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That was my thinking as well. It put Luke it an impossible spot; he likely knew he wasn't up to the challenge, but saying "No" isn't exactly an option either. I like the guy and appreciate him stepping into a bad situation, but he wasn't going to lead the team to the next level. Glad he's getting a healthy payout.
Good guy and a much better QB than he's given credit for. I hope he gets the chance to showcase his talents in Houston.
Rest in Peace and prayers for his family. One helluva talent!
Almost every time I read an SDS 'article', I find multiple typos and outright false statements that bring to mind my high school English teacher, Mrs. Burnette, looking disappointingly at me and telling me I'm not living up to my potential after handing back my essay on 'Fahrenheit 251'...
I'm not sure UGA could win this with every other SEC team's players playing for them; their fans certainly aren't going to help. Yelling at TVs certainly isn't going to get it done...but it sure is fun sometimes. As a Rebel though, I'll say it just this once; 'Go Dawgs!'
I wish Shea good luck and many blessings! Having Ta'amu certainly takes the sting of his departure.
You did read the Leo Lewis testimony, right... If I was State right now, I'd be trying to blend into the wallpaper and trying my best not to sneeze and get noticed.
Would love to see you come to Ole Miss! Exciting couple of days for everyone.
You seem to define 'Top' in a very different way than the rest of the world. Good news though, you are absolutely crushing Mizzou and Vandy on the recruiting trail this year!
A) 80% insinuates a high likelihood that you are getting him; not a certainty. B) With his visit to Ole Miss this weekend along with a bevy of other blue chippers, I'd say that probability is suspect. C) *we're...unless you meant to say that 'You WERE getting him, but now you're not.'
Leaving after this year would be a mistake for Kelly. He needs another year of experience and development to be considered a top QB candidate in the draft. If he's thinking of leaving we need to put him in touch with Jevon Snead...
Arkansas deserves to be represented better than this. I actually feel badly for the kids on this team who are more mature than the man charged with developing them.
Prayers for continued progress for Devon. And kudos to everyone associated with this situation. Class all the way around!
This guy's enthusiasm for State is outstanding! I can only handle so many analyst's opinions on upcoming games and their likely outcomes. We need more unhinged fans like this. More power to him!
"We're supposed to win these games, baby! Hey, celebrate tonight. Throw it in the trash tomorrow. Let's keep it moving, baby. We got a Naty to go get..." - The perfect quote from Evan Engram following the game. Stay focused and go get it!
Am I the only one that believes her husband is hoping that Auburn never wins again so that he never has to go back into their marital bedroom?...
That's the great thing about SEC football - you can't let up for even one game or you'll get bit. Every team in the conference has the ability to beat every other team in the conference if the favorite comes into the game flat and unprepared. I believe Coach Freeze has the team on a mission this year and will have them honed and focused going into each remaining game, but if he doesn't any of the remaining SEC teams or Memphis could put an end to this Season for the Ages.
Always hate to hear of someone's passing so young. Heart goes out to his family.
Thanks for pointing your post on the OM receiving corps out. Well written and all valid points. Looks even more menacing when you now consider that they have a respectable run game to keep defenses honest. BTW - Especially loved "...doesn’t possess elite speed, but he doesn’t need to with the type of ability he has to spin DBs like a dreidel." It's not just anyone that can work a Jewish seasonal toy into an analysis of a scary-good receiver. Well played, Sir! I challenge you to work "whirling dervish" into a future post.
Great analysis, Murph. You picked up on the one thing that I think makes Kelly an especially potent QB, the trajectory on his passes. Yes, he has a canon for an arm. Yes, he looks very comfortable in the pocket. And yes, he seems to read through his progressions like he's been part of this offense for years. But the fact that he puts so little air under his longer passes neutralizes a lot of the benefits of a two-deep zone where the safety can move quickly on high-lob passes. If the receiver corps can get just a little buffer on the d-back, Kelly has a knack for getting it to them on the mark with little opportunity for the over-the-top help to adjust. And let's be honest, it isn't over-hyping things to say that Ole Miss has one of the best set of receivers in the country (and Ingram and Treadwell have been used sparingly to this point!). I'm curious to see how he handles the pressure situations that Alabama will undoubtedly establish from time-to-time on Saturday, but I'm encouraged by what I see so far.
If Chad Kelly's play thus far is 'Hot Garbage', then please sign me up for more of the stuff. I'm 'embarrassed as hell' of his 'terrible' play thus far. When you throw 40 yard frozen ropes to your receivers, you can't discount that because of the opposing teams lack of talent. OSU could likely compete in the SEC, and to be fair to them it isn't their fault that the rest of their conference is pretty lame and won't give them a true test until MSU, but OSU in the SEC would face other OSU level talents most Saturdays and I don't see them 'flying through' the competition when it is on par with their own.
Congrats to the Wildcats for getting that monkey off their back.
The #1 and #2 picks in the 2015 NFL Draft start their playing careers in exactly the same way...throwing touchdown passes to the Tennessee Titans.
Just breathed a sigh of 'Top 25 List' that I'm proud to see Ole Miss left off of.