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Why do Tide fans find it necessary to comment on Razorbacks articles? Arkansas isn't a threat to your team right now. Once Saban finally retires/croaks and if Morris can revive the program, maybe the Hogs will be able to finally beat Bama then. I mean, isn't beating us a dozen years in a row enough for you arrogant jerks? Guess not.
Wow. What a freakin moron! Maybe we should make this jackwagons idea retro-active, too. We can kick Ole Miss out of the SEC for losing to Jacksonville St in 2011. And Alabama for losing to ULM in 2007. Or Kentucky losing to Southern Miss in 2016. Here's a good one...South Carolina losing to The Citadel in 2015! LSU to Troy in 2017. Miss St to South Alabama in 2016. Florida to Georgia Southern in 2013. See how this is going, Claaaaay?! See how moronic your statement is, Claaaaay?! I realize that this fine website is focused on SEC football, and I realize that Arkansas football is not that great right now, but to say (and emphasize that you really mean it) the Hogs should be forced to play themselves back into the conference is nothing more than a publicity stunt manufactured to garner media and fan attention. It's not serious sports journalism. The Hogs baseball team was an out away from winning the College World Series this year! The basketball team made the Big Dance! Our track and field teams kick ALL of your asses every year! But, none of that matters, I guess. Clay, you are wrong. Pure and simple.
Eventually, each major conference will have 16 schools. Oklahoma is a premiere football school historically, with very good basketball and baseball history as well. The Sooners would be a great addition to the SEC. The big question is this: If/when the SEC adds OU, do they go ahead and take Oklahoma St too, or do they go after an east coast school, like UNC, NC State, or Va Tech? I say, go after a current ACC member! Remember, it's all about money and TV viewers, so forget any pre-conceived notions you may have about any teams football program. OU would not only add a quality team to the SEC, it would add the Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and maybe even the Wichita TV markets. While Wichita and Tulsa are not huge TV markets, OK City is a bigger market, not to mention the number of Sooner fans in the Dallas area. Adding UNC or NC State would gain the SEC the Charlotte TV market. My prediction: The Big XII will collapse within 5 years like Finebaum said, the Longhorns will end up as an independent school like Notre Dame, OU joins the SEC, Texas Tech joins the Pac-12, the Big Ten might pick up one or two teams (Kansas, Kansas St, Iowa St)?, and the rest of the left-overs join up with some schools from the C-USA to form an all-new SWC!
I've said for four years now, there is no rhyme or reason why a high profile recruit (other than being inside the state of Miss, or a legacy recruit) would choose Ole Miss and their average facilities and average program, over other more high profile and/or established schools, other than there are extra enticements being doled out in Oxford. The Rebs sign classes in the 30's and 40's, occasionally in the 20's, and then all of a sudden Hugh Freeze nabs the #5 class?! Really?! I don't think so.
Byers isn't going to qualify academically, and he has shown zero interest in going to Arkansas. Josh Frazier bought into the Saban-Bama thing, and was a non-factor for the Tide until this year, as opposed to the in-state DL Arkansas did get in Bijhon Jackson. Crockett didn't get an offer because there were character issues, and Arkansas got a higher ranked RB in Devwah Whaley. Do better.
*sigh* Once again SDS gets their "facts" wrong. Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium's official capacity is currently 72,000. The university has a few thousand temporary seats that can be brought in, which would account for the attendance being 75,459. There are renovations on-going, which began after the final home game for 2016. The north end zone is being enclosed, adding 5,000 seats (not counting standing areas like they have at the Dallas Cowboys stadium), and two new monster screens. If Hurts thought it was loud this year, wait until there are 77,000 screaming Hog fans in an enclosed stadium in 2018! Maybe Arkansas can find a way to finally beat Bama. Stranger things have happened. WPS!
Alabama is locked in with Hurts for at least the next two years, as long as he stays healthy. Austin Allen will start for Arkansas in 2017, and the O-Line should be better, which will hopefully translate into better protection for Allen. Beilema will need to find new pass catchers to go with the only returning WR with experience, Jared Cornelius. White will probably be the guy for Auburn in 2017, but I can see a drop off in the running game next year IF Pettway leaves early. Stidham's stats are skewed due to the type of offense Baylor runs. Etling will start for LSU, but with Fournette gone, opposing defenses will key on Guice. Without a strong running game, Etling will struggle. Patterson will be a good one for Ole Miss...but they are declining fast, and a lot of it has to do with the NCAA's recruiting violation investigation...just look at OM's 2017 class. Miss St is set with Fitzgerald. He's very good! But the talent level in the hole that is Starkville is no where close to top notch. A&M has loads of talent, but they apparently don't have quality QB's since Knight was able to transfer in and win the job. Now they have to decide between another transfer in Hubenak, who didn't wow anyone, and a pair of unproven freshmen.
In fact!...ESPN is also predicting Arkansas to go to a New Year's Day bowl game! So how in the hell can they be predicted to go to a NYD bowl AND be predicted to lose the rest of their games BY THE SAME PEOPLE?! morons.
Arkansas is better than Miss St, Mizzou, and Auburn...Florida's offense is sketchy, LSU has ZERO passing game, and Ole Miss can't defend the run in the second half against good run teams. I mean, are we really gonna take ESPN's word on this matter? Really?! At best, they're like Mel Kiper with his draft picks...they're right half of the time...hell, I can do that.
Still butthurt over that loss to us last year, huh?
Mid evil?! Really?! Mid evil?!!!'s medieval, which is an era in human history! Not mid evil, like you're talking about some kind of middle of the road mean dude that does somewhat evils things to puppies. Jackwagon.
I think it is also worth mentioning that La Tech lost 6 starters on offense, to include their QB Jeff Driskel (former Gator) and RB Kenneth Dixon, not to mention 3 linemen. Tech also lost at least 7 starters on defense. This is a game that the Hogs must take seriously, but it is also a game that Arkansas should end up winning by four or five touchdowns.
LOL! That's hilarious! The player he mentioned in Bryant, AR isn't even being recruited by Bielema and the Hogs. Besides, Louisiana has a bigger population than Arkansas, and therefore more high school football players. LSU can't sign them all. But, the ones the Hogs have been signing out of the Pelican State have been producing, especially against LSU. The only player LSU has signed from Arkansas in the last 20 years was a center from Stuttgart, and that was a decade ago, and both of his parents had gone to LSU. If Arkansas high school players that are offered by the Razorbacks took a look at how others that sign with out of state schools (Alabama, Auburn, Clemson), they would see that a vast majority of them end up on the bench, as a back up, in trouble, or transferring to a smaller school. That could have happened at Arkansas too, of course, but at least they would have been Razorbacks to the fans, at least for awhile. Razorback fans know how to take care of our guys after football is over. Ask 4* DT Josh Frazier (Alabama), or 5* QB Keihl Frazier (Auburn), or 5* RB Michael Dyer (Auburn), or 4* WR Zac Brooks (Clemson) how things have worked out for them after not signing with the Hogs. Or, RIP, 4* RB Altee Tenpenny (Alabama). None of those highly rated recruits faired well at all away from Arkansas, and that has been the case for awhile now. KJ Hill went to Ohio St and redshirted last year, and 2017 4* DT Akial Byers has committed to Alabama, so we shall see. If I had to guess, I would say Byers get buried on the depth chart, and Hill doesn't make a significant contribution until his junior year, if at all. But I digress. It's a funny video! :D
Baylor, TCU, Ole Miss, LSU, and Oklahoma are overrated. North Carolina, Stanford, and Ohio St are underrated. Arkansas will be in the Top 25 by season's end. IMO
The Hogs won't lose until the Alabama game. TCU is good, but they lost 7-8 starters on both sides of the ball. Do not see Bama losing to USC, FSU will stomp Ole Miss, Florida will lose at Tennessee on Sept 24, Georgia will lose to Tennessee on Oct 1, Kentucky at Florida, won't be surprised to see LSU lose to Wisconsin in week 1, Miss St loses at LSU in week 3, South Carolina at Vandy week 1, Tennessee to Alabama on Oct 15, won't be shocked to see A&M lose opening week to UCLA but if they don't it'll be week 4 vs Arkansas, Vandy in week 3 at Georgia Tech.
Wait...did you really just predict Arkansas to lose to Louisiana Tech, a team that lost 9 starters of offense on at least 7 on defense, AND Alcorn St?! Smh Gimme a freakin break!
Hugh Freeze wasn't very smart about his recruiting efforts. He got too much too fast. Ole Miss had not had a Top 10 recruiting class in what, 40 or 50 years, and his second class (after a 7-6 season) he rakes in the #5 class in the nation with three 5-star players?! Really?! The class of 2016 actually makes sense after the season they had. But that 2013 class?! Getting 5* guys from Illinois and Florida over the usual suspects?! No, that is suspicious, and everyone knew it except Rebs fans. Yall might want to prepare yourselves for some intense NCAA investigations.
And his name isn't Telvin. It's McTelvin...or use his nickname, Sosa.
Agim? A&M? Really?! Don't insult the Hogs like that. Hey Chris Wright, is this an honest mistake, or are you an Aggies fan and this is wishful thinking?
Oh yeah baby! That's a good one! hahahahaha!!!...cause you know it's true.
I would think he would be eligible immediately since he sat out last year.
You're right, Arkansas stumbled early on, especially against Toledo. That was a game the Hogs overlooked and they paid for it. But, if you are talking about the rushing game, it was key in every game except Toledo and Alabama. Alex Collins torched Texas Tech on the ground, but the Arkansas secondary sucked. Any other year and Collins is a 1st Team SEC lock...but he had Henry and Fournette ahead of him in 2015.
A "C" in Facilities?! ARE YOU OUTTA YOUR DAMN MIND?!!! have you even been to Fayetteville to see the UA's facilities?! I'm gonna guess the answer is No. Aside from a beautiful and modern football stadium that can seat 75,000, the weight room is 100 yards long!, the practice fields are beautiful and modern, and the brand new Fred Smith athletic center/training center is state of the art! Go see for yourself before you just throw out C, like it's some kind of junior high history test. Geez! Woo Pig.
One curious thing that people should look at concerning top recruits leaving Arkansas for rival schools..... All but one, OT Lee Ziemba who went to Auburn, were more or less failures, either outright or eventually. Dyer started great but ended a dud. Altee Tenpenny (RIP) never accomplished much of anything at Alabama, and neither has DT Josh Frazier to date. Zac Brooks went to Clemson and promptly disappeared. QB Keihl Frazier went to Auburn, began well but ended with a transfer. WR KJ Hill went to Ohio St, but his career has yet to begin after redshirting last year. Basically, it seems that 90% of recruits in Arkansas that are offered by the Hogs but go to other schools, especially rival SEC schools, end up as duds. Maybe they should become Hogs and help their home state team, Iinstead of going elsewhere to help another team beat Arkansas. Just a thought.
A receiver worth mentioning that is not on this list, is Arkansas senior Dominique Reed. Reed has the size (6'3" 190) and speed (4.36), and now knows the offense make a serious impact on the Razorback offense in 2016. Reed really came on down the stretch for the Hogs, providing big plays and a serious deep threat with his speed. He will improve on his 28 catches, 535 yards (19.1 ypc!!!), and 6 TD.
Look for Whaley (6'0" 210) to be the starter no later than Game 3, but he will see significant playing time from the get-go. A Whaley-Williams (5'10" 215) one-two punch, plus a haymaker from bruiser Walker (6'2" 250), is exactly what the Arkansas running game needs! Juan Day (6'1" 225) can be a good change of pace back, if he can stay healthy. Look for Bielema to add two more quality 4* (or higher) RB's in the 2017 class.
Golly gee HoopHog, why don't you get on your knees when you praise good ole Hugh?! Freeze did what, exactly, with that great 2013 class? Yeah they won a Sugar Bowl for the first time in 40+ years. Last time I checked Ole Miss had a two game losing streak to the Hogs. If you, or anyone else thinks it's just great recruiting in Oxford, then you're either a Rebs fan or you're stupid. No rhyme or reason why all of these highly ranked players start going there after Freeze arrives, when they haven't ever done that before. Ole Miss football facilities are nice, but they aren't as good as Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Texas A&M, Tennessee, or even Arkansas. There IS something fishy going on and it's just a matter of time. But hey, enjoy it while you got it.
If Tim Tebow lived up to the hype (in college anyway), then so did Ryan Mallett. And Mallett is still playing, while Tebow is reporting the game from the sidelines.
I see 9-3 with that schedule, 5-3 in SEC play. I could see some thinking that TCU will beat the Hogs, but they lose a load of talent on both sides of the ball, to include their do-everything QB. If Arkansas can improve their pass rush and pass defense, they will have one of the best D's in the conference, considering they only lose two starters from that unit.