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Why, so y’all might have a chance to win the Egg Bowl?
Yeah, state was pretty classless as a team last night. Hotty Toddy!
Also, why is Notre Dame #13? Georgia killed them at their house with a true freshman QB in his first start as a college QB
This is a joke of a system. LSU is back in after losing to MSU and Troy. MSU after beating LSU lost in consecutive weeks to Georgia and Auburn. Both were blow outs.
It looks obvious to me that he hit him intentionally but I do not think he should be suspended. When a person that is not authorized comes on the field then he becomes fair game. The fan was out there to celebrate and antagonize the other team. He got what he deserved.
Obviously it wasn't Fournette's fault of being hit in the backfield but he will learn quickly to hold on to ball. I drafted him first overall pick in my fantasy football league.
Not as unreal as the Arkansas vs Ole Miss two years ago in Oxford. Someone was looking out for Arkansas that day. Unbelievable
cclausen71, I did not hear any mention of "hookers", I only heard that the phone number belonged to an escort service.
Perhaps you do not know this but tax returns for 2016 are due by a persons tax filing deadline including extensions which means October 15, 2017. Next time think or verify before you post an attempt at humor.
Lol, boss hog. If someone bought merchandise from Rebel Rags then gave those items to recruits then Rebel Rags did not give free merchandise to said recruits. The recruits would be wrong / lying to NCAA and Rebel Rags has a viable lawsuit.
Hammer, I don't think so. Perhaps another year of bowl ban but we have already lost $8,000,000 plus in revenue for less than $50,000 in alleged "gifts" which have not been proven.
Most logical response I have read so far. I have been saying this to friends with other SEC affiliations that IF the NCAA decides to severely punish Ole Miss for something then it would be a black eye for the whole conference. Thank You keno98 for being logical.