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He can help because the coaching staff is not all there yet.
Exactly. They are just trolling to turn prospects off Tennessee. Pruitt has already got them scared of him barely a week on the job.
It's pretty easy when you have a home boy returning to his "dream job".
I feel comfortable waiting to see who he picks. His judgement is without question as far as I am concerned.
I feel comfortable waiting to see who he picks. His judgement is without question as far as I am concerned.
Says the fan of a school that ran off one of the best coaches in the SEC for not winning enough. Idiot, Miami's getting the benefits though.
So while our idiot administration trys to go the cheap unknown route AGAIN, Florida jerks Dan Mullin out from under us. Are these idiots deliberately trying to destroy Tennessee football so we can be one of those limp wristed sports de emphasised schools ........ OR ARE THEY JUST THAT STUPID AND INCOMPETENT?
Holy cow, we need an exorcism to remove the demon or curse from our stadium and team.
I always felt like the "3 games in 13 days" excuse was the worst of Butches excuses considering, it is normally 3 in 14 days, so big deal! Butch went from having excuses after every game for his foul ups to front running excuses to cover his butt in advance. I hope we hire a coach that can handle the big stage this time.
By the way Tiger, I've been watching football many decades and Mizzou was rarely a pushover. You have an incredible quarterback and good receivers. If we had them, Butch would have ruined them.
Says the fan who ran off an outstanding coach who just wasn't Sabin.
Yeah, every top program has gone through this at some time or another and been written off. The past history does matter. When you have a top 10 NCAA winning history over 100+/- years, it gives a coach something to recruit with. Butch PROVED that when too many coaches were psyched out of taking the job by the "crowd" comments that Tennessee didn't have the high school talent. Tennessee ALWAYS had to recruit far and wide to get the winning tradition it has but it has always had the ability to draw it. Butch's problems were his stubbornness in game management and inability to coach the players he recruited.
Hahaha, yeah, Georgia fans used to have some class.
I am not going to bother replying to a silly comment about the future neither of us can see. It does look like you gambled and won on finding another good coach [I was actually complimenting the power of the Georgia team on sports sites until Saturday's shocking game] but it's too early to know for sure. I don't pretend to know the future. I will agree with you, these auto-incorrects are a pain in the butt.
Well, ADB, at least you won't have to face the great Coach Richt, you fired, in the final four. ;-)
Mikiki, yes I wrote th comment originally to both the jerks and decided to separate them but screwed that up. They don't let you edit mistakes. Thanks.
By the way ABD, how did you like Auburn Saturday.And blister, bluster oops blitzer I am looking forward to see Bama play them, heh,heh. It should be interesting.
bluster, blister, oops blitzer, I am sorry you can't tell the difference between opinion and facts. A Realistic person knows the difference. And yes it is painful but no, it is not too painful to discuss.That is why we are here like you were when you fired Mark Richt. Yes you are without class to say Vol fans who dare to answer your OPINION "is just biased delusion".
Evidently all of you are old enough, to have such stored up hate for all the beatings you took from us, and still need to kick us when we have been down for a while JUST LIKE BAMA WAS. All schools go through down periods but we are still 9th in the country in NCAA wins which beats most of your jealous whiny butts. Get over it. Georgia fans used to be classy too. I guess new success goes to your headss. ;-)
blitzer, you must be to young to remember when Bama was down and UT was beating your a$$ year after year. Alabama fans used to have class before Sabin went to your heads.
Currie fiddling while Tennessee Football burns to the ground.
Not the first out the door or the last I'm afraid. Currie is fiddling while Tennessee burns.
Currie is making just as goofy comments as Butch does. Somebody check the drinking water at UT please!
Well, technically, we have been better when we had 3 in the top 5 and 5 in the top 10.
Gee, Coach Miles, come to Tennessee. A record like yours would be welcome here!
It's too late. Georgia made a blockbuster hire and now is the colossus of the East SEC and a legitimate challenger to Bama for the SEC crown. SC seems to be coming together. Tennessee and Florida have had their wheels come off and who knows if they can get out of the ditch again with their administrations. But even if they do, once a team has achieved dominance with all the parts coming together, like Bama and Georgia, it's hard to catch up.
The football program needs a good weeding out.