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I hear what you're saying, but when Stetson left for JUCO, he led that team to a 10-2 record and played for the JUCO championship as well. It seems he wins wherever he goes? Also, in last years NC, when Bryce's receiver went down he struggled and many said that if his great receiver(s) where playing then Bama wins ... so, these things don't square. You play the game in front of you and you either win or you don't. Stetson seems to win.
It's actually "Sewanee" that was one of the original SEC members that left.
Oh, and when I say "fans like this," I mean gwhite and not you VolFanin CAndyland. You're good people.
Sadly, we all have "fans" like this. The Vols have had a remarkable turn around and nothing should take away from that. Georgia is just better right now. That isn't a shot, nor should it be controversial. UGA has recruited incredible classes for the past seven years and have developed that talent in ways that allow them to play fast, physical and disciplined. The SEC is full of great fan bases and unmatched traditions ... UT is well on its way and I think it just continues to make ours the best conference, bar none. I like it when a majority of the conference is strong. The East has been down for too long. Go Dawgs and Go SEC!
It shouldn't be framed as "So and So Conference gets this many in ..." The idea behind the CFP was that the four best teams made it. Period. If the four best teams all happen to be in the same conference one year, so be it. It shouldn't be "the best representative from the top four conferences" ... it is either the best four in the country or it isn't. Conferences shouldn't be penalized for having multiple great teams.
^ 100% Nothing better than SEC football. Nothing worse than message boards. Looking forward to a helluva game with no injuries on either side. The better prepared and better focused team (especially the one that can take a shot and not lose that focus) will win. Going to be fun! Go Dawgs!
Same. I hope Tenn and UGA come out of this weekend, injury free and head into Athens for a huge contest. It's what makes college football, especially in the South, so great. Been too long since UT was good ... going to be a great one between the hedges! Go Dawgs!
I think this logic is classic confirmation bias. You're picking and choosing individual parts to prove that the whole isn't working, when all evidence points to the whole working quite nicely this year. I can point to Georgia averaging 41.7 points per game and on defense, giving up just 9.1 points per game. Do those stats mean we will win every time out? Of course not. Each game is unique, with unique factors, that will actually determine the outcome. Individual "parts," as you say, can give us indicators for how a game will go, but well, Sh*&t happens in a game. It's situational football that makes outcomes unpredictable. It's what makes the game fun and part of why we love it. So, I don't care about how fast UT goes or how many TD's UT receivers have ... that has no bearing on Nov. 5th. It's about match-ups and composure and getting off the field on 3rd when you need to and NOT missing a FG (*cough* Bama *cough*) and a hundred other moments that matter on a Saturday that will determine who wins.
You're right. Solid analysis of the only factors that matter. Georgia should probably not even play this game.
"But it’s clear that players like Ladd McConkey and even Bowers have a harder time finding space without the sophomore receiver on the field." No, that's not right. McConkey and Bowers are having no trouble finding space. Unfortunately, Stetson is having a hard time getting it to them in space. He's been off lately and that has added the largest drag to the offense.
@Matt Hayes ... Uh, as for "Powered Up", you write: "6. Tennessee: Vols are giving up SEC-worst 309.3 passing yards per game, and still must play QBs Bryce Young, Stetson Bennett III, Will Levis and Jayden Daniels." Stetson Bennett III is our QB's Father. I don't think he has any eligibility left :-) Tennessee will actually be playing Stetson Bennett IV.
Not sure why they have to cancel the earlier game (2023) as it doesn't affect anything. The return game is now just a conference game if they join in '24 or '25. Why not go ahead and get one in next season?
God, I don't know what is worse ... "talking season" or "SDS Writing Season." Saturday can not get here fast enough so we can talk and read about real things. Go Dawgs and good luck to rest of SEC!
I don't agree with Dan Patrick here. Clemson, FSU and Miami do not offer anything to the SEC. In fact, those schools are the ones that would benefit far more by joining than the SEC would realize by having them as members. Expansion is driven by the value a team brings to the conference. Period. And by value, I mean dollars in the form of eyeballs. South Carolina is a tiny state and SEC already has the state school from that market with University of South Carolina. What does Clemson bring to the SEC? Good brand of football? SEC already has it. Clemson has a small alumni base and minimal national appeal. Clemson to the SEC would have made sense years ago when conferences were about geography and "cultural fit." They blew their chance. As for FSU and Miami? Same basic argument. SEC has Florida and so value those schools bring to the conference is fairly limited. No, if the SEC picks up more schools, it will because those schools bring serious value to the table. We already have the highest level of football play, so what else you got? UNC and UVA could make good arguments as they have wealthy (and large) alumni bases and bring new markets to the conference, not to mention high academics and strong olympic sport teams. Again, geography and cultural fit are no longer enough to carry the day in modern college football expansion ... schools will need to bring some real financial value to the table.
And, his sister is a student at UVA.
Maybe, but the Manning's seem like SEC folks through and through. Can't imagine him committing anywhere other than an SEC school.
Yeah, it just has never really clicked. We had a shot with Tubby after Hugh Durham, but he stepped up to Kentucky after a couple years. Not many remember, but Dooley then hired Ron Jirsa after a kid made a plea for him in the paper and we never fully recovered. Between Tubby leaving us at the altar, to falling down further with Jirsa, sanctions with Harrick, treading water with Fox ... just can't seem to get on track in basketball.
I heard from an Auburn alum I worked with one time that the tradition came from the '72 game against Alabama when a student proclaimed, "We're going to beat the No. 2 out of them!" No. 2, of course, with the double meaning of Alabama's ranking at the time and the No. 2 that requires toilet paper.
Yes, but Georgia's defense had something to do with those rankings. Clemson, for example, had just 2 net rushing yards against Georgia. So, playing that Georgia Defense had a huge impact/input for that 113th Clemson ranking.
I mean, you could make the argument for Mullen, but you'd be wrong. He has a losing record against Smart, hasn't won the SEC yet and hasn't won a National Title. Smart hasn't won a National Title (although he made it to the game) and has won the SEC. Fisher hasn't won the SEC, but has won a National Title. I think the strongest argument would be made for Fisher as he has the National Title hardware. But Mullen? Don't see how he can be the 2nd best without ever closing the deal as a head coach.
Kirby at 7 is interesting as Lincoln Riley, Brian Kelly and Jimbo Fisher — who are ranked higher — have yet to beat him.
The kid is for sure a special talent. I think UGA released him from LOI due to the amount of pressure / scrutiny all programs are under these days. A coach has to stick his neck out with his AD and President that the kid is not going to put the University in negative light. Georgia is fortunate that it has recruited well at RB, so Kirby probably felt like he didn't need to take the risk. That doesn't mean the kid is for sure going to be a problem. Many times, all a kid needs is the structure that can come from quality programs (like any in the SEC.) Many schools need an elite RB right now and are willing to take a chance with Evans given the talent and vouching from D Sanders and others. If Florida does take him, I bet Coach Mullen will have to agree / convince his administration to a pretty short leash. At any rate, here's to second chances and that he doesn't end up at Florida because I'd hate to see him in Jacksonville for three years. Go Dawgs!
Gran wasn’t offered OC at Georgia. All reporting says there was discussion about tight end position coach, but OC wasn’t a consideration.
Uh ... clickbait? Forced bulletin board material? Why would you write a headline that way when it is neither what Kirby meant or actually said?
And "the last SEC East division title for the Bulldogs came all the way back in 2012." All the way back in 2012? Wow, is there anyone still alive from that far back? I mean, it has to be what ... 4 or 5 years? Did they wear leather helmets back then?