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Brandon Allen is pretty good also I would have to agree... But Dak Prescott nah... Chad and Brandon is the best QB's in the SEC... Dak has been at Mississippi state for like 3 or 4 years now... If he was so good like everybody said he was why didn't he actually win something for a change... He is 1-3 against Ole Miss... And the only reason he won that one time was because bo Wallace fumbled the ball in the end zone.. He has done nothing
Dak Prescott is not the best QB... Mississippi state worship him like he is a god or something... Chad Kelly is obviously the best in the conference... He out done Dak in the egg bowl and out played him all during the regular season... Dak had like 2 really good games against not really good defences... Chad played way better in big games against the best defences in the country... Including Mississippi State... Chad Kelly is better along with the whole Ole Miss team... Ole Miss is the better team... If you can't see that... Go get your eyes checked
Kirk needs to be fired for picking State over Ole Miss
Bama will choke in the playoffs like they always do
Take the loss like a man and quit crying like a little girl... Ole Miss clearly beat state... No excuses... Your team lost... And Dak did nothing the 3 or 4 years he was there... End of story
Ha lol... Eat your words dog.... Your team lost... Stop all that trash talk cause your team can't back none of it up
Yeah it became painfully apparent to me... Yeah ok lol... Your team lost smart guy... Dak sucks.... Sacked him 7 times tonight... Domination... State fans talk allot but can't back it up at all
Ole Miss dominated Mississippi state no excuses... Just admit it... State sucks!!
Like I said Ole Miss is the better team.... Say something now lol... Domination
Ole miss D is gonna destroy States o line... I'm ready to see them stop Dak Prescott in his tracks
Ole miss has won 3 national championships and 6 sec titles... Ole miss has done way more than state... If Mississippi state was the only college team is Mississippi, Mississippi would be a laughing stock for football... State hasn't won anything... You will see what 5 star talent can do this Saturday when nkimdeche puts Dak on his back where he belongs... Dak is gonna wish he never played Ole Miss...
Ole Miss is obviously the better team... I mean look at the all time record for the egg bowl... Ole Miss has been the better team for years and its not gonna change this Saturday... State has sucked from the beginning... They have never won a national championship and only won 1 SEC title... They have literally done nothing... Enough said...
We will see which one is better this weekend... No matter what though Chad Kelly #1 in the SEC... You can't deny that... Lol y'all can try but you just can't win.. lol #failstate
Just got off Chad Kelly is the 9th best QB in the country ... Dak Prescott is 17th... It looks like espn has more sense than you dawgs could ever think about... If you can read it lol, check it out yourself.. enough said... The numbers don't lie...
Dak will be a good target for my man Robert Nkemdiche and C.J. Johnson... Bring on the Sack Attack...
Read the stats... You will see who is better... And who is not... Obviously Chad is the #1 QB in the SEC.. I know State fans can't read that well obviously!
Dak threw a total of 0 touchdowns against Bama.. Chad Kelly threw for 341 yards and 3 touchdowns... Dak Prescott has done nothing... enough said
Dak Prescott can't touch Chad Kelly. The numbers on the stat sheet don't lie. The junior Chad Kelly is just out playing the Senior Dak Prescott.... I mean Sak Prescott