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So there are teams here in the SEC that lost to a top 25 team, and there are teams that beat the crap of them also. There are SEC teams that paid to beat the crap out of smaller teams and barely won. So there are some fans that are hating and biting their nails in the East because they thought it was going to be a two team race and have to down play NC just so they can sleep at night even though NC put up 37 on Clemson last year. UGA will win nine to ten games this year we were picked to lose this game because coaching change, no qb and no running back and a young defense. You should worried about your team in why they paid so money to almost lose instead of trying to explain why NC isn't a good team because if you look at the points scored this past week 10 teams would have lost to NC and four put up enough to beat them and within the four Kentucky lost their game. So if you think your team would have beaten them quito lying yourself.. Go DAWGS!