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You failed to mention our 3rd leading receiver in Jordan Watkins coming back. And, we added the #1 Juco WR in Deion Smith (played at LSU before having academic problems). And to your point, Kiffin's best rushing year at Ole Miss featured multiple backs.
I actually rarely pay attention to these prognostications. However, when I saw you had Ole Miss at 6-6 and losing to Vandy, I tracked your performance each week. Overall, it wasn't bad. But some of the misses were huge and without merit. I would not have been shocked if Ole Miss ended at 6-6. I've been a fan too long to not know our downside is there. But I never saw a loss to Vandy this year. I look forward to your efforts next summer.
I'm an SEC guy to the core. But I think FSU got the hose worse than Auburn way back when. Like O'Gara wrote, there were 3 undefeated teams for 2 slots that year. Somebody wasn't getting in. But the subjectivity of leaving FSU out is a slippery slope. What if Georgia had won and Bowers were hurt? They would be in. FSU won every game before and after their QB got hurt. I'm glad the SEC got a team in. But if I were a Seminole, I would be livid.
Will Rogers player of the game? I like that kid but 44% completion percentage for 144 yards is hardly MVP. Nathaniel Watson has 21 tackles. The defense won the game. 380 yards is hardly a big offensive day.
Agreed. We're about to finally have a D Line that we can develop into a wrecking crew. A & M is a dream job. A nightmare. All that money and all those recruits and they still struggle.
I love the graphic. 2 of your top 3 aren't even in the picture. What a difference 5 weeks makes!
It appears little known sports writers make up stupid stuff so I'll discover their names. Mission accomplished. Lose to Vandy? I can stomach all of the other predictions. Arkansas is always a coin toss. We could beat LSU. I'm more nervous about Auburn. If they lose to Vandy, expect a 4-8. That's not happening.
Says the owners of mustard bottles. Auburn has the better recent history. It is NOT a better job.
As a Rebel fan, I've attended about 20 of these. They are unpredictable and epic, even when both teams were sub .500. My favorites were in Jackson with the stadium surrounded by RV's.
We've just played who we have on the schedule. This will be our chance. We tried to schedule Pitt but they were busy losing to GaTech who we beat by 42.
When the season started, and all the writers were in love with Rattler, I was confused. Wait until he does something! Well he has and his ranking has gone with it.
Could have beaten Ole Miss? Why? Because it was close in the first quarter?
What are the qualifications to write for SDS? It certainly is not a knowledge of football. If Iowa loses their center, they likely do not change their record. Is that one of the best players in college football? He certainly did a great job helping to producing those 3 points in the Big 10 championship.
"The word is Kiffin wants to go to Miami". What word? Whose word? Word is this article wasted 5 minutes of my life.
He shouldn't be bummed. Have of our fan base spells Kiffin with an "e".
Once again, you make comments like you are Corral's buddy and an Ole Miss player. Typical! I bet you bought that stupid book Flim Flam or whatever that Rosebowl called that plethora of lies. Sorry to use a word you may not understand.
How much time have you spent in Ole Miss's locker room? When a guy plays on one leg against a 36.5 point underdog, it is likely his mind is still with his team. What a stupid take!
I've been watching the Egg Bowl since 1973. Many of those were in person. I saw the wind blow back the field goal in 1983. I saw John Fourcade pull off a miraculous last minute win. I saw a 2 point conversion in 1997 to win it. I saw Bo Wallace, on one leg, without Laquon Treadwell and Vince Sanders, win in 2014. And in 2015, I saw a lower ranked Ole Miss team go to Starkville and spank the greatest QB they ever had on senior night. Anything can happen either way. Pick all you want. We'll find out when the game is over.
As a lifelong Ole Miss fan and alumnus, I pull for MSU to lose every game in every sport. But, I have close family who went to State. I have great friends who went to State. That's what Lane means. Don't hate them because of where they went to school. However, you can be competitive in sports. If Lane said the sky was blue there would be a tweet about the fact that he didn't acknowledge the clouds and the sun.
I don't know how we lost to Bama so bad when Corral and Young were both playing for us.
I've been an Ole Miss fan since Archie was there. I desperately hope Kiffin stays. But if he leaves, it will be the most fun I've had with a coach in 2 years. He may gone down as my favorite. The Lane Train is a fun ride even if it's short.
Rebel fans do have to worry about officiating. Backwards spikes and fumbles don't always get called, do they? At least Ole Miss has a healthy defense. We are worried about the offense.
Our defense isn't good. But our match up with Arkansas was a perfect storm. With the exception of the first half against Bama and the game against Arky, the defense has been okay. Look for improvement, or at least changes, against Tennessee. Night game at Neyland is what makes a Rebel the most nervous.
Weren't they 4 and 6 against the SEC last year?
Larry Fedora to Ole Miss would be the worst move in the history of football.
Bama fired him because he had already quit. That was Saban's immaturity. He lasted with Saban for 3 years. You have to be pretty mature to do that.
Misguided article. Firing Luke, now, was the best thing after that embarrassment Thursday. A change of direction was mandatory and I've been defending Luke all season. But, I do NOT think it will be Rich Rod.
People don't like to read this but Luke's teams are improving. Yeah, we could very well win only 4, but we've been competitive. That can turn. Going 5 and 7 and 4 of the 7 being blow outs is hard to stomach. As much as this year has made me mad, about 10 total plays could turn and they be 9 and 1. That's really weird. He could easily win 7 next year.
Apparently you don't have to be talented to write for SDS. While Bama will beat our pants off, we aren't the Rebel/Black Bears anymore than Bama is the Tide/Elephants. By the way, the Black Bear has been mercifully put to death. Hugh Freeze proselytizing? Wow.