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Larry Fedora to Ole Miss would be the worst move in the history of football.
Bama fired him because he had already quit. That was Saban's immaturity. He lasted with Saban for 3 years. You have to be pretty mature to do that.
Misguided article. Firing Luke, now, was the best thing after that embarrassment Thursday. A change of direction was mandatory and I've been defending Luke all season. But, I do NOT think it will be Rich Rod.
People don't like to read this but Luke's teams are improving. Yeah, we could very well win only 4, but we've been competitive. That can turn. Going 5 and 7 and 4 of the 7 being blow outs is hard to stomach. As much as this year has made me mad, about 10 total plays could turn and they be 9 and 1. That's really weird. He could easily win 7 next year.
Apparently you don't have to be talented to write for SDS. While Bama will beat our pants off, we aren't the Rebel/Black Bears anymore than Bama is the Tide/Elephants. By the way, the Black Bear has been mercifully put to death. Hugh Freeze proselytizing? Wow.