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He’ll burn the place to the ground. He’s the sports version of Donald Trump. Beeches and complains about respect when he has no idea he’s. complete clown and failure T everything he’s been in charge of.
Why would God let him suffer so horribly? Bad enough he couldn’t win a Natty. Ooor guy.
Wait, you’re talking about the same team who spends days and hours recruiting 5 Star QBs to only let them go to other teams? Same team that let a 5 Star ride the bench until the public demanded? Somehow they’re comparable to MSU baseball? Ok
Alabama thought that and got their arses handed to them on year. But you be Georgia, Georgia. When is that Championship coming?
So many schools for the blind. Why is Bama even playing Mercer? They should be embarrassed by that one.
You’re kidding right? The Manning’s don’t care. There’s a reason Peyton went to Tennessee and broke that Tradition.
Very ridiculous to sign Tebow. If plays ahead of any other NFL TE’s he’s going to lose his team. Colin nailed it.
If he blows up at Bama that’s a solid recruiting pipeline into DeLaSalle in NoCal. Not as powerful as they’ve been but they still recruit the best players in the Bay Area year after year.
This will be an interesting season for Jimbo without a proven starter at QB.
Bryce Young even sniffs a little that it won’t be his team this season. he’ll transfer to a west coast school. The odds are astronomical that he won’t be the starter for two years. He’s the best QB to step on Bama’s campus. He’s right there with JT Daniels. These kids who come from Mater Dei or Bosco are all trained by the best. Of course there’s always a Ricky Towns — who anyone is SoCal could of told you was all hype. Football is gonna be fun next year — i cannot wait to watch some SEC games and ACC with the SoCal. Georgia produces some serious talent and Id put them and CA in a tie. Sorry — just rambled on and on. Too much coffee.
You should be coaching! I'm sure if you send your thoughts on tough basketball calls UCLA will fire the 5'3" coach who has them in the Elite Eight.
I think everyone sees that end for their teams that made it this far. I'm expecting USC to get blown out tonight. Then again, I expected it since they blew out Kansas.
First game Deion loses he will blame everyone but himself. He's the black Trump.
Go figure. They tell kids to commit to the school over a coach and the new coach rescinds the offer. Not a good look for a new coach. It will be used against him in many ways down the line.
I still think he's the last person I'd send my 5 Star QB to play for just by the fact he hung with Stetson Bennett for so long. Plus the fact the other QBs didn't even look like they developed anything from their time in his system. JT was a no-brainer -- he's like Lawrence, Rattler, and Fields and is plug and play -- don't mess with his past development.
I don't think Joseph Lewis played one down for USC.
Well said. It's a bit of history to remind people that change is always needed for workers. It's strictly about your work. Not some toxic manager or peer. If someone doesn't like -- who cares as long as your job is well done.
Just ask Luke Fickell (USC has him ready to go after next year) or Matt Campbell. Keep it simple. Hiring Lane is a dumpster fire waiting to happen.
Booger is looking out for the minority guys. Nothing more. Don't compare with any white guys. Black men have to go above and beyond. If Haskins doesn't know that, that's his fault.
I like OK State against Miami. I've yet to see anything that impresses me with Miami yet. They remind me of USC or Michigan. Rooting for Colorado but I don't think they have the horses to last four quarters with Texas.
It mind boggling that Bama is just going to reload with the best HS QB if seen since Vince Young. They are not the same players but they have that thing that makes them win no matter what. Saw it when he beat IMG. That IMG team was stacked with plug and play players everywhere.
He's getting knee surgery, that I know for sure. My guess is he's not going to enroll early as he planned.
JT is a prototype NFL QB and if he goes to the NFL after his bowl game--- well, you know he's not confident playing for Kirby. The kid knows football like no other kid I've known. He'll be a Jedi coach one day. I'd say he'd do fine in the NFL but it's truly a crap shoot depending on the organization that hires you. I'd love to see NE take him in the first round.
If you think Smart has managed the QB room well enough--- you're way to biased to offer opinion. He's completely fkd up by superstition or whatever. How he thought Bennett was even ok to play is beyond me? Fromm was limited as well and I think most saw his decline each season. Maybe Kirby does t want to develop QB's or design an offense around QBs, and is just hoping to hit gold each time?
We're in Nick Saban's world. The only chance to top him went to Seattle for the NFL. Sure some teams will beat Bama--- but his run is ridiculous and unmatched.
They have admission issues like a few PAC-12 teams. Is what it is and can't be made into excuses. You can't put a good old country boy skimming on a C average in the classroom with kids from ND, NW, Vandy, Stanford, Cal. And even many more across the nation.
Agreed. I hate Notre Dams and hate they're going into the playoffs after a blowout loss, tho! They did not deserve it. OU, GA, or A&M are better teams. End of story. They're gonna get crushed and I don't expect some Cinderella story Friday. Bama will dominate everyone.