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Proof of Finebaum's homerism: Freeze is doing fine and Lincoln Riley is fraud. He's such a brilliant football mind.
Mertz has proven this year he's a winner.
Bama would be blown out by Oregon. Stop the fantasy run on Bama. They don't deserve to be in the playoffs unless the beat Georgia and by a lot.
Terrible hypothetical hire. Not a good mix. I'll leave it at that. He needs to stay in Boulder. He leaves now it would have some bad ramifications.
I've watched both extensively--I'll take Caleb over Jayden without much thought.
What Jonathan Smith did is beyond any expectation for Oregon State. They're on par with an middling FCS school every year. He doesn't have the 5 and 4 star talent and has coached up this team. I doubt he'd do well in the SEC due to the Southern Football Wall that gets built between fans and strangers out there. If I was UCLA I'd ask Chip to retire and hire Smith in a second. I think I'd take him over Lincoln.
For that idiotic remark I'll definitely be rooting for Bama now.
They also own Satuday Down South and we can’t even comment on Pac-12 teams. Be glad you can at least comment to call some of these guys out.
Makes you wonder how Michigan beats Ohio State, loses to a medicore TCU team who lost to Kansas State a week ago and then goes on to get brutalized by Georgia. Obviously Michigan did not have any steals from TCU and thought they could beat them without it. Matter of fact, I bet their sign stealer was busy with Georgia and more worried about them. I think something is up an giving them an edge in the Big 10. I’d bet you could go back thru Harbaugh’s career and find plenty of anomlies.
Ha. He's not wrong on some things but there's plenty worse coaches out there you could bash. I guess it comes with the territory, like LSU or any other perceived top program. Then they coddle Colorado and Utah's of the world.
What’s going on with all the Riley and Caleb Williams hate and piling on? We already have Bill Blasche Scott Wolfe to tear USC up and hate on us. Now we have Mike Farrell calling Caleb “Arrogant” and then today wring that he’s overrated. That just really sums up how much Farrell knows about football and why he’s been fired and no will hire him. Now I’m on an SEC site and a writer is bashing Lincoln. Did he do something to deserve this? I know objectivity is no where to be found in journalism today but WOW. Now bashing a coach from another conference. He wasn’t even in the SEC…ever. Hope your guy’s group chat is making you all feel powerful and helps to take down a man you see as enemy #1 today.
I remember going through the Clay Helton misery tour. USC is notoriously cheap. Their endowment is one of highest and they have the alumni money but unless there's someone to replace Clay no one is moving. If this is A&M's plan then it is solid. Who can they replace him with? DeBoer and Lanning aren't leaving their schools, as far as I know? I can't think of anyone else better than Jimbo.
That's always been Brian Kelly. Great coach in season, but his teams just don't play as well as they could in the first few games.
Any time I've bet against Bama (not many times with Saban) I've lost. Same with the NE Patriots. As long as Saban is coaching them I stay clear of betting against Bama. Saban is just too smart and thinks like a chess player. He's showing weakness one weekend and then POW--he knew the opposing team would focus on that weakness and he crushes them.
Just win and keep going on to next opponent. With Caleb we'll always be in the game. Defense just needs to make a couple stops and hope for a turnover.
He's like JT Daniels (ex teammate) and just can't stay healthy.
I think they end up riding the season out with Max. He's a solid QB and his maturity is much needed on this team.
Deion will allow him to play and ruin his NFL career. He's already doing that--might as well get it done sooner. Hunter won't make any difference. USC was flat two days ago and when they're like that they come into the next game on point. USC 50+ Colorado 20.
Right now I don't think they can beat Michigan. I do think once McChord gets on the same page and his WR's they can do some damage. Michigan was built to beat Ohio State. Ohio State was build to win Natty's.
Here’s they’ll end: 1. USC (Offense might be the best ever. Defense is much improved, front seven is violent, fast, and hungry- and getting better with each game. Even if Caleb goes out I think Miller Moss would be able to handle the team all the way through. Miller would start for 90% of all teams playing. They will likely lose one game but still make NATTY and win. 2. Georgia – Their D is still the best. They’ll face off against USC in Natty and play the best offense. 3. Ohio State – McChord will develop and they beat Michigan to finish undefeated. 4. Washington – 2nd best offense and solid defense. But not enough to beat Georgia. The rest: FSU is beaten by Clemson this weekend. Texas loses two games: OU and Tech. Michigan is beaten down by Ohio State and squeak by MSU – which allows Washington into the playoffs who’s only loss is a close one to USC. Penn State loses to the same guys: Michigan and Ohio State. Oregon loses to USC and Washington.
Thankfully the SEC can get some average Pac-12 QB's to make their league somewhat OK this year. Without Daniels or Dart the SEC would be on par with the AAC. Thankfully the SEC schedules plenty of cupcakes to hide how bad they really are this year.
It’s such a shame when a man is fired for not coaching football well enough for the millions he’s paid – win or lose. It’s just pathetic how they treat these coaches.
"Who’s going to tell them Vanderbilt doesn’t really count? Maybe SDS readers can drop them a DM." So now the chants of SEC SEC don't mean Vandy? Haha. You guys just bend the rules to delude yourselves.
Five or six years ago Alabama had that Mike Tyson Mystique that only a few teams ever achieve. That mystique where they already won the game before taking the field. The other team is psyched out and basically just hopes to leave without getting hurt. USC had it for a few years (03-06) but Bama had a good 6-7 year run on it. Teams don’t see it that way anymore for Bama and it’s VERY difficult to get back. Georgia had it the past two years but so far doesn’t seem to have it this year. When everything is running on all cylinders: Conditioning, coaching, depth and elite skill players – teams watch them on film and shake their heads. I don’t think Saban has it in him to get the program back to that state.
He needs to stay in his lane. He looks stupid anytime he tries to talk CFB.