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I'm ready to watch a Razorback game without feeling that it was ugly but we somehow pulled it off. How many weeks can that happen? Did Petrino, the master of finding teams' weaknesses, just gave everyone we are going to play a blueprint on how to beat us? Of course, our weaknesses were pretty glaring. Anyway, I just want to enjoy being in the top 10 and I don't feel like I'm able to just yet.
My dad let us skip church to go that UNLV game… it was maybe the most religious experience of my life! Until we got manhandled.
Arkansas has never played a #1 team in Bud Walton. We last played a home game against a #1 team back in the day against UNLV, but that was in Barnhill Arena. Not that I want to take anything away from that win.
I've heard of losing a game at the time of the coin toss, can you lose a game by just the hype video? Dang. Regardless... Go Hogs.
I agree with all my Arkansan brethren, but also add this. His offense was so blasted complex that it is actually only those Newton/Watson “generational” QB’s that can run it. He is by no means a QB whisperer. Did he start eight in his tenure at Arkansas??? Good luck Auburn... hammer down.
What are all the rumors that seem to be lurking in the shadows with Norvell. On Trey Biddy's podcast one of the guests mentioned an unnamed thing as if it were gospel truth, yet he didn't elaborate. Which makes me wonder if there really is anything at all.
This is the second time I've read an SDS writer refer to Starkel picking up only "garbage time" against Ole Miss... He played the entire second half! I agree in one sense, watching a Razorback game this year is "garbage time" for me, but that's a different story. Give the guy a tiny bit of credit for having less-than-horrible stats.
I’ve got a question one of you guys can answer... the announcers said Noland’s been taking reps as 2nd team qb because Kelly was doing the short yardage stuff. Isn’t that the biggest coaching fail of the year? To go with the guy you haven’t been giving reps to? I like Morris but I’ve never heard more announcers question coaching than this year. I’m scratching my head and I’m no more than a casual fan.
I disagree... packaging is all we can enjoy right now.
I agree, this has been exactly what a search should be. We waited patiently for our #1 and are now moving forward quietly. But nobody will listen to your show or click your site if you go on air and say that everything is going well.
Here’s hoping “the fun” never begins in the Arkansas search. We’ll gladly hide in the shadow of Tennessee's drama all day long.
SDS's "bold" predictions are almost never bold, but predicting that Drew Lock will throw three touchdowns against our defense takes the cake. That's as un-bold as predicting Bielema will get fired after the... oh, that was one too. Go Hogs!
I think this is a FANTASTIC idea. Until we can stop the run I'd rather us look like anything but my normal Hogs! While we're at it, I wish Nike made tutus for our offensive line.
Smith has to be the worst! He actually refered to us as Alabama. That will forever be my favorite lowlight of Arkansas football. At least hopefully.