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Anyone that criticized the kid just doesn’t understand what he’s probably going through. I grew up around horse racing, was a jockey the day I turned 16, was very successful from day one. Won a lot of races, by the time I was 18, I was done. I quit. Weight, pressure(even more when you succeed), self doubt, mental health, is a real thing, you can be very good at something and be miserable. Give the kid a break, him being a star for the dawgs is second to him and his future.
We need Daniels and Bennett as backup. I had high hopes for Mathis but this is the worst team we play and he's been completely ineffective.
Why in the h*** is Mathis in the game again. Idc how much we're up.That is a ridiculous move. I wanted the kid to succeed but he's been awful. Bennett is no stud but we can score with him.
If it's over the tweet, what a joke. Alot of these over reactions aren't even being overly sensitive, it's just pure stupidity at this point. If you take offense to that tweet your just not that intelligent.
It was a good game. Best Sec teams made it to NC. Why can't we all just be happy and wait until next year. I about fell on the floor after the last play but still what a season. Also Holyfield #3 running back on the team. No need to be fired up.
First off, I'm not saying Eason should start. However, I feel like people are not giving Eason credit for what he has done, and what he could potentially do this year. This year's team is much better than last year. The defense has improved, the run blocking is much better. The running back stable has a new weapon. Eason was never bad, and at times he was special. There were brief times he carried the team. He was asked to go win some games. Fromm has not been put in situations where the game has been on his arm. He's been brilliant but not flawless. He thrown passes that should have been intercepted, fumbled handoffs, made normal mistakes all QBs make.