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I've been following JT since he arrived at Mater Dei. Him and his father are very strategic and there's no doubt Kirby didn't need to recruit him-- They probably had UGA on a list of five schools. He will start if he gets to play. At USC his first year he was coached by the worst ever USC offensive coaches. Plus he should of been in HS. He's a lot like Stafford. He's going to Georgia to get the job, play with tougher competition, and as his plan since he was a child-- play NFL ball. Lastly, Kirby likely didn't even consider JT-- they contacted him.
Yep. May not have NFL skill set to start-- but he's like a lot of USC QBs-- very intelligent about the game but lacking the skills or fortitude to play. Matt Barkley is in same boat. Plus if needed they can come in a be a serviceable QB.
Lincoln Riley sounds like a solid guy- unlike the other coach in O.K. City who is on par with Mike Leach, but has about 1/10 of his intelligence.
Kedon Slovis (if he doesn't get injured) will put up some ridiculous numbers. USC has as good of a WR Corp as anyone.
If he has no desire or chance to play in the NFL-- just hang up the cleats. If he's not then go to the school you know you'll start at immediately. Easier said than done.
Until proven otherwise I'd take the Over. While Bama and Saban May be declining they're still dangerous to win it all and will always be a contender with Saban. One loss.
Kids coming out of Cedar Hill, DeSoto, and Duncanville are close to a perfect signee. There is such serious talent southwest of Dallas. These kids can ball and when it's said and done their 3 or 4 stars should of been 5. I have no doubt Tennessee got a stating QB or whatever position he plays. These kids at QB are usually the most talented off the team.
Well stated, Mauck. Saban is such a different beast. Like the old school coaches. Coach O', Dabo, and even Lincoln Riley are more on par with how Pete Carroll ran USC. Saban reminds me of John McCay more than anyone. Yes, USC comparisons because it's where my knowledge pulls from.
Vegas has it pegged well, as usual. Picking 9 or 10 wins is a true gamble.
I'm with you at a solid 9 wins. If they get 10 or 11 everyone better watch out.
Georgia screwed the pooch and titles away by letting Fields go to Ohio State. Fromm wouldn't do much more than he already has at UGA.
Good point. Probably why I only recall Mond running around
I wish the best for Mond. I just did not see anything out of the kid last year -- only watched when he played super powers, but he just seemed frustratingly lacking a few instincts.