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Bama Time, you are so inconsistent it is ridiculous. You say the 4th and 25 lateral wasn't the reason Ole Miss lost to Arky, yet you say Ole miss won against Bama on a fluke play, and blame the refs for missing a call on another TD. You don't seem to remember Alabama getting within a TD at end of 3rd qtr, before Ole Miss pushed it back to 19 with back to back TD's in the 4th. You only made it look closer on a onside kick (Alabama should have been flagged on the play). Face it Ole Miss hung 43 on you in Tuscaloosa!!! Go book your tickets, homer!!!!
If this article said "great" team I could agree. Ole Miss is certainly an elite team at year's end. After the return of Tunsil after a 7 game suspension, Ole Miss easily beat A&M, Auburn, LSU, and State, lost to Arky on a fluke play on a night their tired defense, gave up 45 points in regulation. Lots of teams in SEC won 9 games this year, not a bad year for most.
Really Arky homer, Ole Miss lucky to make it in overtime. Arky was lucky they caught Ole Miss at the end of 10 straight without a bye. Ole Miss scored 45 points in only 18 minutes of time of possession. Arky scored with 32 seconds left to send it to OT. Ole Miss scored in 2 plays to make it 52-45. You guys then were in a 4th and 25, hurl on yourself lateral miracle to keep game alive, got stuffed on 2 pt. conversion, only to get a reprieve on a facemask call after Marcus Haynes stuffed Allen behind the line of scrimmage. I can't believe you are "not denying" it was a fluke play. Like Allen didn't elude a few sacks himself, like that is not part of football!!!
Not true. Eli only started 3 years. He sat behind Romero Miller his freshman year after redshirting. Those are 3 year stats for Eli!!!
Please, did I read above that a State homer said Dak was better than Eli and was best known for fleecing the Giants out of money??? Delusional, Eli was the best player in the country his senior year, was beat out for the Heisman by Jason White. (Who)??. Some schmoe said Dak was as good as anybody that ever played for Ole Miss, Wow, what a ridiculous statement!! Better than a QB that has 2 Super Bowl rings against the best franchise in the NFL???!!!!
That is BS Bulldawgrock for brains. It wasn't like they were getting pick six's for TD's. Watch the game again. They took 2 TO's and drove over 25 yards for TD's on both to convert those turnovers into touchdowns. After the fluke play put them up 24-10 the defense stopped Bama twice and both times Ole Miss drove the length of the field but were unable to score TD's, settling for field goals to go up 30-10. After Alabama cut the score to 30-24, Ole Miss scored on back to back drives to go back up by 19. Ole Miss put up 433 yards on Alabama and had no turnovers. They outplayed Alabama, period!!!
Kelly is the only QB to claim victories over Alabama and LSU. In fact he threw for 3 scores and ran for 3 scores against Arkansas. He threw for 280 and ran for 79 against LSU and accounted for 4 TD's, all in 3 quarters. Ole Miss led 38-17 after the 3rd quarter. He threw for 341 yards and threw TD's and ran for another against Alabama. Look at the stats of Allen and Prescott against Alabama and compare the three. No contest!!!!
No way Allen is a better QB than Kelly. If it wasn't for the over the shoulder miracle on 4th and 25 we wouldn't be reading this article. Put Kelly behind that impressive offensive line Arky has and his numbers would be ridiculous. Btw, Kelly accounted for 6 TDs against Arky, he was not outplayed by Allen in that game. Allen is a solid QB but better than Chad Kelly? I think not!!!!