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As much as I've called for his head, and still not sold, I also have been saying forever when nicky Fitz completes aboelve 50 percent and doesnt turn the ball over.. state is very hard to beat. It's just very frustrating because with the talent they have it's not at all out of reasoning that 10-2 should have been worse case scenario for this group. But alas... life as a state fan.
Why we havent moved on from Fitz I'll never know. I've been on this train since last year that we needed to make the switch. He stifles us as a football team by not being able throw AT ALL. Eventually the defense is just worn down. At the minimum, your season is done at this point except a lowly bowl. Make the switch with young receivers, hill is a sophomore back, and get your future real reps in conference play. Theres no need for nicky fitz to play his last 4 games, theres no point unless you're just all the way conceding to a 5 win season
We should have broke out the black on blacks.... that way we are properly dressed for the funeral of our season.
I'm thankful I jumped on the Mizzou line when I was getting points as the dog. I still like Auburn and the 3 points with states dumpster fire of an Oline against Auburns Dline.
I'm for sure taking Auburn and the points; the best lock for the week making 3 in a row for cashing out on Vegas overvaluing state. Next best bet IMO is taking Mizzou and the points; I like Mizzou and the money line to outright win over Scar. My "if you feel like gambling" for the week is taking Vandy to cover the almost 4 TDs. Something like 34-10, 38-14ish maybe on the score.
You cant fire him. If you were to fire him after he goes 6-6 or 5-7, you send the message that you get no leash here. That's going to be another negative on and candidates looking at the State job in the future. JoMo has to have at least three years. Otherwise no one is going to bat an eye at a job in the SEC West that's not bama, LSU, Aub, or TX am with no wiggle room to develop a program.
I'm not being hyperbolic.. at this point I can't for sure say we even make a bowl. Have to go 3 for 3 on ark, ole miss, and la tech. I really dont know that we beat ole miss based off what I have seen.
Looks like the state is again the lock of the week. Jump on the tigers and bet the farm. I know Vegas gives a FG for home field, which means they think Auburn is only 6 and a hook better than state?? If state is going to be this bad, I hope oddsmakers keep expecting too much, and I'll keep cashing out. My other good bet of the week is Mizzou over Scar. I usually take 3 a week, I think my third will be LSU covering UF, although Vandy is getting a boatload of points.
Well gang.. it's about to be a long year. Looking at the schedule, we HAVE to win against Ark, La Tach, and Ole miss just to make a bowl. Theres no way we beat, and probably arent even going to competitive against AM, Aub, Bama, or LSU. It's sad just a talented roster is staring down the barrel of a 5 win season being likely, 6 being probable, and 7 Being a miracle. We are a dumpster fire on the Oline. Out receivers dont seperate, and cant catch. Our QB cant throw. Our Elite Dline is so gassed in the second half of these games we can stop water with a Dam. That's just where we are unfortunately. We see clearly that theres a blueprint on how to stifle our offense, and that Fitz cant get it done. I respect his career and I'm not being overreactionary.... it's time to go to Thompson. If nothing else but to get ready for the future. It's been a tough life being a state fan.. tonight is no different. I just hope I'm not right in fearing for our dip back into perpetual ineptitude
I still like Ole Miss to cover. I just dont have faith in the consistency of LSUs Offense, and I feel like ole miss is by far the best offense LSU will have seen. I like LSU on the win, something like 34-24ish maybe? But Ole Miss covering the 12 points.
My two fav bets are the week are Ole Miss and Florida to cover the points. I got Florida +10.5 when it opened Monday morning. Happy I jumped on early and got it for an extra FG. I dont like LSUs offense, and I dont see Ole Miss being as stifled as they were against bama. I've been having a great season this year jumping on what seem like way too high point spreads throughout this year
Oh I definitely remember. I'm just talking about as a program with their capabilities and capacities based or their history since the 90s to now. 25-30 years is proven sustainability. Even at a down time, it's still a better job than State is. Not to mention, he already was where he was going to be at state. He transformed us into a winning program and I'll always be grateful to him for that. But we just arent going to compete with the Bamas, LSUs, Auburns of the west over a sustainable period of time. Just like neither will Ole miss or Ark in the west, Just like neither will Vandy, UK, and largely Scar in the East. Theres a reason in college football it's the same teams that have generational success. Not like Oregon under chip Kelly, or now Clemson under Dabo, it hasnt proven to be sustainable. They can flash and be great, but its always going to be OU, USC, Ohio St, Bama, etc. Florida had a 25year history of big time recruits and national titles and conference titles, and gave him a chance to contintue to pull those big time recruits, while coaching in an easier division, and a higher chance to achieve sustainable heights he wasnt going to get a State. People got so mad when he left, all I'm saying is I get it. If I was him i would have left too. You can be satisfied being the guy who averages 7-5 to 8-4, or you can go for it and try to be something better. Which is what he did in my opinion.
He said they while employed at state.. what's he gonna say? "Hell yeah that's a better job.. I cant wait till I get to move there myself!" Its all PR
Let's just go on and clear something up... the FLORIDA GATORS, will never, in an circumstance, across any sport be considered a "lateral move" from Mississippi State. FLORIDA?? Few jobs are a lateral move for UF. Money? Prestige? Program and fan base? Recruiting potential? The east vs the west? Even though he inherited the program at a low point, theres no way anyone could legitimately think the State job in Starkville, is an equal Job the UF in Gainesville, FL. And no, I'm not trolling state fans. I'm a born and bread Bulldog from West Point, 15 min away from there. I've been a season ticket holder for all three major sports my entire life. I love my dogs... but let's be objective and real here gang.
Absolutely. State had an offense that is a nightmare to defend IF they can stay ahead of the chains. If they get behind the chains and have to really throw, not just quick hitch, screen, slant their way through a passing game... they're basically paralyzed as an offense. It's not a knee jerk reaction I've been saying since last year I'd like to go with Thompson. Sacrifice the dynamic runner at QB, for a pretty good runner and chance to have an effective passing game teams have to respect. Saturday was a blueprint against state. Keep them behind the chains and a dynamic offense becomes incredibly below average.
And Dak to the future mentions the loss to LSU for Auburn last year, further expanding on your "big boys" comment, because LSU is a team state beat by THIRTY.
He brings up the last two years, but doesn't mention that over the last 6, a large sample size for a modern argument, it's even at 3-3 split. If state cant play with the big boys, then by your own argument and own criteria.... Auburn isnt one if them.
I've been on the QB change train since last year. I understand that Thompson isnt the dynamic runner that Fitz is, however he can run well enough. When you add in the fact that he clearly gives you a better chance to be more diverse due to being obviously a better passer, I will take a 50ish yards rushing threat at QB that gives a chance to be multi dimensional, as apposed to a QB who can go off for 150yard rushing, but not going to threaten a defense with his arm. Thompson is the better option just because he gives the RBs a chance to have room to operate that you just dont get when fitz is in the game. The RBs are the strength of the offense. With Nicky Fitz taking the snaps, you spend your entire time on offense in a glorified Wildcat package.
No UK fan can talk isht to a state fan tonight worse than we will to ourselves; none that are objective anyway. Yes, UK pushed after every single play and never got called for it, but state retaliated. They allowed UK to come in fighting and get in their head. Good on UK. Dumb penalty, after dumb penalty. after dumb penalty. Yes, there were some ridiculous flags thrown in UKs benefit, but you have to rise above. And in stead, we all saw a State team flat quit on D in the 4th qtr and allowed Snell to absolutely embarrass you on national TV. Kudos to him for running hard, and for when it mattered stepping on State's throat. The QB cant throw as we all know, and when he does hit the WRs, they drop it. Bad playcalling hindered drives. Poor coaching with not helping an overmatched set of LTs on 41. Just plain and simple they took it straight at you as a lesser talented team (on paper) and you absolutely folded. This is why state will always be a fluctuating 5-7 to 7-5 team, on the good years 8-4, best years 9-3. They perpetually shoot themselves in the foot, and they have life threatening allergic reactions to prosperity. Its hail state for me as always, and a big shout out to UK for playing their @$$ of and dominating and mentally punking their opponent. It's a hard life being a state fan, and tonight is no different. Tonight is a further realization that until we as a program stop crumbling in every spotlight game we plan in, things never will change. It's a culture issue. I've been saying this for 25 years of being a football fan. It's only fitting my house is filled with Kentucky Bourbon. So hail state as always, but this one is for you big blue! *apologies for typos, I've been drinking and do not proofread.