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Guess I'll be muting the Florida vs Tenn game. Thank the good Lord Verne is retiring after this year
This is so hillarious, I'm reading posts from MSST, UT, Mizzou and other fan bases backing up Pat Forde like he is their DADDY! Ok, Hugh Freeze has publicly admitted that there WAS wrong doing on his staff! He has NOT admitted to any particular allegation, yet every sports analyst or reporter has admitted for him because he isn't allowed to talk about an ongoing investigation. I expect to hear that Ole Miss is guilty of 90% of what was alleged but that doesn't mean I'm going to write off Hugh Freeze! He is the HFC of the School I've rooted for my entire life, so yeah I will believe what he says until it's PROVEN otherwise. ( Just like I believe there is a God in Heaven whom I have not seen nor touched, but I have FAITH that he exists.) Some of y'all act like you wouldn't act the same if your University's football team actually started winning games and getting Elite players then all the sudden you have the NCAA on YOUR teams Campus for 4+ years investigating, and believe me if you look hard enough you will find infractions at every SEC West school. Maybe even an SEC East school if you look really really hard. Nobody's perfect and it's so hard for rival fans to believe that a coach who ain't perfect, who starts winning more than 6 games a year, can actually be telling the truth. Y'all wanna believe so hard that this is it for Freeze and Ole Miss! Maybe it's jealousy from getting BEAT year in and year out by Coach Freeze... or maybe it's because you don't like the schools fight song.. Either way WE will take whatever punishment we get with a big crooked Mississippi smile and get through it.. move past it.. and still beat the hell outta your team! We will not GLOAT to you nor your team when it's y'all being investigated by the NCAA. We will not talk about it at all! Matter of fact, we will just be talking about how we beat the ever living crap out of your team that particular week, Not trolling your teams Facebook account telling you how "we know y'all are guilty cause 'Pat Forde' said so".
Yeah, I agree that this kid should shut his mouth and prove his worth on the football field. Treadwell wasn't one to run his mouth and look how his career went so A.J, Brown needs to chill out and respect the SEC!
Do I sense some jealousy coming from Bama fans? Just calm down, so ole miss is recruiting well, hell Oxford and ole miss are great places just as Tuscaloosa and Baton Rouge are along with their programs. Leave it alone, Freeze can recruit well so just give him a pay on the head and move on! Hotty Toddy
Thanks so much Coach Freeze! I have been very impressed with the style in which you coach and back To back New Years Six bowls. Good Luck in the Sugar Bowl!
Ole Miss had another great year and man it's too bad we didn't beat Arky but also just too bad that the rest of the sec couldn't win more games. Even almighty Bama has hardly what you would call a good QB but glad they will more than likely represent the SEC in playoffs... Maybe they can win this year! Go Rebs
Come on guys!! This is pathetic, I was at the game and I thought we had it won twice and man it hurt but tryin to say WE GOT ROBBED or anything to that nature is just dumb! It was an excellent play and heads up by Henry. If that was us instead of Arkansas nobody would be sayin sh!t about it so let it go. Good win hogs and good luck rest of the season and in bowl game, hope tall make it to one!
I understand you're a UGA fan but you honestly believe your team is the best in the SEC. As an Ole Miss fan I believe in my team but I understand they can lose any conference game they play no matter what the number is beside their name (if they even have one)! It's not gonna be a cake walk against Bama you know.. Good luck
People are putting way to much faith in MSST with just their one Star QB. You still gotta have an O-Line to block for him, running or throwing and he still has to have more than 1 receiver to catch the ball. I believe Dak will have a great rushing season but there's no "I" in team and I just don't see State finishing anywhere close to 1st in the west. Maybe 4th but not first
I agree with you army guy, and as for Stategrad... Well, first off you shoulda went to Ole Miss, second Everyone KNOWS without asking Dan Mullen, he would've definitely took the Florida job if they would've wanted him there. Yankees at Florida "Just Fit In" better than the Southern born n bred coaches.. The good thing is State fans are happy with Mullen and Ole Miss fans are even happier with Freeze. Don't think either one will go for a while unless one team gets a 2-10 season or Mullen gets offered a Penn State job
HELL YES us Ole Miss fans are Excited! Can't wait to see him play and hope Freeze starts him as a Freshman. I believe he'll be up for the challenge of the SEC West and believe he'll perform great. He has well exceeded all the other elite QB's in his class and excels at every competition and camp he is invited to. Hotty Toddy
Hey Dakattack, are you serious? Gotta be jokin by some sort. There's no way ANYONE... Football player or not would've just called the law to handle it after their step dad just pushed mamma. No way in hell! No one I know no matter where they were raised would stand for that. You are truly an idiot haus
I have to ask...? What's all this b..b..buttt Freeze had more talent and he can recruit 4 star players so its just not fair that Ole Miss win when we play them and when SDS picks them over us..! COME ON MAN! You really gonna whine about that? Who cares. The guy just said that Mullen was better conditioning players than freeze. That's a pretty good compliment. Get over it. Last year was Freeze's 3rd season for the Rebs, Mullen has been there what 6 years goin on 7. He should've won the SEC last year. Y'all should've had that #1 beside your name. Nobody expected ole miss to be #3 I can tell you that. And to beat Bama, I wasn't expecting it... Was hoping for it but anyways my point. Man up, stop with the stupid comments please.
I'm just proud to see both teams competing in the west. (And before I forget.. (If your team is in the East then don't even comment cause you have not a clue) It was nice beating Bama and thought we should've won against LSU and Auburn. Really.. The only team that gave us trouble was Arkansas. Them pigs are big and know how to run the ball. I hope both teams do just as good this year as last. Hotty toddy
Hey DD2, playin in the SEC WEST is a whole lot different than just playin in the SEC bub. The east is weak and although Georgia is been very consistent in the SEC all together for a while, it's a whole lot different than being one of the small schools that just recently found a stride and started competing. Talk all you want about what OLE MISS did or didn't do in the last 50 years but try living in the present and look forward to the future. Whether you WANT to admit it or not, we are on the rise in 2015!
I'm pretty sure the ring is not to say "way to go gettin your butts kicked against TCU"... The rings were given to show a program that is getting Better each season that they did a good job for GETTING TO THE PEACH BOWL and winning 9 with our star players on the bench INJURED. They had to call the ring something so it's a peach bowl ring. Use your head, what's left of it. OM isn't Alabama and Auburn.. They done go to a New Yeaes 6 bowl (bcs bowl in the old era) EVERY YEAR. SO... It was a huge accomplishment for the Rebs to get there.
Oh lord help us all!
Of course NOBODY know who will beat who but I didn't see any west team "supposed" to beat Ole Hotty Toddy Black Bear Rebels... Did see quite a few "supposed" to beat MSST. I'm no expert just as none of y'all are but even without having a QB picked yet the REAL experts, (the guys who do nothing all year but study stats and pick wins) believe ole miss will have a pretty competitive season and ranked somewhere close to 11 starting out. Think it'll be a great year and 9-3 is pretty darn good in the west. We did that last year and believe we can win 1 more this year. I think it'll be Auburn vs Georgia in THE GAME.. Maybe Bama vs Georgia. Can't wait till fall !!