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I count 19 players on the Chiefs roster that were former SEC players. My Chiefs gave it their best but couldn't pull it off, One thing for sure I bet Dee Ford is never lined up in the neutral zone again.
Bama just got their butts kicked!!!!! What do say now Feinbaum? What happened to your Bama Boys? I would say Brent Venables is a HOT Commodity right now. Congratulations to Clemson!!
Texas came to play, Georgia looked disinterested.
Our prayers to the young man and pray for a full recovery
He is the best we have had since Chase Daniel. He should go pretty high in the draft. He needs to follow the way of Mahomes, Sit a year, get used to the speed of the NFL and work on how to read NFL defenses,
Missouri does not have a good pass rush since we have no Def ends going pro as we have had in the past, We have a very good LB in Cale Garrett. Florida was a good matchup for Mo. Mizzou finally put two good halves together. I am scratching my head as to why they were ranked 11 in polls and how they ever managed to beat LSU.
Michael Who??? Sorry you are still chaffed about Mizzou cleaning your Tennessee's clock last year. I will enjoy watching you pull those crow feathers out of your teeth next week. MiZ 38 Wyoming 10
Not sure what the smoke in the air is that's coming from Michael Bratton's news room. If he is right I will be the most surprised fan in the state of Mo. Pretty sure they will win at least 8 games which will make him look like a total fool.
What happened to the Best one, Brad Nessler?
He needs to stay another year, He doesn't do well with any amount of pocket pressure. He has difficulty locating his 2nd or 3rd read. Its first read or flee. He does force bad throws, sometimes bonehead throws for interceptions. One more year will help him plus he would have problems adjusting to NFL speed.
Looks to me like Tennessee is in a "Mell of a Hess"
He needs to stay one more year. He is not ready for the speed of the NFL.He is pretty accurate but I don't think as good as Chase Daniel. Chase could go to his 2nd and 3rd receivers Drew is not there yet.
They all hate us, what else is new. Congratulations to Drew Lock and the Missouri Tigers on a 7 and 5 season from a 1 and 5 start.
You know Mizzou has a terrible crappy defense, Couldn't hold water with a bucket, but they still scored more points on Georgia than any other team this season. Georgia should be concerned about going up against a good passing offense.
Congrats to Clemson !!!! What a game. I think Clemson had more heart and wanted it more.
Clemson will halt the tide's streak, I think Clemson will be a little more hungry than Alabama. (Clempson) 34 tide 28.
Yes they pretty much beat us like a stepchild. This is the difference in a team who can only recruit 2 and 3 star players vs a team that recruits 4 and 5 stars. We need to recruit a lot better and get a lot faster. LSU blocked extremely well, Oh and if you didn't know who Ed Orgeron was you do now. He is about all Musburger could talk about tonight. Only about 100 times, Congrats to LSU I think you are on your way.
Please, we will trade Musberger for anyone else except Verne. We will even give boot.
I guess they figure if they ignore us long enough we will just go away. This is the kind of crap Mizzou has got ever since they joined the SEC. I think they are still smarting from us winning the SEC East. 2 out of the first 3 years.
I watched the Alabama Old Miss game. I am a Mizzou fan so I didn't have a dog in the fight. I have watched football many years. I couldn't believe the gibberish coming out of the mouths of those 2 goobers on CBS broadcasting the game. So much for being neutral!! If I didn't know better I would have thought I was listening to the Alabama Radio Network. I am sure a lot of Ole Miss fans must have felt the same. Glad uncle Verne is retiring and Danielson need to sharpen his skills at neutrality or quit. There were some questionable calls, but come on!!
Looks like Mizzou owns them like a big dog 1-6.
I tend to agree. I wonder what goodies besides books, tuition and room and board are being offered. Guess we will soon find out. Its a matter of time.
Great game. Congrats to Alabama, Hats off to Clemson for a great effort. Had not for 2 blown defensive plays, Clemson would be celebrating. This is the kind of game National Championships should be.
Yeah I know bama is good, but when you can continually recruit a steady stream of 4 and 5 star players this is what you get. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. At some point many of us get tired of this and would like nothing better than to see bama get their butt whipped kind of like last year at the hands of Ohio State. I got tired of Herbstriet's continual praise and glory of Alabama last night. Enough is enough, I turned it off at 31-0.
I couldn't agree with him more. A smart high school linebacker could figure out what is coming with each play. Henson should be the first to go. He has no imagination at all and is too predictable. This offense was a total embarrassment this year. They couldn't even stay on the field long enough to break a sweat. They should have had to sub in and give the defensive people a blow no longer than they were out there.
I hate to see any group strong arm a University. But if their complaints are legitimate, which evidently Pinkel thinks they are, It would cost only a half million to fire the President and a million to pay BYU to cancel the game. I vote to let him go and save a half million. Problem is, their season is so far in the toilet it wouldn't make much difference.
The most pathetic, inept, performance by a Missouri offense I have seen in the 50 plus years I have watched and followed Missouri football. Qb couldn't make throws, receivers couldn't catch, and the offensive line could not pass block or run block. Pretty bad when the 3 best players on the team are the Def end, linebacker and punter. None of which has much opportunity to score. Miz needs a makeover real quick, starting with the offensive coordinator. Josh Henson has no clue, imagination and is totally predictable. Looking at the remaining schedule I see them winning 0 games. A total embarrassment to Missouri, the fans, students and alumni.
We got that damn Musburger again. That's twice already this year.
I know it has to be for entertainment purposes only. Because anytime a person with some measure of intelligence calls in he manages to cut them short and move on. But when some of those toothless inbreds call in he lets them spew their ignorance for 10 minutes. Its got to be entertaining for those who like it.
Why does Musberger not just GO AWAY!!! Past time to retire!!!