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Can’t you say the same about UGA? The SEC East was a weak division as well. If you’re gonna throw shade at one conference and program then you should be able to throw the same shade at your own. Now I think UGA is better than Iowa, but they’re hardly the best team in the nation. I think OSU would smoke them. I think Michigan would smoke them. And I think Iowa would actually have an old school football slugfest with them.
That’s a dumb statement and you know it. All it takes at Florida is the right coach and staff. Will Billy Napier be that guy? I don’t know. Maybe , maybe not. Time will tell. But if he gets recruiting going and pushes other programs out of Florida then look out. Deep down you know it’s possible and you know if Napier is the guy then UGA won’t be a lock for the east anymore.
I believe the best way to describe Kirby is Richt 2.0. Mr Do Less With More.
It’s not the X’s and O’s that got Dan, it was his lazy attitude toward recruiting. Now us Gators are ecstatic that Mullen is gone. He’s OC material but definitely not HC material.
They’ll be in. I don’t think they should because their schedule was weak, but they’ll put them in because of the SEC name.
IGA isn’t elite. Everyone thought they had a pretty tough schedule before the season started but it turned out to be a joke. They finally played an elite team and got smacked down. Now they’ll probably play Michigan in the playoff and maybe they win that one, maybe they don’t. But let’s not pretend that their schedule only had to good teams on it (UK and Arkansas). And before anyone says anything against me, yes I believe UF was a sad joke this season and was essentially a cupcake game for UGA.
The thing that gets me with Lincoln Riley is that he has never proven to be a program builder. He’s maintained a top program, but OU was already built up by Stoops. So we will see if USC invested wisely with Lincoln Riley. Napier built the ULL program from the ashes so his resume in that aspect looks better. The rumor was part of the deal was UF increasing its recruiting budget. If that is true the Billy gets it. He knows what it takes to build a program.
You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but I think you’re not using logic here. Napier revived a poor program at ULL. He rose then in the recruiting rankings to about the ceiling for that program. No G5 team in Louisiana is going to out recruit LSU or any SEC team recruiting in that state. The key for Napier for early signing day isn’t so much signing recruits, but convincing them to not sign on ESD. That way he buys time to convince them to go to Gainesville and not another program. I think you may be surprised at how well he can do. Now I’m not saying Kirby Smart should be afraid of this hire. If he were then he should immediately resign seeing as no coach should fear another program’s HC. I don’t expect a powerhouse program in the first two or three years, but after that if he builds this correctly you could see the script flipped and UGA could very well be playing second fiddle and see UGA, Bama, OSU, etc. boxed out of recruiting in Florida.
Yeah they do their state university system similar to North Carolina. What we know as UNC is actually UNC-Chapel Hill. You have UNC-Pembroke, UNC-Charlotte, etc. You even have Fayetteville State, while not in name, it’s still a part of that system and effectively it is UNC-Fayetteville.
I see what you did there. Pretty funny I might add.
Riley’s agent would have used UF, much like he used LSU, to drive up the price tag for USC. I’m glad they stayed out of it. Brian Kelly did ND dirty. I don’t doubt for a second that once old man Saban retires Brian Kelly will insert himself into the Bama job conversation and leave LSU high and dry. If Bama were to be serious about hiring him of course.
There’s a very good opportunity for chaos to ensue this coming weekend. What if Iowa beats Michigan, Baylor beats OK St. and Cincinnati loses its conference championship game? Should be interesting.
I’d agree there. It really paints him in a bad light when in reality these media personalities don’t even know the guy and how he is.
Matt Ryan had 19 interceptions in his final season at Boston College. Granted he also had 31 TDs. But that’s still a ridiculous amount of picks to throw. Point being, there’s been worse seasons from better QBs in that regard.
I doubt that. They’d have to wait until the NFL season is over to announce that. The early signing day would be passed and their recruiting class could have recruits that won’t want to wait around to see who they would be playing for. Plus there’s no guarantee that he’d want to go back to college ball. He’s probably a NFL guy going forward.
You’ve obviously never played a down of football in your life.
So don’t hire a yes man. That’s actually the best advice ever. I’d love to see a coach tell the AD to shove it and get the bleep off my football field.
Recruiting man. Just because you can bench 450 doesn’t mean you’ll be a great offensive lineman. If that were the case then why wasn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger the greatest defensive end of all time. Recruiting talented players and coaching them up to perform very well at the college level. There’s more to being an O-Line and D-Line than just strength. There’s technique involved as well. Stop posting if you don’t know what you’re talking about.
That wasn’t conditioning, it was poor coaching and poor recruiting. Savage was a very under the radar strength and conditioning coach. He’s since been regarded as one of the best. If you saw pics of the dude you’d know. He’s a beast himself.
He has an ace in the hole in the NFL and his name is Urban Meyer.
He’s probably already negotiated a buyout and being allowed to finish the season. There’s no way you come off a division title and then next season go 2-6 in conference and keep your job. He’s gone and he’s coaching like it. He probably already has a job lined up on Urban Meyer’s staff in Jacksonville.
He’s right. Dan ruined the UF football program with piss poor recruiting. It’s just crazy that his best results were with McElshark’s recruits.
Dude. Dan Mullen was a desperation hire after Chip Kelly walked out at the last minute for UCLA and Frost came off as not ready for a P5 job. Stricklin went with a familiar face because his 1A and 1B didn’t work out.
Bold prediction: UF gets a whooping put on them in Columbia and Mullen gets fired.
I think he’s trying to be sarcastic. Everyone knows it was the win that should have been a loss. The greatest moral victory in the history of college football for Samford. They deserved to win. The football gods gave the win to Mullen to continue its punishment of Gator nation.
I wouldn’t wish that on even UGA. But I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t enjoy the meltdown that ensues.