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He’s a kid and kids are full of drama when excited. Big deal.
I’ll be surprised if Mullen is around next year. Biggest issue is LSU and USC are looking. for coaches and if they don’t move it will not be worth hiring someone. More so LSU as I don’t think LSU and USC go after the same type of coach.
Absolutely. Stetson is not the reason they are good. He’s managing well. JT would put them over the top as unstoppable — like if Fields has stayed. I’ll laugh if Kirby runs JT off. Won’t surprise me one bit. He loves QBs who overachive. Stetson wouldn’t even start in the Pac-12
That’s the dumbest comment ever. Stick to basketball logic, Kentucky fan.
Agreed They’re very young and don’t have that senior leadership. I think they’re playing on rep and some teams don’t even believe they can win going in. A&M believed it
Pete had no clue Reggie’s parents had a rent free home. NCAA went over with a fine tooth comb and they found nothing. Reggie was only busted because he refused to pay the agent back $10k. Pete didn’t have to pay players, if you lived and watched them back then you knew this. It’s all cyclical and USC will be back. They’re like Bama and it just takes the right guy.
Lots of reached in the comments. Franklin is runner up pick behind Fickell. Fickell comes to USC then it’s done. He was hired by Bohn at Cinci. Franklin is a solid choice but he’s not Fickell. Pete Carroll? No way he comes back at his age. He came and conquered already. After those guys I’d prefer an NFL guy. They get USC better than most college players.
I don’t think I’d forget how far superior JT is to Stetson. Stetson is doing a solid job but if JT had no injury he’d be Heisman material. Kirby seems to be timing it right and knows he has something special and as long as QB is healthy into Championship and Playoffs — that’s all that matters.
Out of the loop — what’s up with JT? Is he firmly #1 or looking over shoulder? Stetson was god awful last year but what i’ve seen he’s improved a lot— likely just relaxed playing.
Fickell first and then if Franklin stays at Penn State, O’Brien is a solid choice.
Kirby so wants everyone to love Stetson. It borders on weird.
He’s a starter on my fantasy team and has some very very well. He’ll be fine
I just don’t buy what A&M is selling. They’re the same team from last year but with a lesser QB. I think they’re looking at three losses at minimum.
Good call. That was by far the dumbest post this year. Just move along folks — either a troller or complete moron
That could mean a lot of things. Of course they’re emotional. If Norvell is a good coach he’ll let them forget it quickly.
One thing Saban does well when playing cupcake schools: Doesn’t try and demoralize them like OU does.
If I’m a young QB at UGA — I’d transfer. There is no logical reason to start Stetson Bennett. Kirby is a horrible coach.
This is how stubborn Kirby is. He starts the guy who he hand picked last year and it backfired on him. So i’ve used a cream puff to show he was not wrong. That will be his undoing at Georgia.
Poor JT has his emotions hurt by the bad game. Trust me —- he needs to think he’s the best QB in the nation.
Knowing Georgia’s luck and Kirby _ Carson Beck loses the game or Kirby replaces him with JT as starter. Dumbfounding everyone.
So does the Pac-12. So what’s it mean?
SEC should thank Clay Helton for absolutely making sure the top CA QBs leave the state.
He’ll find out tonight if those 5 Stars are valid. Wish him the best.
Did you know people with high foreheads have a propensity to be a Hall Of Fame football player? Prove me wrong.
Hope you’re right but it will also mean Clay Helton will come back to USC. I think they’re high 20’s. When you watch them week after week, year after year you get how inept Clay Helton is as a coach.
He’ll burn the place to the ground. He’s the sports version of Donald Trump. Beeches and complains about respect when he has no idea he’s. complete clown and failure T everything he’s been in charge of.
Why would God let him suffer so horribly? Bad enough he couldn’t win a Natty. Ooor guy.