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If he's playing at half speed, I'd just take the rest of the year off. Sounds selfish, but LSU is not going to be paying his mortgage in ten years.
Reggie Bush's parents did same and USC gets a semi-death penalty.
Hope he doesn't hold the ball trying to extend plays- which he does naturally with superior talent. I don't think his body can go long enough due to playing for Miami. Hope I'm wrong, but it happens to most QBs playing with superior talent.
One of many things Saban has Bama doing well is coaching up and developing these kids at WR. They know the exact type to recruit and it's like they naturally develop. There should be a case study on how their process is from beginning to end. I know one thing-- These WRs on Bama make it possible you only need a game manager in at QB.
Stetson is so limited as a QB. If he does start again, just follow what Bama did and keep forcing him to make throws he cannot make. At this point Mathis should be playing, at the very least, to give them a new opportunity to execute plays that Stetson has no business running.
You're missing the entire point and the reason we wear masks abs try to stay out of crowds. 1. We can overrun our hospitals. 2. Once overrun like NYC -- deaths accumulate quickly-- heart attacks, strokes, car wrecks, etc. are all happening as well. 3. Masks don't prevent Covid but help a little. They keep our hospitals from being overrun. Lastly, our POTUS should be stressing this, but he doesn't because like you he doesn't understand ramifications,
Outsider view: I see one of the best UGA teams assembled. On par with LSU of last year-- except at the QB position. Stetson is small, weak arm, and just not that savvy of a QB. Which makes me wonder why JT is not even engaged with the coaches or sidelines? I don't know what's going on? Knowing how JT plays, he'd be UGA's Burrows this year. All the little things that Stetson will never do, he does abs has done. Is there more to JT riding the line that people outside of UGA don't know?
Pointing out the obvious. Don't get so butt hurt over constructive criticism. Every coach would agree with Herbie.
RE: Bo Polini -- He's an outdated coach using Woody Hayes model of coaching. I'm surprised Coach O brought him on. Possible charity case-/ but Coach O knows Bo and Bo is a complete poison to such a nice well they made. Players are showing they don't buy in as well. Recruits are seeing it as well. I'd dump him quick or he's bringing years of damage to LSU.
USC's best team (lb for lb) under Carroll sleep walked to Oregon State on a rainy Thursday and lost this clunker in the final seconds. They had no business losing this game. It was frustrating because the season before they lost to Stanford. It's when Bama started its roll and never looked back.
Some great advice in here on Why Not To Wear A Mask!! So surprised to see so many virology experts in an SEC football forum.
Is God has a plan to rid the world of ignorance, touché, brother... Florida is going down.
Heard about this back then. Loser needs to move on abs quit excusing how he uses the N Word. What a dolt.
Stetson Bennett is doing a great job, but they're sort of in the same boat as Ole Miss when JT Daniels is ok to play.
Your list is based on emotion. That's not the best way to make a football list unless it the Top Players With Team Spirit.
Danielson is a complete tool. I can barely watch CBS SEC games with him offering his biased insights. He's no Keith Jackson, but not many are these days.
When it came out he helped expose Urban and that batshut asst. it didn't help. I have no doubt Urban sends every opposing coach a nice tip on Herman. Urban hates the guy-- just watch him discuss on Fox CFB.
I don't think he'd start for any of the teams mentioned. He's too mistake prone at the worst moments. Jimbo is being exposed as another coach who made millions off on incredible college QB.
The only remotely decent thing Mizzou has going for them is they're in the SEC and collect some decent change. Odd enough, CA has about five times the amount of conservative voters than Missouri entirely. People assume everything is like a TV show. It's truly nothing like that. More true farmers in CA than 1/2 the USA. Oh wel.
I hope I'm wrong but I do not see Stetson Bennet as a long term solution to QB. He benefits from incredible talent around him and a great D. UGA's run game was the best I've seen in some time against a solid front 7. Stetson just needs to get more sophisticated on his reads abs open WRs. That, IMHO, is what separates JT from him. If JT was able to play Saturday the Heisman hype would be blown to 10. That said, I love Stetson's story and hope he starts the rest of the year -- how can you not want him to succeed? But there is film on him now and I suspect if he had to make throws to win, we'll see the deficiencies between a walk on abs 4-5* Star QB. Georgia looks like the #1 team based on last game.
Here's a tip from watching Leach in PAC-12: His teams usually have a nice win every year but a few horrible head scratchers. I would not be surprised if they lose to Arkansas based on past seasons.
Be advised: Mike Leach teams have been giant killers before only to lose the next week against an inferior opponent.
You're lucky. You still have a decade and change to catch up to USC.
God... just yuck. It's like he took TV lessons from Joel Osteen.
Matt Corral at Ole Miss with Kiffin is going to be up there soon. But Costello with Leach is almost impossible to compete with stat wise.