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NCAA investigations run longer than molasses dripping off a spoon. It just seems that if you are an athlete, there are minefields everywhere to mess up. That said, in Tunsil's case, the NCAA has not yet spoken on ANY matters. The two game suspension, and now maybe three, are self-imposed by the school as a precautionary measure. What will happen once the mighty NCAA wakes up? Will they accept the school punishments or will they add more? As far as reform goes with the NCAA, the thing I would wish for first is a timeline established for investigations and rulings. This isn't unfair. NCAA gives everybody else timelines! Date to submit intentions, date to sign commitments, scholarship application dates, Game official review, etc) Well, why not one for NCAA investigations?
State should not shake the laid back country image. I think they should rattle the cowbell hard for a spicy Miranda Lambert. She's not gonna take any crap from Corso when he puts on the Tiger head!