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And even more unlikely is that UGA will come close to duplicating the run Bama has been on the past 15 years.
Outside of a 10-15 year period UF has been average in football. And the SEC does revolve around Alabama and UGA right now, so sorry Gators.
Look at history. Alabama is the winningest program in SEC history. They were good before Saban and Bryant back to the 1920's, so sorry but "Bammer" isn't going anywhere.
Tommy Tuberville was an 8-4 coach. He won the SEC ONE time in his career, not that great. He feasted off a probation riddled Alabama program and everyone thought he was great, but look closer and he was decent but not great.
Imperial, it's funny that the Refs are in Bama's back pocket and Bama was the second most penalized team in the SEC. Give us some Gator math and make that make sense.
Check your history Bud. Bama will not go away when Saban retires. UA is historically one of the top 5 programs of all time. Deal with it.
AU, did you enjoy your losing season and performance in the B'ham bowl? What a joke.
Exactly Gabriel. Bama has close to a 70% winning percentage in soggy ol Red Stick.
"Fantasy" is correct. Bama owns LSWho....look it up.
Typical bitter response from a corndog whos team has tanked since their "artificial" title run with paid players even flashing it on the sideline. And look up the all time record, Bama owns LSU, especially in the armpit called Red Stick.
Yeah right. UA is the reigning national champion...the dynasty is over! Jealous Barners, ugh.
Nix is a very average QB with a bad attitude. JMHO.
I guess an LSU fan would say Alabama. With a dominating 2 wins to 1 winning percentage against LSU I bet you do hate Bama.
UGA, the most underachieving team in the SEC. They do less with more better than anyone!
Bama even has a winning record in Neyland stadium! Embarrassing for the Vols!
Yes, all we heard in the 90's was Spurrier and the Gators. Well they did win 6 SEC titles, but only ONE Natty.
Exactly! People don't realize Tennessee is the second winningest program in the SEC all time. As a Bama fan, I want to see UT get back to prominence and restore that old rivalry from years gone by.
Paper champions much like UT the past couple of years? Those trophies from 2009, 2011,2012 and 2015 aren't paper!! RTR
What is it with UGA fans and their spitting? I went to a Bama-UGA game in Athens and my car got spit on at least 30 times. Fans were rude and disrespectful and generally jerks.