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Did you purposefully leave out OSU? I don't think Baylor has enough quality wins to go to #1. I think it's OSU and LSU in 1 and 2, respectively.
I partially agree. Boise State should drop for sure; their losses aren't very good. I think Memphis jumps in because of their destruction of us today. The question is, who else on the outside would get pushed in and bump a current out? I think Northwestern would be bumped next if someone were going to be. I don't really want to be ranked anymore, though. I don't feel like anything good happens when we are ranked, so I just wish it would go away.
The difference is that LSU has won SEC and national championships already, Les Miles is a better coach, LSU has a great dedicated OC, LSU recruits in the top 10 every year (not just sometimes), and LSU has boatloads more money. The point isn't the Miles is paid more which makes him a better coach. The point is that we can't AFFORD to pay a coach like Miles or Saban or anyone else to leave a successful program to come here. We don't have nearly the same prestige or finances to make a competitive push for a better coach. I don't know who you'd replace Freeze with that's much better for the amount of money we could spend who would also like coaching at our school and be willing to show up. You act like we could just throw money at Nick Saban and he'd show up. Or like there's a magical coach in the middle of nowhere that we haven't noticed who is flawless and perfect. UNREALISTIC. You sound like a freshman who got disillusioned by the success we had last year and is now acting spoiled because you're too young to remember the sea of pity we went through just 4 seasons ago. Get some perspective.
So, again, who would you hire instead for $5 million/year or less that has a better track record of recruiting and wins?
No one in our fan base above the age of 30 thought we were above anyone else. In fact, the majority of our fan base believed we'd lose this game. I actually had to convince three Memphis fans I work with why they would likely win the game. No OM fan who has been out of college for more than 3-4 years believes we are elite. Especially not after the Florida game. But you go ahead and keep making up stories about what you think an entire fan base thinks and believes based on a handful of assumptions if that's your thing. We're all flattered you took time out of your busy day to post an ignorant comment about us on the internet. Makes us feel really special.
First of all, "Freeze does it to..." makes you look stupid. Freeze didn't make the schedule for this year. It's done by people above him. Coaches don't schedule their own agreements. Second, to rivergirl, you've been spouting your mouth all day blaming it all on either Freeze for being a terrible coach or the fan base for not agreeing with you that he's a terrible coach. You're in the minority here. No one agrees with you that he's a terrible coach. No Ole Miss fan settles for mediocrity. But most of us don't expect to be a yearly contender for the championship because we are REALISTIC. Please, tell me what coach you'd like to hire here that a) can be competitive in the SEC, b) can recruit better than top 15 classes every single year, and c) we can afford? Nick Saban? Les Miles? Maybe all Mark Richt needs is to move to the West! Get a brain and come back down to Earth. No Ole Miss fan over the age of 30 genuinely expects to compete for championships because we understand our place in the SEC and are grateful to even be competitive enough to win 7-10 games a year. But when you find that awesome, championship winning head coach that is willing to take only $5 million a year here, let us all know. Or maybe you'd like to chip in the extra couple millions we will need to hire a big fish coach to replace Freeze?
Every year we have a staggering number of key starters out injured by game 7 or 8. We get decimated every year for one reason or another.
I genuinely wasn't digging at Bama fans. I just picked the first team I thought of that is mildly successful right now. Consider it a compliment.
Because we are not a powerhouse program. We don't have the social nor financial resources to compete on that level. It just won't happen. It's great to have high goals, but if you want to fire Freeze and Dave Wommack, that doesn't help your cause any. Who would you hire instead? For the prestige level Ole Miss holds and the financial resources we have, Freeze is about as good as it gets. You aren't going to get a Nick Saban, Les Miles, or Jimbo Fisher here. It's just not a job they'd take, nor could we afford them. There are smaller problems we can fix that would help us out tremendously, but firing Freeze isn't one of them. Winning 7-10 games a year isn't bad for a small Mississippi school in the middle of the SEC West. That's right about where our expectations should be.
You're right. When you're trying to control every facet of your game, you tend to make major mistakes or play too conservatively. Which is exactly why he needs an OC to balance out that stuff for him. But the "Fire Freeze" crap is way too premature, ill-conceived, and shows some really bad sportsmanship after a loss. The problem isn't him. It's the lack of coaching in other areas.
There's nothing unreasonable about expecting to be competitive after some good recruiting classes IF all the other pieces were in place. We have a lot of issues that are not fixed by recruiting classes, though. And your rant about firing a head coach and a DC show that you have very little thought in your opinions and instead are just being emotional and reactive. Firing Freeze would set us back even further. This loss also does not take us out of SEC West competition. The following weeks will decide that. Instead of blaming it all on the coach that resurrected our program from a flaming garbage bin, calm down and realize that we lost to a good team because of other factors not just related to Freeze and the DC. The problem with your comparison to Tennessee is that we were arguably in a worse position when Freeze took over than UT was when Jones came in. Also, Freeze has had increasingly better years with bowl trips every year he's been here where as UT just reached a bowl game in year 2 under Jones and is not really showing improvement. Nebraska fired Bo Pelini after he won 9+ games a year his whole time there (7 seasons) because they wanted to "be more competitive", and look where they are now (2-4).
First, Matt Luke has talent at the O-line, so that excuse of "we don't have the talent yet" is gone. It's become obvious that he just isn't the right OL coach for the job. Florida had guys with way less experience that weren't as highly recruited as our guys, and they still did much more than we could at OL. Luke needs to go. Second, Corey Batoon isn't fitting in. After Tom Allen left, he took over safeties and special teams. We can't return a punt or kickoff if our life depended on it, and our safeties (and DBs) keep playing this really soft zone and give the receivers a 5-6 yard cushion to catch the ball and run with. He was an office guy before this season, and I just don't think he should have gotten to take over an SEC position group as his first gig. Third, we need an OC. Plain and simple. Most championship caliber teams in the country have an OC. Why in the hell Hugh Freeze thinks he's any different I'll never understand. With those things being said, they will never happen. Freeze has shown us that he is the "good guy". He won't fire a coach or hire someone he doesn't know. He likes to reward loyalty and promote from within. So, as has been the case for several years, he will continue to blame the problems elsewhere and avoid making coaching changes. We will never win a championship under CHF. It just won't happen. That doesn't mean we can't have some good 7-10 win seasons, but championships will never come.
It's called graduation, NFL draft, and losing a great position coach. You don't deserve anything with the way you're acting. Quit being a spoiled loser.
A very reasonable and level-headed observation, unlike the one above you. I've hated how he plays the receiver on nearly every pass and doesn't even pay attention to the ball. That 3rd quarter TD he gave up today was totally avoidable. And he's supposedly "better" than Tee was at DB? Horsecrap.
Some of these "Rebels" who don't understand how good we have just won't ever learn. Please don't send Bert to Oxford. We will take the sammich, however, for our O-line coach.
Shut up. You make all of us look terrible. If you feel that way, go become a Bama fan or somewhere else. Johnny Vaught, the man we dedicated a statue to in front of our stadium, lost games and is still considered a great coach. Do you realize where we were 3 years ago? We couldn't even beat a bad Kentucky team in 2011. If you are ashamed to be an Ole Miss fan, than find another team. But show a little class when we lose instead of throwing a temper tantrum on the internet like a baby. Freeze is very much a "real coach" and your crap about "the fans deserve better" is misguided. We got back to back wins against Bama, are 5-2, and went 9-4 last season just 2 years since being winless in the SEC. He hasn't let us down in any way. Your own personal meltdown is a result of your own high, unrealistic expectations. There are plenty of SEC teams would wouldn't mind having Freeze as their coach. So how about you be a little grateful for the progress we've made, quit acting like such a baby and terrible sport, congratulate a Memphis fan on their easily deserved win, and quit throwing a fit?
Cody Core plays for Ole Miss, definitely not Arkansas. Can you seriously not reread your paragraph one time before you post something?