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If Alabama had USC's schedule, they'd pretty much have the entire year off.
Or maybe he's looking to play somewhere he can start so he can possibly show his worth and earn a roster spot on an NFL team instead of riding the bench in his last year?
The difference between what happened with Robinson and Jones and this guy, is that this was his second arrest since arriving to campus, and he's only a freshman. You might want to read up on the Jonathan Taylor incident.
The "/s" at the end stands for sarcasm. It was a joke.
No surprise that LSU came first considering 97.00% of their offensive yards came from Fournette alone. /s
You can't be serious. Alabama had to replace its starting QB, starting RB, top 3 wide receivers, and 3 offensive lineman after the 2014 season. Almost the entire offense was revamped. This year, Alabama only replaces 2 offensive linemen, the slot receiver, and the starting QB and RB.
LSU may be as talented, but Alabama has the better coaches, which is why they're ranked ahead in most projections.
Alabama only had 12 returning starters last year, and they went on to win a national championship.
Yeah, and LSU was losing that game 24-7 when Melvin Gordon was injured and proceeded to rush three more times in that game as LSU came back. If Gordon doesn't get hurt in that game, LSU likely loses.