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The kid is for sure a special talent. I think UGA released him from LOI due to the amount of pressure / scrutiny all programs are under these days. A coach has to stick his neck out with his AD and President that the kid is not going to put the University in negative light. Georgia is fortunate that it has recruited well at RB, so Kirby probably felt like he didn't need to take the risk. That doesn't mean the kid is for sure going to be a problem. Many times, all a kid needs is the structure that can come from quality programs (like any in the SEC.) Many schools need an elite RB right now and are willing to take a chance with Evans given the talent and vouching from D Sanders and others. If Florida does take him, I bet Coach Mullen will have to agree / convince his administration to a pretty short leash. At any rate, here's to second chances and that he doesn't end up at Florida because I'd hate to see him in Jacksonville for three years. Go Dawgs!
Gran wasn’t offered OC at Georgia. All reporting says there was discussion about tight end position coach, but OC wasn’t a consideration.
Uh ... clickbait? Forced bulletin board material? Why would you write a headline that way when it is neither what Kirby meant or actually said?
And "the last SEC East division title for the Bulldogs came all the way back in 2012." All the way back in 2012? Wow, is there anyone still alive from that far back? I mean, it has to be what ... 4 or 5 years? Did they wear leather helmets back then?
Total respect given. Georgia has no one to blame but ourselves. We dominated Mizzou, but couldn't handle our business when it came to S. Carolina and Florida. We may technically be the better team, but to represent the SEC you can't stumble. We stumbled and Mizzou thus far has not. So, if Mizzou loses on Friday, then UGA deserves to go. If they win, hats off to them for handling their business and Mizzou deserves to represent the East. Go Dawgs!
Just remember, all those players who are no longer with the UGA squad are because UGA is relentless in its pursuit of wrongdoing with all of its programs. Not saying it is 'right' or 'better,' but Richt has as close to a no tolerance policy as is possible. Saban, for example, said at media days: "I want you to know there's not one player -- not one player -- since I've been a head coach that I've kicked off the team that ever went anywhere and amounted to anything and accomplished anything, playing or academically," Saban said. "That's not always the answer. Discipline is not punishment. Punishment is only effective when it can help change someone's behavior." I think that is a more prevalent view with college head coaches. Again, not saying that Georgia's is better, but I am saying that because we know of violations and dismissals does not mean UGA has bad players ... Richt just doesn't allow for them to remain.