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If Kelly has a heisman year someone in the top 10 will take him. Browns, saints, 49ers, and chargers all will need a qb soon.
Most important game is the next one on the schedule
Can it be considered big when a RB flips to Bama I mean what great RB wouldnt want to go to Bama?
Does anyone know a good site to get tickets at? This ticketcity its advertising tacks on a $80 service charge.
Vandy's D is underrated
1. Bama D 2. LSU D 3. Ole Miss O 4. A&M D 5. Bama O 6. Ole Miss D 7-10. A&M O, LSU O, Auburn O & D. all of these are wild cards and could fall anywhere from much higher to the bottom same can be said for arkansas and MSST. I trust Auburn and A&M the least. Arkansas will go as far as their run game can carry them same is probably true at LSU im not buying the Harris can throw now narrative.
Ole Miss-FSU should be a good game as well but its a monday. The LSU game is the right one because you just cant pass on lambo.
Its got to be a sour old lady that remembers WWI take someone at least that long to get so agrivating