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Yes. Now please read what you write before hitting “publish comment” and ask yourself what kind of response validates wasting your time.
Swp1120- Unless your response is just playing dumb- your comment loses all validity as West Virginia is in the Big 12, and they played Tenn in neutral site Charlotte, NC. Other than that I could’ve sworn Ole Miss was predicted to play in a shootout, so anything less of that should be impressive to our defense- according to predictions talk that is.
11am Houston in September is gonna be extremely hot. White helmets should fare much better than navy blue helmets. All the players seem to love it. Helps with the new shark-mascot persona too (I guess)
Until next Thanksgiving indeed, with Mullen and Freeze gone this game should be less talk and more play from now on
Excuse me bulldawgbuck but i never said state would be blown out by Louisville or wanted that. So seems like both of y’all need a punching bag or to go out to a shooting range to direct your anger. Yeah we won the egg bowl and I’m glad we can say that for a year but I’m not wishing a program burns. Jeez I thought State fans would be less angry right now
When I was 17 I would flip from Chick-Fil-A and Cane’s. Why isn’t there a story about me flipping food options when I was a high school kid? Both have amazing chicken, it just depended on what was best for my tastes at the time.
Geez man, you alright? If you need to talk to someone you can go to therapy for a hatred this strong to a team this 17 year old might not even go to. Your team went 9-4 and just won it’s bowl, chill out man. Life isn’t bad
Tell me who the best passing offense in the SEC West was the past 4 years. A passing qb might look for that and to play the best defenses in the nation in the SEC West.
Just 1 year ago a 5-7 “tough Ole Piss” team beat down Georgia 45-14. Cmon troll, just be glad the SEC will continue to be the best conference. Even the bottom of the barrel SEC teams need to out recruit the other conferences to keep that reputation.
Very, very encouraging. In these social media days, if your kicker isn’t posting crazy long or trick shot field goals- your kicker is behind. Not saying he has to be the best, I just want our Luke to work as hard as he can to be the reliable kicker we need after Wunderlich. Kickers are such a liability. Very glad to see he’s working.
The salt is strong with this one. It’s okay to still fabricate outcomes to games 2 weeks after they happen. I wish my team had an injury excuse for losing games :/
This article has been sitting as a draft for a week now ready to be submitted lol
Yes. He was granted another year of eligibility after a season ending injury in the 2nd game of 2016 as a true freshman.
Cmon man, read into sarcasm. And there’s no way we’re paying anybody....for at least 5 years lol
Seems to me like there was a rift in players on the team. There were the good players that were shouting “We want Luke!” after the egg bowl, and those that never saw the field like poor Deontay, Tre Nixon, and poor Jarrion. I shed tears for these poor overrated recruits that couldn’t get anything done so they pack up and run to a sleazy lawyer that needs to get over some hate for OM he has. Please any commenters tell me these players stats. Please show your vast Ole Miss player knowledge. Oh wait, there’s none after 2 years of each.
Hell yeah that’s what we’re doing! We clearly have horrible wide receivers and a horrible history of great quarterbacks! So we have to pay quarterbacks to come to Ole Miss! If only we could pay for defensive players because that makes too much sense in this comment blog!
Hey Coozie, just curious: Are you still a senior in the FMB? Otherwise you’ve been representing State’s band for 6 years and I’m also pretty sure this is not something the FMB wants represented on a site such as SDS.
Not a huge blow. He’d be on the bench next year due to his injury recovery. We got the Throwin’ Samoan anyways in Ta’amu. Ta’amu would’ve been the starter probably the whole year Shea or not. I’m more worried if this carries momentum with other players— specifically defense.
A.J. Brown committed to staying by tweeting the great scene in The Wolf of Wall Street about “I’m not f****** leaving!”. Lodge also confirmed he’s staying. There’s 0% chance DK ever leaves unless it’s to the NFL. But Shea and Little might as well say they’re out.
Jeffrey Vitters is a nuisance and cannot be liked no matter how hard he tries. Worst of all, his name has tarnished my degree that hangs in my office.
Really this I should the best outcome. No wins forfeited, no postseason ban last 2018, no death penalty. It’s finally over. *exhales*
As a recent Ole Miss alum, this I saw the best move to make. Do we really want to piss off our players so it’s even easier for them to transfer out with a possible 2018+ postseason ban? Cmon this is easy to have for a CHEAP bandage coach that will do anything for his alma mater. Sure, the ceiling under Coach Luke is 8-4, but I’ll gladly take that for 3-4 years, than say all players transfer out, horrible future recruiting, and an expensive hire. Also a lot of fans weren’t too pleased with hiring Freeze the “high school women’s basketball coach”
Please tell me when Vandy was winning for a quarter and a half. Vandy was up 14-7 for 1:19 game-time min. Also 7 sacks. Also the last TD was garbage time. Please reference ESPN app, or CBS sports app, or Google for God’s sake. Also why am I commenting on this click-bait.
Does it really matter what he's doing on his thanksgiving break with season ending injury? He's also already graduated so he doesn't take classes. I say let him do whatever he wants in a home until his injury rehab starts to get serious. He'll be at senior night but that's really it until March.
Hold on hold on hold on. Birmingham and Independence are in the "second tier" bowls according to the CFP SEC bowls. Therefore the bottom two teams are put there. SoCarolina has clinched one of those with a 3-5 SEC record. Barring upsets to UT, Ole Miss, or Arky, Kentucky would then be the second to last team in SEC bowl rankings at 6-6(4-4). So it would be Kentucky in Birmingham and SoCarolina in Independence by end of season. Of course after Week 10 these projections are appropriate.
The new era begins! This was the right move considering we need to push for a bowl to get those extra practices in for the development of young players, as well as push for recruiting and not just lay out. Also gives Shea experience so he won't just walk into college football very raw. Not expecting wins, but Jason has only been a scheme run qb this season. Hope for the best!