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6-foot-5, 196 yards. That sure is one long & lanky reciever huh? LOL
CFP rankings come out tonight at 7 p.m Est
Might as well root for Auburn since Carolina won't get it done. LOL
450+ yards? LOL that's a joke right? Georgia is gonna roll in this one
"Crushed us" Lol your Alien Quarterback had a miracle happen. It was a good game though, Waiting to hear all this trash talk from UT fans about how they "Beat us down" Lmao ok
After beating App State by 7 in overtime LOL
The next 4 year Starting QB for Georgia
Wouldn't doubt it if Park is gone by the middle of the season. Too much talent to be riding the bench.
Oooo I hope it won't be roper. I see em moving Mclendon to OC, but God forbid the spread style offense at Georgia.
I still see him going first round. He has time to recuperate for the NFL
Psh, I personally don't like Malazahn. Auburns offense is god awful to watch, same plays over and over. We'll see how much Richt "Chokes" in the SECCG in the coming weeks. I believe they'll win it. Mizzou WILL drop one.
LOL how has everyone forgotten about Gurleys explosiveness this quick? He's a monster, over 100 easy. I say he rushes for around 150 with 3 20+ yard runs.
#16 is stupid. Hell yeah I care that Gurley is back. Nick chubb will be a great one but Gurleys explosiveness is ridiculous. I love watching Gurley run it, he can take it to the house on any given play.
Gurley has missed 3 games & he would still be at 6th on this list. How is he not included here?
Moe Pritchett. Georgia does not suck by any means, Saturday was not the Georgia was not the same team you'll see this Saturday, you could tell they had a terrible game just no heart last week. I believe they'll bounce back and beat Kentucky AND Auburn. Just hope mizzou loses 1 time
Every time Georgia comes off a bye week they NEVER show up. This year it's been SC & Florida.
Not embarrassed at all man. The coaches and players should be. They had every opportunity to win that game, to at least make it close but what a lackluster performance by Georgia.
Love it lmao. Aaron hernandez prison workout xD Great post
Arkansasfan2015 are you out of your mind?? Kentucky in the SECCG? Better check the standings, Kentucky is 2-3 in conference play & Georgia is sitting at 4-1. I don't think you remember the UGA vs arkansas game very well, everyone is sleeping on georgia right now
LOL get a load of this guy.. 1 good season SO FAR & he's calling miss st the "real bulldogs" & everyone thought Georgia fans were bad about that! Psshh give me a break
But I still don't understand how you place 2 sec west teams in the top 4 playoff teams. One of the Mississippi teams are going to lose in November, If anything 2 sec teams make the playoffs if the sec east champ wins the SECCG and one of the Mississippi teams will get in also. Only way I see it happening.
You jealous of Gurley man? Yeldon wishes he was on Gurleys level, what a total bust imo. Try 15 carries for 198 yards. Roll Dawgs
I'd say so, Faton bouta or brice Ramsey is up next & the 2015 class has Hunter Eason coming in.