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I'm really not a fan of insulting other teams, including Tennessee saying that to Kentucky. What happened to good sportsmanship?
Well, I could be a snot troll on these complaints like other team fans do to us ....... but I'm not because the officiating in the SEC is disgusting in Vol games too.
Just beat ANYONE, and close strong in recruiting” is the state of the fan base right now.
Our games haven't been fun all season, even the ones we won. Oh yeah Auburn, there was Auburn.
I suppose Hooker must be part owner of this site. I don't see how he could get a job otherwise. His analysis skills are non-existent.
Thanks for the obvious. Everyone watching our team play knows how bad our offensive line is.
Yes, everyone should think about that.
Since he didn't say he asked a Head Coach or an active coach, maybe he asked Derek Dooley ......... or Butch Jones.
I wish they could both lose in that game. I used to pull for Georgia because Florida fans are the worst sportsmen in the conference, if not the country. However, since the last few years success, they have gotten as nasty and arrogant as Florida.
That would be great. Actually, I would like to hear the 3 of them together.
Georgia succumbed to arrogance just like it's fans. Their fans used to be classy, as were Bama's, but now both fan groups are competing with Florida for being the most arrogant, low class, obnoxious fans in the SEC. Georgia got what they deserved. Sabin keeps his team's arrogance in check by telling them they are not as hot as they think they are. It is too bad Florida and Georgia can't both lose when they play each other.
And you said: "Tennessee has, well, Keller Chryst as its backup quarterback." why? The guy came in and tossed two touchdowns. He is a much better backup than you are a writer.
I don't hate Jones. I think he obviously wanted to win. He just couldn't do the job and tried to cover his inadequacies with BS instead of admitting mistakes. You can't get better, as either coach or player, if you just make excuses. I actually loath the incompetent administrators that hired him and the other poor coaches.
Just more male bashing. If the PC crowd have their way, their will be no interaction between males except what females initiate with their gay best friends.
Bad was misspelled intentionally as a joke, in case your sense of humor didn't catch it.
They obviously don't proof read ANY of their articles. They are rife with misstatements, bd spelling and bad grammer. But still, they are entertaining.
A lot of people were questioning "UT’s coaches in a profanity-laden tirade".
Tennessee looked like a completely different team against Auburn after the open date. No more Keystone Kops against Auburn. That is what I wanted to see, win or lose. Alabama is obviously superior to us ............. and everybody else this side of the pros. I just want them to play like they played against Auburn and not self destruct like against Florida and Georgia. GBO
We are not worried. We know we will lose, just hoping to look good doing it. We are unlike the no class jawja fans who delusionally think they could beat Bama. They can't even go undefeated rest of conference. In our misery, we at least did better against you than anyone else.