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Wow, just wow!! If conference affiliations took into account the games fans want to see, then some of this makes sense. Otherwise, it is pure fantasy. No way do conferences downsize. The networks pay for packages of games so they can fill as much tv space as possible with advertising worthy content. Your proposal makes some feature matchups, but needs more programming content for the bundles. I also agree that teams will shy away from the Texas/Oklahoma Conference, if there are other options. As a Cincinnati fan, we would gladly welcome a bid to join the Big 12, but I personnaly don't think we get a bid to a P5 conference until our stadium can hold 60-70,000 fans. Nippert is a cozy little rockin' place that is very tough on visiting teams. Speaking of Cincinnati, did you really create a new Big East that includes App St, Temple, Marshall and East Carolina without teams like Cincy, Memphis, or S Florida? Unreal. Plus, again, teams with better options would not leave a P5 conference to join this pipe dream. I love your CFP expansion to 8 teams, but I would take it to 32. With 32 teams, you could eliminate conference championship games and include the regular season champs, adding in a 9 conference game requirement minimum, and limiting regular season to 12 games.All conference teams play 4 home, and 4 away games. Each conference will have a "Game-of-the-week" at a neutral site big city host (think Atlanta for SEC, and Indy for Big Ten). This weekly revenue stream replaces the conference championship and makes it easier to add two games at end. The final four teams would be playing an unprecedented 16th game, with the championship game as game 17. Top 16 seeds get home game in the round of 32, extra revenue home game, thus no need for conference championship that might knock a team out of top 16.Use the existing Bowls for round of 16, 8, 4, and CFP. A bowl could host multiple games, i.e. Rose Bowl could get Round of 16, 8, possibly one more if rotation goes their way. Pick top 16 Bowl sites to always host a round of 16, rotate the round of 8 every other year and keep current rotation of top tier bowl sites as is used for the Playoff. What to do with those pesky 3 non-conference games that are left on the schedule? First put in place that for any team to be considered selection in the round of 32, they must play 9 conference games and one non-conference game against a P5 opponent. In this scenario, the the G5 teams would glad take the payday to travel to a P5 home for most games. Second the P5 versus P5 non-conference games would be home and home deals. The P5 teams like Ohio State could have 8 home games in some years and likely 7 home games in most years they travel to P5 non-conference foes (assuming they will always be in the top 16 seeds is pretty safe). Lastly, we have many more than 16 bowl sites, right? Have a 16 team NIT or just single Bowl games for the next 16 seeds or however many fills out the Bowls. A lot of teams still get rewarded with a Bowl game, those games could even be mid-week affairs at same site as some of the Bowl sites that get the top seeded teams. It's all about that money grab for the Bowl sites, their cities, and the TV Networks. This makes more sense than conference realignment.