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Aub uniforms need some serious work. Unveiling my ass! Look like an unopened can of Alpo.
Actually, they took ND-UGA due to the rating both schools earn. Georgia gets better ratings than any other SEC team, all else equal.
No noe cares about a couple redneck schools in the part of the south no one wants to talk about. ND-UGA was the best representation of the new south as possible, including the thank you advertisements from ND alums on how amazing the UGA fans were.
Both Alabama and Auburn look very childish in their 1965 uniforms. Which, of course, matches the 1965 look of their students. best uniforms UCLA Pitt UGA Texas (home only) Washington
For some reason, the story mentioned Tenn is 13-5 vs Ark. UGA is 10-4 vs the Hogs and a 7-1 lead over Mizzou, which leads the entire East in the series records (besides UGA). UGA is also tied with Tenn at 23-23, leads Auburn in the league's oldest and most played rivalry, and holds by far the largest margin over UF at LSU leads UGA, but is not competitive with Tenn in the series record and is substantially behind UF. Tenn trails UF and holds only a 41.7% win pct. against them, the Vols also trail Auburn with only a 44% win pct against them and is tied with UGA despite not playing them every year until the 90s, when UGA was way down and Tenn was at a historic high.
LSU has an argument. Aub and Fla do not. Auburn is the most overrated program in the league and it is not even close. The SEC office being in Bham is their biggest proponent. Fairly obvious the league wants Ala and Aub at the top to benefit that sh!thole state.
Key word in your post is "claimed". No history prior to 1990 is tough.
Love this narrative. How so? UGA doesn't cheat at nearly the level Ala and Aub have traditionally ... Competitive advantages are nice, aren't they? Difficult to compete with schools that simply don't give a damn about academics or integrity.
Based on what? the easiest schedule in SEC history? Something like 65% of Tenn SEC wins have come over Vandy, UK and Miss St, the three worst programs in the conference. Tenn also has an inordinate amount of shared league titles. If you want to talk national titles, none prior to the playoff period really matter as they were all disputed. Ala and Aub has proven that teams can claim championships for pretty much any good year.
5. Only claim 2, however, as we don't believe in revisionist history unlike some other programs......