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I don’t dwell on it not because I don’t care what the Gary Danielson thinks. It’s actually almost the opposite.
Saban said, under his breath, "I am so embarrassed that we scheduled Chattanooga."
If Chattanooga can't, Auburn hasn't a chance.
His arm was moving forward, the ball went many yards forward but it was a fumble? Reveal your true allegiance and/or go away.
You are exactly right. At this point he is a 0 to me. Talent is upgrading rapidly and the culture made a big turn this season. It takes time to recover from a record losing season's culture.
Georgia fans are the first to stomp on the fans of teams that are down and the first and loudest to whine excuses when their team loses. Bad sports whether they win or lose.
We are happy, Chaney is happy, Georgia is happy. Chill and enjoy all your good fortune everyone.
Its amazing how many trans-men there are on our site trolling us. I know because they don't have the balls to identify their true school allegiance. Ignore them Volbeef88. ;-)
Its amazing how many trans-men there are on our site trolling us. I know because they don't have the balls to identify their true school allegiance. ;-)
Funny Jawja didn't replace him at the end of the season if he is all as bad as you make out.
We should never have allowed Chaney to get away in the first place.
I congratulate Kentucky on a great bowl win and season.
There is nothing sweeter than being booed by your opponents. It just means he was successful against them. It also explains why their low class fans also bother to come on Vol's sites to kick us while we are down.
I am glad this season is over. We should NOT accept a bowl. Tennessee does not need to be going to a bowl to get embarrassed ..... AGAIN. These players do not need more practice because it would make no difference. There are not over 8 players that should even be playing for Tennessee. I have been a fan for 67 years [77 years old], and these players are the most totally inept group of Vols ever. The players that have the ability and the desire to play football are drowned in the sea of surrounding ineptness. They can't block, tackle or cover....... and they don't improve. The only thing they are good at is getting stupid penalties at the most damaging times. We will not get better until we have better players recruited. I don't want to hear anymore BS from the players. Talk is cheap. Actions tell the truth.
Tennessee has never fallen so low before last year. When people actually predict Vandy to beat us, that is more proof and it is humiliating. That should be all our players need, if they have any fire in their belly. GO VOLS!
I am glad to see Les coaching again. He is a great coach. Hopefully his strengths will match the location well.
Congratulations. I think Les is a great coach and hope things go well.
Doooh, and we had to play 5 of them.
I have to admit that I had my doubts about the players after our Keystone Kops performance against Florida, but they have made believers of me that they can be coached up. The next two games will be hard to win over really good Mizzu and Vandy. There is not a pushover team in the east now.