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If he can run for 100 yards this week put him in the heisman race.i know Bama has linebackers out but they don’t have three star players
I know we got three five star recruits in one year and all played how many do y’all get and they sit. Bama has the most five stars out of any team every year . Some of them sit on the bench how do they want to be benched lets think about this. Pretty sure Bama has the most complex pay for play system in the nation.
I believe him . You can’t have that much talent on the bench and not paying . This is just a small thing there are much bigger payments like fake jobs.
Fitz has garbage receivers also that’s why his completion percentage sucks.
I have to agree with the bulldogs . Fitz is better than hurts, but maybe not tua.
I would love for Matt Luke to succeed and win the coaching job. He is a rebel till the day he dies but I think he will be heartbroken at the end of the year. Gonna be a long year but hydra. God bless Shea and marquis.
Fitz should go to #1 with a win this weekend. He is not surrounded by a pro bowl team like hurts.
I would put Jordan Wilkins at nine.
YAll beat us last year and we are under the microscope of the NCAA and we have a small recruiting class so far so year you are a hater you piece of sh@@
Did MADD investigate Daks DUI . How much money did it cost to cover up an admission of guil?
Dak Prescott was a piece of s$$$ . All my state friends can tell you that . Plus while he was In Starkville George shermans provided all of his clothes for free. That is something new ain't it . Not really
I do know Simmons got a new dodge truck fully loaded . Kinda cheap for a player of his caliber apparently.
Dang I wonder what Jeffrey Simmons go. He signed with state before he beat the hell out of that woman.
I would have a higher number I think Hugh is innocent and taking a dive .
If he is good he is bama s. If ole miss survives the infractions he will go to ole miss. No way he goes to state I live in Louisville Ole miss runs this town.
Only bright spot rebel fans have had for many years. Thanks Eli for always being there for us during down times.
Is it crazy to think the head coach of louisville may be freeze.
This year has to be the best year to be a bulldog fan even better than the year ranked number one before bama brought them back to earth.
If you don't like college workout and train two years then tryout for a team. It's simple these stupid colleges have unlimited exposure for players to audition for jobs. They also give them a degree basically I mean the colleges are ripping them off. I remember when I worked a full time job and went to college full time. This new generation is pathetic.
We are sorry Houston. Sorry we ever hired you. Sorry we paid you millions to sit on your butt when you drove the program into the ground.