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Do you think he's crying because he was sad that he's "fallen" to the level of coaching at Arkansas State...? He's getting emotional because Nick Saban hired him almost immediately after he just lost his first P5 coaching job, and he gave him an incredible opportunity to learn under him. You're not too bright are you? All you had to do was read the article to understand that...
Gus' resume literally had him as one of the most sought after coaches of the year when we hired him lol... And literally going by your logic, Steele's HC record is only 4 years out of an entire 40 years where 36 of those were championship caliber positions that he coached.
While I think it was stupid to get rid of Gus if we were just going to hire Steele, I think it's probably unfair to judge him currently on his Head Coaching gig over 20 years ago. He's coached under Bobby Bowden, Nick Saban, Les Miles, and Dabo Swinney since that job. I imagine he's learned a lot and improved.
LOL no. I would no longer be an Auburn fan if they hired that POS. If it's true that Gouge fired Gus and if he hires Freeze, Briles, or anyone like that, dude needs to be forced out of his position IMMEDIATELY.
You ok man? For a team that is so bad, you sure seem to worry about them a lot...