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They wouldn't destroy Georgia but are they better you gotta say yes Indiana at this moment is better than Georgia you know what they may destroy the dawgs but looking at the teams ranked below Georgia there is more deserving teams that have played better football
I think if it comes down to that situation being 1 loss Notre dame against 1 loss Texas a/m then the Irish are getting in simply because Notre dame is better than the Aggies not throwing shade but it's true the Irish beat then number 1 without its quarterback if Clemson could return the favor with Lawrence then the Irish only loss would be to a top 3 team what hurts the Aggies is not getting into the sec title game but all is not lost because I really believe if north Carolina puts it all together Friday then they can beat the Irish they certainly have the offense to do it plus the Irish will be without 2 starting offensive linemen
Don't get mad at Notre dame get mad at your squad for losing to the Aggies personally I think Florida is better than the Aggies but face it they blew it head to head now if the gators win out they in they lose they done bad thing is if Florida hadn't choked against the Aggies then this could've been the year a case was made for 2 sec teams but that ain't happening now it's crazy how such a good team gets beat by Kellen Mond that should never happen but Florida can be redeemed just win out beat bama and your in simple as that
You sure bout that because im pretty sure that Clemson is on the same level as bama look we have heard this before and I'd actually love to see my tigers and the tide hook it up yet again my reasoning for questioning your statement is because I think every conference is down this year for obvious reasons meaning the top teams gonna do what they do but that isn't a normal tide defense this time I mean if ole miss had half a defense they would've had a great shot at beating bama I personally think Florida has a great shot at beating the tide especially if Pitts gets healthy I don't see either team stopping the other as for the Aggies I don't see them beating nobody in the top 4 just don't see it
No bama biased lol yea right there is always bama bias in the top 4 the only thing certain is 3 of those teams have a common enemy that enemy is Clemson for obvious reasons but for the life of me nobody can tell me there isn't a sec bias because a 2 loss Georgia team shouldn't be in the top 10 not even the top 15 if Georgia played coastal Carolina or Marshall I'd take the bet that says we see an upset that day after lst week yea I'd just have to roll the dice on that good thing for Georgia is the defense is actually good they just get tired being on the field all the time but now with daniels at the quarterback spot they can only get better
Im not sure bout the whole ND vs Clemson deal talking bout the 3rd time round being in the playoff the way I see it I really believe both Clemson and the Irish are better than the Aggies and if Clemson beats the Irish with a healthy Lawrence and healthy defense but the Irish keep it close like Clemson did then I could absolutely see a part 3 to those teams in the playoff
Well being a Clemson fan I really must say im also a huge fan of Coastal Carolina and I think they have played better than Georgia and would probably beat them right now my tigers would smoke Georgia man Indiana should be ranked ahead of Georgia why do Georgia always get the benefit of the doubt but my tigers just get criticized smh