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Saban should win it, end of story. If it was between Drink and Pittman, Pittman should win. In an all SEC schedule Arkansas should be 5-5, after playing 6 ranked teams. Missouri after Saturday will have played 4. Drink has done a good job, but to compare an Arkansas Team who went winless for 2 years against SEC schools, to the Odom coached Missouri teams is ridiculous. If it comes down to who did more with less, Pittman blows away the competition, but that is not what being coach of the year should be. Saban is clearly the best coach in history, (yes he gets the best recruits, but that too is part of coaching), but he also finds and then develops recruits with lesser "stars" and makes them exceed everyone else's expectations, (i.e. Matt Jones will probably win the Heisman). You might FEEL that Drink should win it, because you hate Barry Odom. But Odom was just didn't win enough SEC games to keep jis job. Chadd Morris in two years never won a SINGLE SEC game, which makes him statistically the worst head coach the SEC has every seen.
Good thing this hasn't happened in the SEC... Marc Curles's career would have been over years ago.