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Ole miss recruited well under coach O, Nutt, Freeze ,and Luke looks like he will too. Maybe the school and the campus and the town have something to do with it. You see all these idiots on here saying stupid sh*t like they only way ole miss can get good recruits is to pay them.Go to oxford, spend some time on the square, go to the grove. You might just see what it would be a fun place for a kid to spend 4 years.
Growing up my whole life in MS I certainly can agree with this. I'm sure the state of AL is just like this. I have friends and family members that went to state and I love them but the hatred I have for that school is almost unnerving and I cant explain it. Everything they do bugs me. And both fan bases feel this way. I really don't think the Rivalry gets as much respect as it should.
college football is like driving on the interstate. sometimes you speed sometimes you don't sometimes you get caught sometimes you don't.
for the love of god can we catch a break?
The two QBs were sons of a rival school. There was no doubt they weren't going to LSU. Prescott is another story
so Florida is a winner because they moved up 9 spots on the day. Ole miss moved up more than 20 on the day and is a loser.
What about MS? im not from there but they always put out a good number of 5-4 stars and have a fraction of the population of most of the big time states.
somewhat agree. We still have 3 top 15 recruiting classes on campus. So we do have a lot of talent. But I do agree Patterson will have to be as good as advertise for us to win some games.
we were worried before this
You are saying Tenn travels well because you sold out the Music City Bowl that is in fact in Tennessee.
Ole Miss has been to the sugar bowl twice as many times as Auburn
You are right these are hires of a 5-7 football team under NCAA investigation. And I have probably been a rebel fan longer than you.
Very Disappointing hires. I know ole miss is not a big name program but we are bigger than this. McGriff coached ole miss secondary in 2012 and we weren't very good in that aspect and then he went to the saints were they had a historically bad defense and to mention he really hasn't ever been a D coordinator. And then we hire another high school coach on offense
i know this will never happen. But think about what lane could do with ole miss' offense.
all I know is the patriots would love him. It would be a good fit
we have missed on so many great players from the state of MS in history. We need get, from what I have seen, maybe the best to ever come out of MS.
who would it make mad?
I disagree with your logic, respectfully of course. If you have grown up a fan of a team and been through the ups and downs and attend school or pay money to the school you have every right to say we or our. The schools are so much bigger than just the guys on the team. And this is coming from a former player for Ole Miss. Just my opinion.
why would you get a tat, which is a permanent mark on your skin, if you weren't 1000% percent sure you were going there? And the sad thing is these guys will make more money than those of us with common sense.
is lane kiffin completely out of the question? I know he has had some bad stints but maybe he learned some thing from sabin. and no one can question his offensive mind
what pisses me off about schools in the SEC and its mostly State and Bama fans think that ole miss gets recruits because we pay them. True but how on gods green earth do you think you are getting recruits? So ole miss is offering players money yet some are turning that down to go to MS state and bama for free. Yes we should cheat better but don't act all high and mighty
no question bama has better players around the QB but you still have to give Hurts credit. Would bama be undefeated with fitz as QB probably but don't fault hurts for winning. Same situation with Dak in the pros, you have to give him credit because he is still making the plays regardless of who is around him
when stuff like this happens there is only one person to blame. That's the head coach. You have to keep an eye on your staff and your players and if they are doing something wrong make damn sure there is no evidence of it on say like a text message
yeah everybody wants to go to bama because there deep love for the university. Please don't be so naïve
nick maybe so I still think someone will hire him as a HC but regardless he would be a tip top DC that we would have very little shot of snagging. everyone has money in big time college football now