Rebel fan 4 life hotty toddy !!!!

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Mullet is Just 1 dumb n stupid coach that has no idea on how to coach the thugs how to play football but wat can u expect out of a bunch of worthless uneducated thugs that no nothing but stealing n breaking into apts. N hurting woman !!!!fail state n u suck !!!!
Let's see fail state thugs mite finally play a named school knits lswho!!! 2 schools full of thugs n losers n drunks n idiots that break.into airs just to steal shoes n Xboxes! Should b a good game if both Schools don't steal from each other !!!fail state n go to hell lswho!!!!
Hey fail state tractor farming rednecks !!!who did yall play mmmmmmmmm let's see ur sister school usm.hey I heard Prescott was going to be the poster child for Jenny Craig n showing how to n a fat pig n try 2 play qb for a losing bunch of things n tractor farming rednecks !!!!fail state !!!!