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RM is all but admitting he works in a call center selling car warranties. It’s cute you shared that projection with everyone, even without thinking most don’t work selling car warranties.
These conferences need to get up to speed with 14 teams like the SEC. Just gives any conference better odds. It’s no wonder the SEC dominates in everything these days.
Malachi is well worth it. He plays much more superior competition compared to Archie Manning and some analyst like him better than Archie. Frankly, if Archie didn’t have the gene pool he’d likely be a 4 star.
Great. You seem to be the only person who thinks this— but everyone needs to learn about CFB one day. Worry about your own team and who might steal your coach again.
He’s going to USC. No reason to lie as we’re stacked at WR and it will be crowded.
True bias right there. You’ve obviously never seen any HOF (college and pro) RB’s from USC. You guys are so insulated in who you think is better or the best.
These kids get a little money and do the stupidest thing possible — buy an over priced car with no ROI. Who’s the first NIL King to proclaim he’s broke?
So… you’re picking the same Bucs team that barely beat the same Utah team to win it all? Ok. I’m open with that but both team return most of their key players — but Utah gains more in loss of players. Just saying. Ohio State needed a big play in the last seconds to beat Utah. Utah dominated that Buc’s team for 90% of the Rose Bowl.
No way on Texas. Mack Brown only won 2 Big Twelve titles. They’re just not consistent. They are one of the wealthiest schools and have a ridiculously deluded fan base— but great folks!
Then consider their last first round NFL draft pick was Vince Young. They do not produce NFL talent since that team that beat USC.
I don’t consider Texas a blue blood only because they really aren’t consistent winning titles and nattys. OU has had them locked down. Mack Brown only win 2 Big 12 titles.
SEC breaking away from CFB? lol. Why do southerners think about breaking away from everything? No one would care, mind you. Life would go on. Go ahead and throw away the rest of the national TV market and enjoy a very tiny portion of viewers. End of the day — that’s what it is all about. It’s why USC is a hiding monster due to all the potential viewers. I say say — Buh Bye!!! And no offense to y’all!
That’s the thing. These kids aren’t making as much as everyone thinks. No one is handing out money without clauses. Everyone thought Deoin and Jackson State paid millions to get Hunter. Total BS. People will be surprised — it’s not a lot of money because the return is not that great.
People think Riley was scared of the SEC. Not even. He sees the future and why not make the schedule much easier to the promised land? He’s going to look brilliant in 10 years. Bryce Young wouldn’t of went to USC if Helton was still there — NIL or not.
What!?! Cowherd was doing small time radio in Portland, OR during Carroll’s run. I quit reading after you laid that down as it’s so incorrect.
Relax, Snowflake. Fisher isn’t going to hit him. He’d kick his arse if he did but not happening.
At this point any young player needs to consider Bama. I won’t blame him if he goes to Bama. He goes to Texas that will hurt a bit— Vince Young was their last player drafted in the first round?!?! Wow. That said — USC and Bama both need him but both will also be fine if he doesn’t go to one school — next man up could be the next star. But…I’d go with Bama if I was advising my kid and it was the same situation as Addison has right now. The article is spot on on why I would push that way. If he was a HS 5 Star — I’d go to USC.
The pressure to win at Allen and keep that stadium full is not a normal HS gig. I’m guessing he doesn’t see the talent incoming and would be better suited to take an assistant job? It’s a top 5 HS job in the nation, IMhO.
A&M is what it is. They’re like Texas and unless some anomaly happens like a Vince Young their class won’t matter for a Natty. They’re born to almost be there and not win it all.
Not sure WTF is comparing Caleb to Joe? I’m happy he’s with USC but he’s not Joe Burrow.
That’s about spot on for USC. Not sure about Texas? I was never impressed with Sark at UW (who were glad to see him gone) and especially USC — who we would of taken over Helton but he was not that good.
Won’t matter. Texas A&M has never been a winner on the big stage. Something about the school and winning big never work.
Don’t project your SEC biases on USC.
Ole Miss is gonna love this kid. He’s Matt Corral with 4-5 inches taller and better arm. Wish he’d stayed at USC. I actually preferred him over Caleb on potential. They got themselves a gem.
No one at USC is worried about smack talk or potential at this point. We believe USC can be very very good with CA players and as always a lot of national players. Say what you want because you can right now. Once they’re rebuilt and start mowing some teams— like Mater Dei did IMG - then I can join in the talk. Right now, nothing to discuss.
Kirby has proven no spot is ever guaranteed. Might be a good thing but UGA would of been better with JT. Fact.
Huge mistake if Williams goes to play for Kelly or Smart. Just look at Riley’s track record.