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Bank records and tax returns don't always reflect a bag of cash. Field's must have a nice new ride! What is it?
You've stated this on other articles now too... Alabama "looking past" Auburn? Arguably the biggest rivalry game in the country? Sounds like an Alabama elitist excuse for getting manhandled in Jordan-Hare.
UGA didn't "F over Eason". Fromm got the job by default (Eason getting injured) and performed so well that there was no way Georgia could hand the reins back to Eason. You're a moron.
We're 12-5 against Auburn our last 17 meetings. We also beat the hell out of the Tigers to win the SEC this year. Georgia has that to show.
NCAA site shows 15 Alabama national championships. Alabama claims 17? I'm not sure how the NCAA is recognizing more...
The NCAA doesn't recognize a couple Alabama "national championships". While the irony is laughable, at least Alabama is claiming titles from a long time ago. This is pretty common. To UCF to claim it from the 2017 season is pretty ridiculous.
What a moron. Of the top 50 Texas recruits, 13 of them are committed to SEC schools. Only one is going to OSU. I guess it's better to be a "has been" (the SEC) than a never was (OSU).
UT's biggest hole is the one at the beginning of their SEC record. 0-8. Unless you count their buttchugging holes.
UT and UGA are tied in SEC Championships. If you are going to troll, at least be right.... UT also lost in their bowl games in 3 of their 6 "National Championship" seasons. LMAO.
Tennessee hasn't won the SEC since 1998! Georgia has 3 SEC titles in that timeframe! LOL!!! Tennessee hasn't even won the division since 2007. I bet UGA wins the National Championship before UT wins the SEC Championship.
I'm still here BamaTimeSince09. Congrats to Alabama on one helluva game.
You'll get tired of carrying Baker's jockstrap after a while. Dawgs shut down Mayfield in the 2nd half. Now we get to watch as another Oklahoma Heisman winning QB fades away, never to be heard from again.
LMAO @ #17. This virgin is raw from stroking it to Bama football so much.
I'm so tired of the the media's new infatuation with the phrase "Alabama East". Can the Dawgs win a championship before this is even contemplated?
That doesn't even make sense. I was just refuting the claim that "UGA is THE easiest place in the country to recruit." Reading comprehension....
Alabama football's been around since the late 1800's, but you jumped on the bandwagon in the Saban era. That's something to think about!
Georgia is easiest place to recruit because of no competition in-state? That's the lamest excuse (especially from a Bammer) to try and discredit Georgia's recruiting success. From a recruiting perspective, state lines are blurred. The big programs have national reach. Auburn is just about a close to UGA as it is to Alabama. Clemson is an hour up the road. FSU is just across the Georgia/Florida border. Alabama fans' egotism and condescension is almost unbearable. For being "the best college football program", they sure are forgetting their own mediocrity in the early 2000's. But that's probably explained by them becoming fans in 2009.
LOL @ all of the Alabama fans rushing onto a Georgia article to try and discredit the fantastic recruiting job of Kirby and his staff by pointing to the Alabama trophy case. #1. I didn't realize that being a fan of the Crimson Tide (since 2009) gives you superiority over opposing fans. #2. It's pathetic.
Something tells me Holland and Co. will have something to say about that. Auburn's defensive line is damn good. As much as I hate the Tigers, I hate when teams hailing from the American East/similar conferences start running their mouth. No speed? Maybe I'm wrong but I'd be willing to bet Auburn has the fastest player on the field in Javaris Davis. Speed's also only one facet of the game. Good luck to UCF getting pounded on by Kerryon. LOL Tough spot for AU. This is a "
Because he MIGHT hire a good coach? I'm not exactly sure what there is to be worried about.
Arguing that Colorado State is a quality opponent might be a stretch. But I do agree that the "weak schedule" thing is a bit nauseating.
Auburn's DBs can't hang with Wims. Multiple times in the first game Auburn was just mauling him during his routes. There should have been more flags thrown.
I hope Kerryon has a speedy recovery and can play this Saturday. I certainly don't want there to be any excuses if he sits and Georgia wins. Auburn has been running him ragged though. In his last 4 games, he's carried the ball 29, 32, 22, 30 times. 3 of those being SEC defenses. He's top 10 in carries in NCAA despite missing 2 games as well. He definitely needs some rest.