Lifetime Ole Miss fan! Geoscientist in Houston Texas but still attend most home games. Never missed homecoming in Oxford in my entire life and have been there for every Alabama win!

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Please please please hire Lane Kiffin! I would love to see another bus pull off with him standing in the parking lot! That said, Briles is tarnished regardless of ability and Herman sure won't give any kind of answer until January at the earliest making early recruiting take a serious hit. And that's if Houston doesn't join the Big-12, which gives him a much easier season to get through than the cannibalistic SEC West. Welcome to the coaching carousel LSU, I'm sure we will all enjoy your ride!
My wife, posting from the phone during a 4th of July concert.
My put it as good as anyone ever could when said, "Ole Miss and State share a drink? Whoever wrote this deserves a nut punch!"
Spellcheck dude. You know how this site is...
Has anyone else noticed the ones who freaked out over this article primarily are supporters of East schools? I see Mizzou, Tennessee and Georgia well represented here! But what do you expect from a university that prides itself on journalism but is most well known for its journalism professors attacking free speech (and making an ass of themselves on camera)?
Why would anyone want the Mizzou job now??? Pinkle is leaving whoever takes over that program is gonna be dealing with an entire team that thinks they are the boss!
But agreed, it's a non story that makes SDS look as out of touch for the majority of the SEC as they really are. It was a joke based on an event from a year ago. I'd say maybe someone needs to get their panties out of such a twist. It's still a man's sport and requires a bit more of a backbone.
Well last year it was 59-40-4 and we will be catching up quick once y'all fire Les and hire Lane Kiffin!!!
Pete, they sure are! But here everyone is packing so he might want to be careful. Either way, better than Dr.Pick! Goodbye Bo! Looking forward to catching up with ya at a used car dealership real soon!
Not likely to see Spurrier going anywhere before retirement. But there are some top 10 teams in the powder puff conferences that should be worried about losing their football saviors! Baylor and TCU come to mind. I don't see Florida sniping an SEC coach unless its another coordinator and after the last two, not likely.
Tiger87, excuse me for not meeting your grammatical standards while posting late at night from a phone. Secondly, I was not only replying to your ludicrous comments about a blatantly mediocre defense, but other comments made by your fellow Mizzou fans. You have a less than impressive team and no one cares how good you think your defense is. Especially since we have all seen it ripped apart more than once this season. Now did I use enough periods for you? Because it sounds like you are suffering through a season long one by your post.
Best defense in the SEC? You might want to slow down a bit there. No one is impressed by the hit and miss antics of the East. It has been very clear the best five teams in the country are all in the SEC, but they do not include any East teams. And I do not see a West team blowing it after surviving what may be the most difficult division schedule in recent football history by losing to a team from the East who lucked into the championship by sucking a little less than the others.
It may be karma, but no reason to be rude about it. Never want to see a great talent hurt like that. Regardless who he plays for.
So, another ranking that has absolutely no merit. Why even write this if you haven't been to all of the stadiums of SEC teams before the expansion? Not to mention taking into account stadium expansions, State's stupid cowbells, and what happens to LSU fans after a long day of drinking and corndogs! Seriously, if you haven't been to the real Death Valley, then maybe you don't need to write an article about how loud the swamp is. (Also, I've been there, not impressed but maybe that's because we were beating Tebow at the time!)
Yeah, why not show all twelve of the Tigers going in for the game winning touchdown? Funny how that worked. Kind of like how the officials didn't decide to review the touchdown until after Laquan had been down for a good while. But I wouldn't expect class from a group of fans that was cheering while he was down. Right now, I have no respect for anyone affiliated with Auburn after seeing what I did Saturday night in Oxford. And before you say they were cheering the play or the review, it happened well after the play and before the score was overturned, also they refused to show a replay at the stadium so don't use that as an excuse.
That makes one of you. Considering the Auburn section was cheering and chanting while he was down way before they decided to review the play. And don't tell me fans in the North End Zone could see it was a fumble and "clean" hit when it occurred in the South End Zone. Auburn did not win this game, the crew from Birmingham did.
Must be nice for Notre Dame not having to worry about that whole conference championship problem. Win the season against marginal opponents and you've got your berth while deserving teams in power conferences have to play one more additional game.
Here is the truth, we played a tough road game in a hostile rival's stadium who wanted revenge for a loss last year. LSU played well and we did not come out on top in the end. I also know there isn't a single true SEC fan that does not know that a rivalry game is a completely different beast than any other conference game. And if you don't think a 1-loss team is a dangerous adversary, then feel free to keep looking on ahead to the SEC Championship! And good on State for continuing their streak! I hope they do keep it up until they get to Oxford! Because one loss to LSU does not mean our season is over.
For as far back as I can remember, there has been favoritism by officials in the SEC. It's nothing new. But this year it seems as if these calls are more blatantly game changing. And yes, the Gumps are usually the beneficiaries but there have always been teams the officials seem to carry more of a "grudge" against than actually trying to benefit a favorite. There seriously needs to be some real accountability for these officials with a nonpartisan review board (ie. not just in Birmingham).
Honestly, I catch myself flipping to the SEC Nation more and more on Saturday mornings. It's still pretty rough in the commentators interactions, but I don't give a damn about most of the 2-3 loss teams GD loves to gush over.
We've been through the hiring and firing dance for too long. We've found our guy and as long as he wants the job, it's his. We know better than to put ourselves in that position again. Hard to find a head coach that truly fits a program.
Very true dawg, I agree with you completely except for Coach Freeze being possible. He has one other thing in Oxford that Florida won't offer, job security.
TX_Tigah, spoken like a true bench warmer! I'm sure you sit quietly week in week out as if it's all no big deal too? Because LSU players and especially their fans are KNOWN for acting like they've been there before! Gracious winners and noble in defeat, I've never known LSU to be anything but the most humble and serious of any SEC program. And FitforlifeLLC, that is what you call sarcasm!
Even though that game is in two weeks? Maybe it isn't smart to fire a coach mid-season, but when he's lost the locker room, you're just hurting the juniors on that team on down. Guys who have one more year at Florida. And how does it hurt recruiting when the coach already knows he is done, the only things he is recruiting are other programs desperate enough to hire him. Why build up a Florida team he may have to face next year? Cauterize this wound before the infection spreads any further.
I also do not expect them to get Mullen. They burned that bridge, but zeroes do have a way of rebuilding fast.
I hate it for y'all Florida fans, but looks like you won't be seeing any changes any time soon! If y'all's AD won't drop his butt when you have a bye week, guess the fans and the players might as well kiss this season goodbye! I know I wouldn't want to waste all that money supporting a team with a coach the players wont play for. But I did still go to every home game when we were in the same straights. G'luck Florida, and I'm sure when yall drop him Saban will have a job ready for him in Bama!
I would go on a rant but the amount of logic in this ranking has more in common with White House Policy and SEC Officiating than an actual ranking of competitive showings. Way to go Crawford.
Good to see Vols fans with a sense of humor. Its a trait not commonly found in the East this year!