15 pounds from him for no reason is idiotic, he came in last year at 180 out of high school. And lastly, Alan Knott is not a starting guard, that would be left guard zack bailey and right guard Donnell Stanley. Knot will be 2nd string for either guard position and when hi stand heals up he'd be backup center as well. Go Cocks!
Assuming South Carolina is trending down just shows how poor the quality of analysis form SDS is, y'all really don't bother to anything beyond a quick surface analysis glance do you? Everything about the program is trending up including Coaching quality, recruiting, media, and outlook. Do yourselves a favor and learn how to click a button and do some research.
Reports from some more reliable sites than SDS and from guys within the program. Now I'm not saying that is whats going to happen, Brandon may come out against Vandy and be the clear front runner, but theres still the issue of Jake just being flat out more talented so the scenario I mentioned above would be the most beneficial. But as Muschamp has said the QB that gives the best chance to win now will play regardless of what the next 4-5 years may bring. Given the rate at which Bentley has developed over the fall camp and the raw talent he has (1st rounder- Future Hiesman caliber arm), he will eventually overtake Brandon and Orth at some point this year. There's a reason the coaching staff approached the idea of brining him in a year early and it wasn't to redshirt him.
Well Bentley is actually older than McIlwain (He's 19) and based on reports coming out of practice and the scrimmages he's neck and neck with the other two and is going to overtake them at some point. He's a coaches son and has had his face in the playbook since the day he committed and is both physically and mentally there. The situation is basically this, you can start McIlwain this year and redshirt Bentley, but Bentley will overtake him for the starting job in 2017. But if you let Bentley take over now and redshirt McIlwain, then Jake plays 3 years and gets drafted and Brandon comes in to start for two years with experience as the back up. This shouldn't be taken as a slight against McIlwain because he is a phenomenal player (#2 Dual Threat in 2016), but Jake Bentley is the real deal and baring injury will be a 1st round draft pick, you just can't keep that off the field for very long.
First and foremost they didn't rely on receiver Lorenzo Nuñez last as he made the transition for QB to receiver three weeks ago. I will also say its likely that while they start off with two maybe even three QB's for the first game or two, Jake Bentley will start for most of the season. He is a rapid learner and the talent is just too much to keep off the field. Although he can run (Actually not much slower than McIlwain and I would classify him as a duel threat), with the emergence during fall camp of a number of targets in the passing game his arm will get him on the field. Current thought by a lot of people is he's a three and done kinda talent and possibly redshirting McIlwain so he can start for two years after Bentley leaves would create the best separation.
You can tell how much research national outlets like ESPN really do when they say Steve Spurrier "left no talent on the offensive line aside from Mason Zandi." I guess two high four stars in DJ Park and Donnell Stanly, a Freshman All-SEC in Zack Bailey and freshman All-American in Corey Helms have no talent.....interesting
This is possibly one of the laziest and most surface level analyses I have ever read, you should be ashamed Mr. Crist. If you want to know why South Carolina will be much much better this year you simply need to compare the old and new staffs. The last staff, simply put, was not FBS caliber save for SOS and Shawn Elliot. They could not develop talent to save their lives and it has shown with where they have all landed since. This staff on the other hand is night and day. You have one of the best defensive staffs in the SEC not to mention some very high quality coaches on offense (Kurt Roper, Bryan McClendon, Pat Washington). The talent on this team is not so far in the gutter as you and your click bait colleagues like to think, the development however was. Now, are they deep enough to win the SEC East? Not likely, the secondary is way to thin and the skill positions although talented are young. But I would put our starters against anyone in the East and be confident given the questions at many of the other schools. The coaching ability and schemes of this new staff will show just how talented this team is and rest assured Coach Boom and staff will get the most out of whats there. They will surprise some folks this fall and I believe 6-6 is the baseline with wins over Vandy, Kentucky, Miz, ECU, Wester Carolina and UMASS. Toss ups against A&M, Miss State and maybe a potential upset against Florida, Georgia or Tennessee if the cards fall right. Unfortunately as much as it pains me to say Clemson is highly likely to be a loss although it wouldn't surprise me if they made it a fight. And if you want me to explain each of those games id be glad to as based on your articles I'm pretty sure I know more about this league than you do.
If people from around the SEC saw what is going on behind the scenes at South Carolina with facilities, structure and recruiting they'd know that the Gamecocks will be back very soon. Recruiting momentum is beginning to grow with some big names trending, and thats the name of the game these days and what ultimately did Steve Spurrier in ( In addition to hiring sub par assistants form 2012 on). So long as Champ stays off the offense, and watching spring practice and the insider intel he's doing just that, this will be much better than most are expecting much sooner.
Two things: Richardson wasn't a take and his commitment wasn't accepted Your Tennessee Vols just took 8 three star commits this weekend
I see: 1) LSU 2) Florida State 3) Michigan 4) Stanford or Oklahoma Im still not sold on LSU until Harris shows improvement passing but they return the most talented and complete team in the West. I believe Clemson losses too much on defense and a few on offense to escape all of those close games they won last year. With Florida State improving I see them winning the ACC this year. Ohio State is still very good but they lost something like 12 players to the draft and that's huge, especially in close games and away games, therefore I think Michigan may be able to squeeze into consideration. As for the fourth spot, Oklahoma or Stanford certainly have a very good chance of taking it.
So many inaccuracies in this write up, I really wonder if SDS bothers to do any research outside of Alabama, Georgia and LSU.
Sucks to be losing a talent like that for the year, but considering this is a rebuilding year I can also see the benefit of having him in 2017 when the defense should be much better.
Lets face it, of you're Georgia or South Carolina in the East you've pretty much signed your quarterbacks for a few years in Brandon McIlwain, Jake Bently, Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm. Both schools have a bit of a log jam going on with these two classes with elite prospects, which of course is not a bad thing.
He actually wasn't referencing the SC strength and conditioning although I've heard it was mediocre during that time, and if anyone trashing Dillman they're are very misguided in terms of qualification and credentials he's one of the best in the SEC. Theres been a noticeable difference in the players from fall to spring.
With the right coaching of these players the talent it there to beat any team in the East on any given day, however, that being said I don't believe the depth is there yet to make it to the end of the season. Will we potentially ruin either Georgia, Florida or Tennessee's season? Very possible. But win out in the first year? I highly doubt it. Although crazier things have happened and this year, with the exception of Tennessee, is a building year for the East.
He's second behind Fennell at the Buck, Bryson Allen-Williams is also getting a look there going into fall practices. Fennell had a better spring game while English was injured, most of the injured players were left off or set back. I believe Keir Thomas is being taught the position as well but is needed more as a traditional DE, at least until Sawyer returns as he is moving back outside after slimming in the offseason.
I for one am very excited to watch the Brandon McIlwain/Jake Bently - Jacob Eason battles going forward, not to mention Muschamps and Smarts history together. Should make for some fun games in the future. Think those 3 have the potential to be some of the best qb's the SEC has seen in awhile along with Shea Patterson.
Also, look up Clempson, if you knew anything about one of the better college football rivalries in the country you'd know thats a rivalry insult.
Firstly, if you actually watched a single Carolina game or knew anything you'd be aware that this "3-9" team lost to Clemson, the national title runner up, by 5 points (37-32). There were only two teams we could not compete with last season in Georgia and LSU, every other game was a one possession game. Including the SEC favorites Tennessee who squeaked by due to a last second fumble in the red zone. You fall into the bonehead football fan category who thinks because a coach didn't succeed in his first stop he's doomed for life, since thats always how it apparently plays out. He saw some of the worst luck I've ever seen at florida (i.e. three offensive coordinators in as many years and 18 season ending injuries, not to mention cleaning up the thugs urban myer left behind). Very few head coaches do well at their first stop, and yes I believe Muschamp is the best thing for Carolina, he embodies the attitude and character that was affiliated with USC during the 2010-2013 run. Coupling the staffs recruiting prowess and his defensive acumen with Roper's total control of the offense (something that was evident in the spring game) will lead to results. No i don't think this team will win the east this year, talent wise I believe they are capable with the starting 22 but the depth is just not there to make it through a season in the SEC. The 2017-18 season will see Carolina as a contender again, something that is good for the SEC as a whole. In terms of this upcoming season, they are capable of a record anywhere from 6-9 regular season wins if things go there way,
Oddly enough it seems Muschamps been recruiting and stocked more young talent on the offense than on defense. Fortunately aside from Lewis, Moore and Griffen most of the more talented defensive players should return for 2017, maybe 7-8 starters depending on development and misses. It'll be interesting to see how the new Coaching staff effects that side of the ball, talent is actually there if anyone looks close enough, but the coaching was far far from an SEC level. Also to note Skai Moore and Dante Sawyer (2 All-SEC caliber players) are not mentioned as no injured players were place on the depth chart although i have no doubt both will start