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Butch is still delusional and hasn't learned a thing. It's sad, really.
How about reading the NCAA Division I FBS football records, coreyalan, before embarrassing yourself with stupid statements.
I agree with you but the first thing I hope he learns is too face up to his mistakes instead of being intransigent!
The other conferences get their chances to expose the SEC every year in the bowls ............ much to their regret. ;-)
Hopefully, Tennessee scheduling will be a lot smarter with Fulmer as A. D.!
Lane, it looks like you ate good at Christmas. LOL Seriously, congrats on your championship game.
Not sure I would want to see Bama portrayed as the villian if I was a Bama fan.
It just shows how inept Butch was at game planning and management and why he had done all he could do for Tennessee.
We will miss you John. I hope, for your sake, that you are making the correct decision. Good luck Vol and thanks for your contribution.
Don't be angry Tee. Fulmer is a defensive guy at heart and his last offensive hire blew up in his face and got him fired. He just didn't feel comfortable hiring an offensive guy.
Alvin Kamara is showing exactly why Butch Jones is no longer Tennessee's coach. Used very little, but spectacular when he was, he goes to the Pros and lights them up. Butch recruited well but couldn't figure out how to use what he had.
That is why Coach O is one of the best recruiters in the country. Tennessee, wise up and loosen up the purse strings!
"Uga’s 30 years of frustration is just pouring out I guess." Especially against Tennessee and Phil Fulmer, apparently. many of their fans are still taking shots at the Vols instead of just enjoying their success. Sad to be so hurt [for whatever reason] that they just can't quit.
"TRUE UT fans are going to be there 13-0 or 4-8." That includes high school players signing up. A true fan wouldn't sign with a hated rival. He is now an opponent so stop criticizing anyone who says it.
Wow! Big back looks fast, cuts on a dime, good balance and delivers a blow when needed. What more can you ask?
GOOD GRIEF! Who makes these stupid schedules? Our opponents?
Under the circumstances, signing six 4* placers is not too shabby a start. GO VOLS.
This kid can pass and run. Something else that I notice is he has some receivers with GOOD HANDS that can catch. Bring them too.
A championship ring from somewhere else won't win the hearts of East Tennessee. We sure would love to have you guys come here.
Tennessee guys resent all you opposing fans insulting and making fun of the Vols. Serves you right. Bad sportsmanship karma.
He can help because the coaching staff is not all there yet.
Exactly. They are just trolling to turn prospects off Tennessee. Pruitt has already got them scared of him barely a week on the job.
It's pretty easy when you have a home boy returning to his "dream job".
I feel comfortable waiting to see who he picks. His judgement is without question as far as I am concerned.