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Justin Jefferson had to share catches with the likes of Ja'Marr Chase, the Biletnikoff Award winner, Terrace Marshall and Thaddeus Moss yet Jefferson still came away with more than 100 catches and 18 touchdowns. Jeudy didn't have that kind of team competition and still could not come close to what Jefferson achieved. JUST SAYING...!
Maybe we should poach the best DC from a winning team. Say Clemson? It would surely piss Saban Swinney off!
I just hope the conduct of this stupid, pompous, @$$ doesn't affect other former players that conduct themselves with grace on the sidelines.
We could write an editorial about the conduct of Odell Beckham's appearance at the championship game. It is obvious that he was there to steal the spotlight from the players; he was there to make a show of himself; he was there to make their night about him and that is the tragedy in all of this. This championship night had absolutely nothing to do with Beckham. ZERO! He didn't win anything when he was at LSU. His NFL teams can't win anything because of him and now he inserts himself into a celebration that he has absolutely no part in and in the process, compromises the returning players by handing out wads of cash. Not only should the NCAA and LSU ban him, but the NFL should fine and suspend him for conduct detrimental to the NFL. Players are not even allowed to touch an official during the game. What gives Odell Beckham the right to slap a police officer on the @$$ after the game? At any time? Beckham was an intruder on private property and should have been locked up for being so, not to mention slapping a cop on the @$$. They should conjure up as many charges as possible to throw at him.
I'm not an Alabama fan, but should all agree that Nick Saban is the best coaching evaluator in college football. He loses coordinator after coordinator and one position coach after the next yet he continues to bring in even better coaches to replace the ones he lose. Saban has the blueprint on how to keep a championship team humming and this is the challenge LSU will face, and have to overcome now. As for Clemson, years ago, Sweeny did everything but command Clemson to make many of his coaches and coordinators the highest paid in college football. Yet we, rarely hear, if ever, of other colleges showing interest in any of Clemson's coaches or coordinators. This is in addition to Clemson playing in a much easier division than the SEC. Hell, it's no coincidence they easily make the playoffs each year: no coaching turnovers and a much lighter opponent schedule. GEAUX SEC.
Despite being at odds with each other, I think we can all agree the SEC is, and for a long time will be, the most dominant conference in college football.
I still say LSU and Bama were the two best teams in college football this year. None of the other teams face the rigors of a harder schedule than many SEC teams and we prove it time and again. Even when we do lose to a nonconference opponent, it is an aberration, not the norm.
Let me say this: all of the hype about this number or that number where a recruit ranks means nothing on that field. It sure in the hell doesn't register anything on the final score of a game. What matters is the coach-ability of the player, his dedication to winning and to perfecting his craft. Moreover, and most importantly, is the coaching and gametime preparation of the team. If you have eyes to see, LSU's players played their hearts out for Coach O this season. There was a passion there to win--not JUST for the sake of winning, but making our state proud to be Tiger fans and bringing GOOD RECOGNITION to our beloved state. Also what I did notice throughout the season is that the Alabama players didn't play with the same level of enthusiasm and passion as we are accustomed to seeing. They were pushed around in the trenches and you could see that the players lacked passion for winning. With Saban's iron-fisted way of coaching, it is no wonder players lose their happiness and it begins to show on the field of play. If Orgeron can stay true to himself and keep his coaching staff together, they can rule college football, at least rule the SEC because Orgeron is selfless and inspires the best in others for the sake of themselves, not to win him championships like Saban. Alabama fans will rue the day they signed a lot of these players. You people base winning on what your team did in the past or where a player ranks nationally, but that is all just a silver lining.
"...could of?" It's supposed to be "could have". That's Bama for ya!
Choosing Fromm over Fields doesn't make Smart a bad coach and definitely not a dumb coach. It's just that Fromm may have the intangibles and fits into what the Georgia offense better than Fields. Saban chose Tagovailoa over Jalen Hurst. Would anybody on this blog consider Saban a bad or dumb coach?
I work with a Bama fan here in Louisiana and words can't explain how pathetic and delusional these people are. With Tua writhing in pain on the ground, this fan still insisted that Tua would be just fine and ready to play against Auburn.
Is that your reply to everybody that disagrees with you? It makes you look small and petty.