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I am surprised by UK this year! Much like the resurrection of the Arkansas program, they are another feel good story for the SEC. As for the SC game, SC did manage to score a single TD in the fourth quarter against back-ups to make it 40-13 Georgia.
Wilbon was right... about the Lane Kiffin of the past. I like Kiffin for the most part now. He is funny on Twitter, and he takes the trolling, as well as he gives it. I do not believe it will be an ass whooping applied by either side in Saturdays game, although I have picked the Hogs to lose primarily because it is in Oxford. I see this one coming down to who's defense, can stop the other the most times. Gonna be a fun one to watch I hope! One thing is for certain, it will be better for both fanbases to watch than what happened last weekend!
I agree Prim. Georgia has a generational defense that will go down as one of the best the SEC has ever produced. They will curb-stomp Auburn, and pretty much any of the other "also-rans" in the SEC not named Bama. As far as strange things happening in Jordan-Haire, this could be played in Harsin's backyard on blue astro turf, with his relatives as referees, and the result would be the same. Georgia by at least 30.
The Hogs got rolled up by those Georgia Dawgs that is a fact. But I did not see the Vols coming into COMO and doing what they did to the Tigers. All of a sudden those comments Drink made at SEC media days, (about "keeping Arkansas as a rival", because he "couldn't remember the last time Arkansas had won it"), do not appear to be aging very well.
I disagree. Bennett is enough when you have THAT defense. He is quick and accurate, (didn't have to throw it against my Hogs this week), but he can. I see him more like a Greg McElroy game manager, with better feet. He is smart, and doesn't make mistakes. Saw he thought about transferring last fall, and there would be a lot of teams that would have been interested in him I bet. All the guy does is win, which is a nice trait to have in a back-up QB. Yes, Georgia can beat Florida with him, because he won't make mistakes, and THAT Georgia "D" is the best in college football this year.
I think Bama gets back to being Bama this week and wins decidedly, by at least 21. No disrespect to Ole Miss, just catching Bama at a time where Saban will have his team convinced they are playing Brady, and the Tampa Bay Bucs. There is never a good time to play Bama, but Bama being home after an away game with a loud hostile crowd, where they were really challenged, Saban will have a focused group ready to silence the doubters. If this was in the Grove, it possibly could have been close. Again, no disrespect to Ole Miss, I would prefer to be wrong.
Arkansas has had the toughest schedule in country every year we endured those inept coaching hires. In my opinion, our schedule with the the two new additions just got a lot better. I hate the horns as much as anyone here, (pretty indifferent to OU, I live on the western side of the state in Arkansas, and have friends who are sooner fans, and we bond over our shared hatred of the horns). Neither of these teams are going to come into the SEC and do any better than 5th or 6th in the conference. They are not ready, (take a look how the big 12 champion has fared in the playoffs). I would much rather play the Sooners, and tu, than Bama and Georgia. I personally hope they keep the East/West divisions, and just split the 8 teams in each division geographically. Oklahoma and tu are coming in used to the big 12 where they can't afford to schedule cupcakes in their out of conference games, because there schedule is already full of them just playing the bad teams in their conference. Sure they had pretty much run the table in that weak sauce conference, but that is an easier task than facing SEC defensive/offensive lines each week, and yes I know they have some excellent athletes, but they do not have the depth. In the big 12, "to be the man, you have to beat the man", meaning you actually have one "man" (team), which could be on a good year competitive nationally, outside of the over-hype, (yeah, yeah, tx is back again). In the SEC, "to be the man, you have to beat the man", (TEAMS), practically every week, (unless you were playing a bert beliema/chaggy morris coached Razorback squad, of the past). In a few years, these both teams COULD become competitive at the top of the conference, but I do not see them winning a division in the SEC in the next 10 years. I like my Hogs chances against either of them, with coach Pittman at the helm, both recruiting as he does, and the team he puts on the field that does not quit. Welcome Sooners, and horns. Watch out for that performance curve, it will be a steep one for you both.
Kevin Kopps is the best pitcher in college baseball this year. Prove me wrong.
^ this is so true. But in the when it is decided in the finals, it needs to be the SEC holding up the trophy. Here's to all the teams in it, go forth and represent!
Dogs are a good team, and I cannot see how they wound up in the "funk" they were in in the SEC tourney. I think they make Omaha.
Saban should win it, end of story. If it was between Drink and Pittman, Pittman should win. In an all SEC schedule Arkansas should be 5-5, after playing 6 ranked teams. Missouri after Saturday will have played 4. Drink has done a good job, but to compare an Arkansas Team who went winless for 2 years against SEC schools, to the Odom coached Missouri teams is ridiculous. If it comes down to who did more with less, Pittman blows away the competition, but that is not what being coach of the year should be. Saban is clearly the best coach in history, (yes he gets the best recruits, but that too is part of coaching), but he also finds and then develops recruits with lesser "stars" and makes them exceed everyone else's expectations, (i.e. Matt Jones will probably win the Heisman). You might FEEL that Drink should win it, because you hate Barry Odom. But Odom was just didn't win enough SEC games to keep jis job. Chadd Morris in two years never won a SINGLE SEC game, which makes him statistically the worst head coach the SEC has every seen.
Good thing this hasn't happened in the SEC... Marc Curles's career would have been over years ago.